"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


58. Chapter 58

Kiera's POV:

Niall: I'm taking you out tonight :) 

I've never seen this side of Niall, demanding. 

Um okay? What should I wear? I text back. 

Niall: Something comfortable, we're leaving from school. 

I leave my phone to get the full charge and get ready. I'm already late so I take the quickest shower possible to woman kind. 10 minutes. 

I turn in my blow dryer and blow dry my hair dry. I plug in my curler, and walk back to my room. I slip on some underwear and my bra and pull on some light blue ripped jeans. I dig in my closet and find the shoes I want. My off white TOMS. I add one of my baggy sweaters and it matches my shoes. I add some black jewel earrings and walk back to my bathroom. I curl my hair and brush my fingers through my hair making them softer curls/waves. I grab my school bag and head down stairs. I pull some granola and yogurt out and snatch a spoon next to the sink. 

I eat my granola and look out my window leading to the back yard. Its foggy outside but things are noticeable, like the body laying out there?

I drop my breakfast in the sink, and carefully walk over. I kneel down and let my eyes drift up to the window on the other half of the door. This person is laying straight on ground and his head is in his arms. I quietly open the door and peek my head through.

"Zayn?!" I say looking at the familiar body structure. He moves and I walk over to his face. I roll him over so he is on his bag, and there is a huge red mark on his face from where his arm was, when he was sleeping. 

"Did you sleep here the whole night?!" I ask once his eyes open. 

"Yea I guess so." He says running his hands through his hair. 

"Well, school starts in like 10 minutes and you can't skip or you'll get suspended." I say crossing my arms over my chest like a paranoid mother. 

"Why do you even care about me?" He asks sitting up. 

"Um, I don't know. I mean I guess that you're my brother, surprising and I think you care about me so I should like your Jonah or something." I say walking to the door. 

"Wait for me." He says getting up. 

We walk through the door and lock it. I clean up the mess I made and pick up my school stuff. 

He slips on those old shoes that I saw him wearing the first day at high school. 

He closes the door behind me and we start walking.

"Okay you can walk with me as long as we go into different doors to get into school." I say stopping next to him.

He laughs at me and nods. 

"You know, everyone is afraid of you. Why?" I ask looking at him. Its freezing cold, but this sweater is somewhat helping. 

I fold my arms against my chest, and if Zayn wasn't my brother, I'd ask him to hug me or something. 

"Just stuff." He says kicking a rock in my way. I trip over it before seeing it and almost face plant. He's laughing at me and he has to lean against a tree in order to stay standing. I wish that tree wasn't there. 

"How come you've skipped so much of school?" I ask watching the things in my path. 

"You really wanna know?" He asks. He doesn't care, but I think I will. 

I nod and he sighs weirdly. 

"Just hanging out with girls, if you know what I mean." He says with an edge to his voice. My nose crinkles and looking at him, I hope my eyes won't see him differently. 

Some of myself doesn't want to think of my brother taking advantage of girls, and the other knows since I've seen him smoking, never being around the house and him being late to class; scaring the crap out of people and having a dark image. 

"Why are you asking so many questions?"

I let my shoulders go up and down showing Zayn the 'I don't know' move. 

"Well since your ms. curious today, its my turn....... Last person you kissed?"

Oh god, the party. Back home. Who knows how many people I kissed, and who. All the pictures are on my phone, and I probably should delete them before someone sees. I tighten the grip on my phone feeling like the pictures would pro-ject in front of us. 


We finally reach the school, and I separate from our little chat. I jog up the stairs and walk quickly over to my locker. I open it and a note is obviously stuffed in the front. I open it and notice the red sloppy markings on the paper. I don't recognize it but it has to be someone I know. 

Hey, i missed you while you were back home. Meet me on the roof garden, once you get to school. :)



I shut my locker and Eleanor's face is close to mine.

"God Eleanor!" I say loudly. 

"Hey! I missed you so much!" She says squeezing me in her arms. 

"Same here, a lot happened over there and I guess here too." I say picking up her hand seeing something bright on her finger. 

"What the hell is this?! Are you getting married or something?" 

"No its just a promise ring" She says confirming my question. 

"Well I gotta go, see you in class." I say to her, not intending to go, only to find out who is on the roof garden. She basically skips away like one of tinker bell's friends and I can't help but laugh. 



The bell rings, and I pretend to walk to class. Once everybody is gone, I make my way towards the second roof of the school. I've only been there once, for science. We had to make a lab report on some of the plants so I know where it is. I go down the west hallway, make my way up the stairs and turn right. I push the heavy door open, having the cold air hits me. 

I walk through and take my time looking at all the plants and things growing here, it really did have some effect on me, how this living thing can grow and mature; making no mistakes or having none in their way. Seems like the perfect way to live. 

I remember why I'm here. 

"Hello?" I say loudly through all the green things surrounding me. 

"Hey. I missed you." I instantly recognize the voice. Louis. 

"I missed you too." I say running towards him to hug. I get in his embrace and instead of hugging back he smashes his lips on mine. 

The cold air whipping through my hair and the holes of my old sweater make the kiss even more- intense. His hands are weaved through my hair and he's holding me in place. 

I feel like I'm frozen, not like when me and Niall kiss but like literally frozen; numb, stuck, dead. 

I pull away by pushing his chest, but then all the heat between us, disappears. 

"What the hell Louis?!" I say hitting my forehead. 

His hands combs his hair then slides down his neck.

"Well? What was that for?!" I ask confused but well aware of what just happened. I sit on one of the pots holding a plant. 

He looks at me and I half to look away. I can't look at him right now, its just too much. 

"Look Kiera, its just ever since the first day of school when you were alone I thought you were beautiful. I was you first new friend- well I think, and hopefully your new boyfriend. I know you like Niall and I have a girlfriend so I think I did that to see what it was like, to see if I had a future, if I wanted one."

"Well you're right! You can't go around kissing girls you have boyfri- wait. You have a girlfriend?" I say  kind of rudely. 

"Yea, she um goes to the school next to us, her name is

"Wow Louis, thats great. Well I have to go to class." I say walking backwards.

"I missed you!" He shouts as I open the door. I turn around and look at him.

"Bye" I say walking through the door, just before I close, I see him sit down. 

I have the weirdest and most uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I missed Louis, but I hope that this doesn't ruin our relationship. I don't want it to. He was my first friend. And back in my mind, I wanted it to be my first actual relationship, that I enjoyed being in. 



I walk late into class, and we are in groups. 

"Kiera! Take a seat in the back group." The teacher yells at me from across the room. 

I make my way to the back group and its Liam, Zayn, and some other people I don't know. 

I slouch in the seat that is open for me and I hear someone whisper in my ear. 

"Why were you on the roof?" I turn around and see Zayn looking like he hasn't talked in a million years. The others in the group are talking about some revolution that was big. 

I give him a funny look and he whispers back.

"I can see you, the roof garden is right there." He says pointing out the window and up. 

Holy Shit. I am desperately hoping he didn't see what happened. I look up again, and see the door closing. Louis.

"Oh just had to finish a project."

"Ahh, I see ms. Make up a lie. Look who's late to class." He says hitting my arm. 

"Ahahah very funny." I say giving him a sarcastic smile. 

15 minutes later class ends. I walk over to my next class to hear an announcement over the school speakers saying that lunch is early like right now, instead of later. Everybody rushes to the cafeteria, and I just take my time, not really wanting lunch. 

I walk in and I see that there is any food left. I see Liam walking out of the cafeteria and I pull the material on his arm. I jerk him to the side and out of everyone's sight. 

"Look Kiera, I'm not interested in you, so take my lunch please." He says shoving lunch in my face. He reminds me so much of this kid named Marcel at my old school. 

"Sorry Liam, but I don't want your lunch, but you sing don't you?!" I say bombarding him with questions. 

"Sort of I guess. "

"Oh my god! It was you! You were singing at a carnival in North America, weren't you?!" I say whisper yelling at him. 

"Oh, ya, but how do you know?" He looks really surprised. 

"Oh, its okay, I wasn't stalking you or anything. I went back home, which is where you were singing and I saw you singing. You're amazing" I say smiling, while looking around seeing if anyone is noticing us. 

"Thanks well, I'm going to be late to my meeting. Bye" He says waving. He walks out and i walk out in the other direction. 


Liam's POV:

I make my way to biology class. I rush in once i hear the first bell ring and run over to an empty seat. Sitting next to me is a beautiful girl that is "out of my league." She is really pretty and looks smart. He hair is brown with tints of caramel in it. They are shaped in soft curls and her body is small. Perfect. 

Her face is buried in the textbook with a notebook next to her. It has a bunch of organized notes all over and she constantly writing down more notes. 

"Okay class, today we are looking at cells, and their reproduction. Mitosis and Meiosis. Now with the partner next to you, use the microscope to see which stages are which. Go!" 

I pull the microscope between and scoot closer to her. She closes her book and gives me the worksheet. I give her a small smile, then glue my eyes to the things under the lens. 

"Anaphase" I say writing it on the worksheet. 

"Okay so I think the next 3 answers are metaphase, prophase, and interphase" She says looking at me. Her eyes match her hair and they balance out beautifully. I stare at her for too long and she asks me questions. 

"You wanna check?" She asks sliding it over to me. I push it back to her.

"No, I believe you" I say smiling. Some light pink surfaces up to her cheeks. 

We are the first ones to finish and there's nothing left. We have a half hour left, and in that time both of us can't stop laughing. She has a smile that lights up my day, world. All in this time I still haven't got her name. 

"So I didn't get your name." She finishes packing her bag. 

"Oh sorry about that" she says smiling and laughing "I'm Karina. And you are?" She asks leaning on her elbow looking at me. 


She smiles and her friend runs  up to her side and begins gossiping....loudly. I turn around and grab my bag, hopping off my chair. 

She gets her stuff and I grab her arm. 

"Karina look, I don't really know you, but in the time of this class, I was wondering well um.... I've never really done this before. I was um wondering if you would want to be my girlfriend" I say running my hands through my hair. She smiles. Is that good? 


"Its fine, I know. Sorry. Um see you around."

"Liam, thats not what I was going to say. Yea, I would want to, but can we try a date first?" She says releasing my arm. 

"Really? Okay well um, Friday? Its okay if you're busy."

"No Friday's fine. Heres my number. Just come and pick me up and my house." She says.

I am confused and she can see it. 

"Just text me and I'll give you it." She says, her same friend pulls her away. I'm the last one out of the class, and now that I think about it, I've never been on an actual date. 


Read the next chapter for this. 

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