"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


51. Chapter 51

Kiera's POV:

"How come you didn't tell me this before?!" I ask him shocked.

"Well, I would have told you but my brother was there, and people judge me by that. You're going to judge me aren't you?" He asks me

"Of course not. I have friends like that." I say trying to "play it cool".

We reach the bottom of the ride and the caged cart is unscrewed and we fall out. 

"How come you blew off that other girl by going with me?" I ask him. She must be here too, and I'm not going to be surprised when she bumps into us.

"Oh, Olivia. Ya, before I found out that I liked guys too, I dated her. For like a year or more. Then it kinda just got boring and more into our relationship, I discovered that; and broke up with her. She can't really seem to get the idea though." He explains while paying for some food for us. 

"Oh and you seemed pretty cool on the plane, so I thought we could just chill together. I mean this is cool right?" 

"Yea totally." I say shoving some pretzel into my mouth. He laughs at me, and I push him. Sadly, I have to be careful of the time because I have to leave tomorrow.

He makes me forget about everything. And brings me happiness like a brother or best friend would; maybe that's what he is to me? I hope so. I feel like I have known him forever when we just met. 

I hear singing and I drag Austin over to a stage. There is a guy on stage, about our age and he's singing. He has an amazing voice and I can't get over it. I push through the crowd to get to the front so me and Austin can see better. I push my hair back out of my face and notice the guy looks really familiar. 




We spend the rest of the night eating, winning huge stuffed animals, going on rides, and talking. I tell him about Niall and then Louis. 

"Well whatever one you can't live with out is the one you should be with." He tells me, after soaking up all the new information.

"But the thing is.... I can't live with out both of them. Louis is my best friend, the first person I met, and Niall.... I still want something with him. But I doubt it if he wants anything with me after what happened that night." I say. He hugs me and then I feel a tickle on both my sides. I scream and turn around to find Jordan and Drew laughing.

"Ah ha ha. Very funny." I tell them both laughing. 

"Well in case you forgot, and I really hoped you did but you have to go tomorrow." She says seriously. I feel some more weight get thrown onto my shoulders at her words. I hug Austin and take a picture with him. 

I hug him one last time and he whispers words to me that makes our relationship a million times stronger.

"Love you Kiera. Have a safe trip back home; and tell me more about Louis and Niall. I'll miss ya."

"Thanks I will, miss you and love you." I leave his grasp and see Jordan and Drew exchanging numbers. Hahaha wonder what will happen with them.

"Ready?" She asks

"Yea, lets go." I respond

We get in the car and drive back. On the way to her house I change my screensaver to the picture of me and Austin. It actually turned out amazing with the blinding flash. We pull in and run to her room, I only have 6 hours to pack and get ready to fly half way around the world.


2 hours later we both finish packing my bag, and we are both exhausted. We fall on her bed and just stare at the ceiling.

"You guys kiss?" She asks me breaking the silence.

"Nahhh, almost though, until he told me....'' I have no clue whether I should tell her or not. I mean its not my decision to tell but she is my best friend.

''It just didn't happen. What about you and Drew?" I ask looking at her.

"Yea, it took a long time though. But Kiera, he has a nice body." She says seriously. I can't help but let my laughter out.

"Oh my god!" 

"What?!" She asks shocked. We have to be at the airport in less than an hour! I'm not even ready!" I say jumping off the bed,

"Relax! Just wear what you are wearing." She says looking on her phone.

"Jordan I can't were shorts and a crop top in that weather. Its way too cold." She rolls her eyes at me and I change into this:

I grab my phone, purse, suitcases and Jordan and say good bye to her family. I promise I'll visit soon, but I have no clue when. 

We drive to the airport, which takes us like 10 minutes. I grab my bags out of the back, and lean them against the car, and look at Jordan.

We immediately close the gap between us with a hug, and I start crying. She does too and we say good bye more. The police man is the one to break up our hugging by yelling at us. 

She jumps into her car and yells at me then the police people.

"Make sure you text me during the whole flight!" I smile back and wipe my eyes. I pick up my bags and walk through the doors, to get back home. 



Getting on the plane took forever. There was a huge line for security and my plane was delayed by an hour.

I just took my seat, and turned off my phone. Next to me is a little girl looking through one of those teen magazines about celebrities and you future cousin-in-law quizzes. I put my phone in my purse and try to get some sleep. I haven't slept in a day or longer and I am about to collapse. But with the tiny shrieks of the girl next to me finding out that Beyonce and Miley Cyrus are her future sisters, doesn't help one bit. 

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