"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


52. Chapter 52

Niall's POV:

Waiting here is killing me. Not seeing her for 2 weeks is still killing me but slower. I've been waiting in this airport for 3 hours now and I have no clue where the exact gate is. Thanks to the flight lady I found out its either gate 234, 237 or 240. They're all close together so I think I can see her, if I am somewhere else. I truly do miss her, and now know that I do love her. Because it hurts not to talk to her, see her face and be with her. 

But the one thing I am dreading of her coming back is Louis. He got out of the hospital but he still have a huge bandage wrapped around his head. And knowing her, she's going to ask what happens and then I'm going to have to explain the truth. 

I skipped school today to come here, so I have an extra day to think of what happened to Louis and get him to think thats what happened. 

I look around and notice someone really familiar coming out of a door from the plane. He looks a lot like Liam, but everyone told me he was sick. 

I fix my head back on the gates and notice a cheerleading team. Half of their team is looking at me and half the others are on their phones. They are looking at me while doing splits and cartwheels, making their skirts go up. After 5 minutes of continuously looking to see if I'm not being creeped on, on of them is walking towards me. 

"Hey there, so my name is Savannah. Whats yours?" She smiles at me. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Her make up is kinda scary and then I think of Kiera wearing it. Even her she would look pretty but not this girl.

"Niall." I say flatly. She is sitting next to me, with her head propped up on her elbow which is resting on the arm rest that separates us.

"Really? I love that name."

"Cool." I can see the shock in her eyes by my answer.

"So like, are you heading to Florida too?" She asks me with her preppy fake voice.

"No, I'm just here to pick up someone."

"Oh I see, well can I have your number? You're like really good at keeping a conversation. I could use someone to talk to on the plane." She smiles pulling out her phone. 

I can hold a great conversation? I've only spoke like ten words. I instantly get the feeling that she dates every guy and then dumps them and the cycle keeps repeating. I don't want to give her my number, but I do want Kiera to help me by walking through one of the doors. 

"Oh, sorry I have to go. My girlfriend is here." I smile at her. I don't think that Kiera is really my girlfriend but its helps ending the conversation. I see out of the corner of my eye, Savannah's jaw drop and I laugh at her. 

"Kiera!" She looks perfect. 


Kiera's POV:

"Welcome back to North England folks! Hope you enjoyed your flight and plan to see you soon."

I hear over the speakers of this plane. I probably look like crap since I didn't get any sleep thanks to the little girl next to me. And to make it better I have to take a cab home and go to school the next day. Where Nate, Georgia, Louis, El, and Harry are....including Niall. 

I do miss him, all of them except Nate and Georgia, but Niall the most. He probably moved on and found somebody else. When I walk into school I'll see him laughing and his arm around another girl. Wishing that girl was me. With the time that I could have been thinking I thought about what Austin told me. "Well whatever one you can't live with out is the one you should be with."

I can't live with out either of them but I can be stand Louis being my best friend. Nothing more. Promise. Only Niall, but that's if he even wants to talk to me.

"Are you gonna move or what?" The little girl snaps at me from behind. I laugh and roll my eyes at her. I pull my purse over shoulders and walk down the small aisle that separates the chairs. We have to walk up some stairs to get to the actual airport, and once I start walking the familiar weather hits me again. The cold air relaxes me and I am greeted by a small man in an airport suit. I smile back at him, and see the crowds of people pushing each other to get to their plane. I walk through the people waiting at my gate and walk past everyone. 


Niall's POV:

There she is. She's wearing grey skinny jeans, brown boots, and dark orange sweater. Perfect as ever. 

"Kiera!" I say before thinking. She turns around, and looks at me. It takes a few seconds for her to move and she walks towards me slowly. She is a few steps from me and is knocked down by someone else. I run to her and help her up.

"Watch out!" I yell at the guy, he shakes his head and keeps walking. 

"Are you okay?" I ask grabbing both her arms.

"I think I will be.... what are you doing here?" She asks confusingly turning on her phone. She slides it into her back pocket and starts walking. 

"I thought I could take you home, you since I figured you'd be tired and didn't want to take a cab." I explain.

"Oh thanks, thats sweet." She says back. This is awkward. Part of me is saying to tell her everything Zayn told me and part of my is telling myself just to stop her and kiss her. 

I can still feel Savannah's eyes on me, and its really starting to creep me out. I want to kiss Kiera, to get the wandering eyes away but I want to kiss her to see if their is still something there. I grab her again by the arms and position her to be straight in the middle of the walkway and kiss her. 


Kiera's POV:

He smashes his lips to mine, and this is what I've been waiting for. My conscience didn't tell me but my emotions did. I kiss back and his hands hold the sides of my face. It feels amazing to be like this. Feel like time is frozen, you're the only two right now. A connection between you lips. He pulls away and looks me in the eyes. His blue eyes tell me everything but nothing at the same time. 

Incoming call from Austin



Niall's POV:

Who's Austin? I feel my heart shatter at the thing that her phone comes in. She looks at me and all I can say is a simple but hopefully effective phrase.

"Well are you going to answer it?"

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