"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


59. Chapter 59

Eleanor's Outfit up top.



Kiera's POV:

I drag my tired and weak self through the door to my next class. Its the last class and I'm trying to look forward to me and Niall's date later today. I have no idea what we are doing but I just want school to be over. 

My attention is directed to Zayn talking to some girl I somewhat know. Her name is Katy, and she is an amazing artist. She's constantly drawing when I sit next to her in World History class and others. But she isn't one of those nerdy drawing people. I heard that in freshmen year, she won this really big art contest and won like $3000 dollars. 

She is really pretty and has one of those smiles that every girl wants. They try to perfect their smile but always fails. 

I can't focus the entire class, due to their voices but since Niall is in front of me and Eleanor is next to me. 

"So when did you get this ring?" I say touching it. 

"Oh I think last friday. Harry got suspended for fighting and he asked me to skip and I actually did go and he carried me to this beach and surprised me and gave me this ring." She says with the biggest smile on her face. 

"Ooo fancy" I say flipping my hair. 

I write notes but can't keep my eyes off my phone. I'm texting Austin, and appearantly he went on a date earlier and he thinks it went perfect. 

I've never really had a "gay" friend, but I'm open to it. 

"Kiera!" Eleanor says hitting me. I basically fall off my chair and Niall catches me. I smile at him and he walks away. Well then.

"Eleanor! What was that for?" I ask grabbing my stuff. 

"Kiera, look around. You were the last person here, and you were still on your phone." I feel embarrassment flood my cheeks and quickly walk around and out the door. I see Niall slumping against the wall. I walk over towards him and he looks at me. He grabs my hand, and starts jogging across the parking lot, which makes me running. 

He opens the car door and pushes me inside. He slams the door and in less that seconds he are speeding off. 

It only takes a few minutes to get there, since the speed we are traveling at. He pulls up and pulls me through trees. He finally stops making me jerk and almost fall. He catches me by the waist and and spins me around so my face is facing him. He pulls me up and backs up with my back hitting a tree. 

He slams his lips on mine, and this kiss is aggressive, obsessing and slow. I run my hands throw his hair and he tightens his grip on my hips. We break and our kiss but only to have our foreheads meet. 

"I thought we were taking this slow" I breathed. 

"Your definition of slow is different from mine." His mint breath hitting me and my senses. He closes the gap my kissing me again and much slower this time. I separate from him heaving in the cold air. 

"So is this what we are supposed to do for the rest of this date? Just kiss?" I ask smiling into his eyes. 

"Well, we could if you want."

"As much as I want to its cold out here." I say laughing. He backs up and slides his coat off himself and puts it around me while facing me. His fingers fiddle with the buttons and zippers to keep my warm. 

It helps a little bit but the chilly air still gets to me. I guess he notices because he picks me up bridal style and walks back to the car. He turns on the heater, and starts the car.

"So since its too cold, you wanna go to my place?" He asks looking at me. I nod and he starts driving. He actually lives really close to this park or whatever. 


"Baby" I hear a voice coo in my ear. I open my eyes to feel my body being pushed up and down. Niall's chest. I lift myself up and scoot over so I'm not laying on him. I was sprawled across his chest with my hair everywhere. 

"Sorry, did I even watch the movie?" I ask rubbing my face. 

"No not really, but you fell asleep on my like 5 minutes into it." 

"Sorry again," I say apologizing, not really meaning it. 

"Its fine, it doesn't bother me." He says winking at me. I turn my head away so he can't see me reddened face. 

"But when you were sleeping you said my name." He said, his eye brows furrowing. 

Crap, I hope he didn't remember. Well I'm not sure what I dreamt was a dream or a nightmare it was me breaking up with Niall... for Louis. 


Zayn's POV:

Katy is like no other girl. Not even Gabrielle. 

I took her out to pizza from school and thats where we are now. But its a little packed since there is a huge football game going on right now. I have to stay close to her though form all these disgusting men and their hands. Then I realized that used to be me. I don't want to be that anymore. 

She eats her pizza in silence while there is some chattering going on. 

"So what do you like to do in free time?" 

"I love to draw, and paint. Kinda sounds weir-"

"No its not at all. I love to draw to. I drew out on of my tattoos actually."

Her face lights up. 

"Thats so cool. I've always wanted a tattoo but my parents say I'm too young, they think I 'll be a rebel or something... oh no offense!" She says apologizing for her words. 

"Its fine. Come on. I want to show you something. " I say pushing my chair back and grabbing her hand and running towards the car. We both climb in and I speed off to the one place where I hope she'll like. 

Kiera's house, well my house. I opened up the garage and repaired the walls so I could paint on them. I can't afford my own house now to "wreck" but this works for now. I pull in the driveway and open the gate. I punch in the code and the heavy big door opens. 

"Wow. Zayn, I didn't know how talented you were." She say walking in with me. 

"Yea, its a work in progress... everywhere." I say brushing my hair with my fingers. Its kinda messy but she steps around it. 

"Zayn these um paintings are bea-" She starts but slips on some paint covered plastic. I catch her by the waist and lean her up, closer towards me and my face. 

"Its beautiful." She breathes in the gap between us. 

"You're beautiful." I say back. I bring her up to my face. Our lips gently brush and then it happens. A kiss. 

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