"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV:

Kiera smells and looks like an angel. I'm dead serious. But she's gonna be hard to get, I have to make my first move fast, before anyone else does. I can already tell that she doesn't like Nate, but has her eye out for Louis, I can't let that happen. It's going to be me and her. The bell rings and I slowly pack up wanting to purposely catch up to her. She quickly packs up her stuff and heads for the door and thats my que. 

I push my chair in and catch up to her. What do I say? I mean I just introduced myself and told her I play football.  Thats it!

"Hey Kiera!" She turns around and waits for me to actually walk next to her. She slides the strap of her bag over her shoulder and looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes. 

"I was um, wondering if you know you would come and watch my game this friday?" God I sound nervous. She thinks about it and then gives me an answer.

"That sounds cool. Yea I'd love too. Just like text me the details or something" She smiles at me then turns down the hall and to the cafeteria. She's either been here before or she memorized the map cause everyone gets lost trying to find the cafeteria on their first day. But even better I got her number. Not really. 

"Wait I don't have your number." I try to say casually. 

"Oh, sorry. My bad. Um here ya go." She says handing me a piece of paper with numbers on it. I tuck it into my pocket not wanting to lose it. We both get in line and grab some food. She looks around for a seat then I tell her where we should sit. 

"Here follow me, I have a place in mind." I say nodding my head towards the door.

"Okay. Where?" She asks

"The pool." I reply back I see her face and know she doesn't want to.

"I mean if you wanted, they close it off, so nobody gets thrown in, but we can find a seat here if you wanted." I say, her face relaxes when I say its closed off. 

"No the pools fine, just lead me there." She smiles. Her smile is contagious I swear. I lead her to the pool area and see a group of people there. I roll my eyes, only wanting it to be me and her, but I could live with it. 

Kiera's POV:

I follow Niall to the pool area, and even though its closed off my stomach has knots in it. I can't swim, and deep water is like a death wish to me. But I want to get to know Niall more. He's sweet and funny, and kinda cute, with that Irish accent and all. 

I see Nate, Louis and some girls in cheerleading outfits on then some other people I don't know there. 

Niall makes room for me and I sit down next to him. Louis moves down and I sit on the other side of him. 

"Hey there, so I see I get to see my gorgeous girlfriend again." Nate says winking and smiling. One of the cheerleaders' mouth opens and Louis back talks Nate back.

"In your dreams Nate." He sounds serious but a little joking to it. 

"Hi I'm Georgia, head cheerleader here. And you already know Nate. But this is Liam, Harry and Eleanor." She says smiling and pointing to each and every one of them. She doesn't introduce the other cheerleaders and their faces where funny when she didn't. 

I see a trashcan in the corner of the area and I get up to throw my trash away. I  hear loud whispers coming from the group and ignore them, knowing they are talking about me. I hope the year isn't like this. 

Nate's POV:
"Dude she's hot!" I say hitting Niall's shoulder. 

"I know. Hey I call dibs on her so back off." Niall says seriously to me. I laugh and then throw my hands up in the air, in defense and and look at Georgia. She's jealous and I have no clue why. Why do girls get jealous so easily? I don't get. One guy likes a girl and bam there's a cat fight breaking out. I pull her onto my lap and kiss her neck and Kiera comes back. 

Zayn's now here, and he bugs the shit out of me and I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone here, at this school. He's not nerdy or anything he's cool, but he's so tense. 

She sees Zayn and its like she's about to blow up. I watch her face and then Niall hits me for watching 'his girl'. I laugh and then direct my attention back to Georgia. 

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