"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


54. Chapter 54

Louis' POV:

You home yet? Kiera: Ya, happy to be :) Well thats good. I missed you. Kiera: Hahaha very funny me to ;)   What was that supposed to mean? Did she think I was joking? Well I wasn't.  I want her to be mine. Not Niall's. But she will be after I tell her how I got my head hurt. She'll be furious at him, and I'll be there to comfort her; make my move. It works out perfectly.  Her perfect laugh and touch. She makes me laugh which is awkward, because I'm the one to make people laugh. Its good though. Change is good. Just her being my best friend, she completes me. I want to be the reason why she smiles, and laughs. No one else.    Kiera's POV: Unpacking is a hassle. Even though I cleaned my room before I left, I feel so compact. I hate the feeling. Thanks to my mum, she has already washed my clothes and for Zayn I have no clue where he is. I kinda want to keep it that way.  Val took Jonah and Lilly out to bowling and I think its good.    2 hours later I finish packing and I decide to call Austin. *Austin's voice is slanted* "Hey there"   "Hi, sorry um…. the airport was busy." I explain looking around for a imaginary excuse.   "Niall was there wasn't he?" He asks me   "Yea…… and he kissed me." I say in a wincing tone. The kiss was sweet and good, but at this time it is hard to explain.    "Oh really? So you back together? Or with this Louis guy?" He says curiosity taking over the sound of his voice.    "Yea, but I only said yes, if we take it slower than before."    "So Drew is pretty lovestruck about your best friend" He informs me. I let out a little laugh and then speak.   "I bet you she is too." I say finding my school bag. I find it 5 minutes later, as Austin talks more about volleyball.    "Hey I gotta go, I had a really really long day today. And I'm exhausted. Text me though, kay?" I say into the phone   "Yea sure. Love ya."   "Same here, bye" I hang up and charge my phone.    I bring out my shower bag from my suitcase and take my time to get to the shower. I turn on the water and steam immediately fogs up the mirror and the bathroom. I get in and massage my hair with my shampoo and conditioner. I lazily run my razor over the small stubble that has coated my legs and underarms. I wash my face and turn the water off and wrap myself in my shower robe.    I walk back to my room and change into some yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I walk down the stairs combing my hair out an walk into the kitchen. I grab some oreos and milk and as I'm shutting the fridge I see Zayn walk in. He looks really tired, and kind of drunk.   He slips into a seat at the counter and collapses there.   "God whats gotten into you. Have you been smoking?" Just because he told Niall, doesn't mean I can treat him like Jonah and Lilly. But I should. My thoughts are interrupted by his answer.    "Yeaaa, it was cool. I'm good." "Well, go like spray some like cologne, or febreeze cause I can tell by your smell. Does mum know?" I ask leaning on the counter. He rubs his face and looks at me. "She doesn't know." I say for him. "Well when I got expelled from my old school, they fucking called her and it was bad, smoking and depression."  "Depression?" Zayn being depressed? Doesn't seem like him. Zayn smoking? Seems like him.    Zayn's POV: Because of her bullies, the people who killed her.  "Just a really tough time." I say getting out of the chair and pushing it away. I walk out the back door and sit on the porch looking over the background remembering her, Gabrielle. I feel a hot tear roll town my face. I'm a mess up. 
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