"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


47. Chapter 47

Kiera's POV:

By the time I wake up its night. Jordan is still passed out but her hair is yet. She must have taken a shower. I still feel horrible but maybe a shower will help to. 

"Mrs. Flynn? Can I take a shower?" I ask Jordan's mom who bumps into me in the hallway.

"Of course honey, everything is open to you." She smiles at me. I walk over to the bathroom and pull out 2 towels. I let the hot water burn my skin and eventually wash my hair and body. A couple minutes later I am in fresh clothes and back in her room. She's awake but dazed.

"Hey" I say grabbing my phone. I wish I could text Louis or Niall but its kinda awkward right now between me and Louis, and me and Niall, but you know what happens.

"Jordan we are never going to a party again." I tell her.

"Um, I agree, you want to get something to eat?" I nod and we walk down the stairs.

"Girls, you want anything to eat!?" Her mom screams. We immediately plug our ears and quickly but carefully walk down the stairs to not get another yelling. 

"Hey, there do want  something to eat?" We both smile and nod like crazy people. Half an hour later we are eating pasta and pizza while switching back from The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars. 

After watching about 4 hours of tv we fall asleep on the couch but only to be awaken by her brother banging pots and pans in our ears.

"SEAN!" Jordan screams. I'm on the floor and I hit my ankle on the table in front the couch. 

"Whats wrong with you?!" I spit at him. He's kinda like my brother so I can treat him however I want. 

Jordan shoves him away and for the rest of the night we gossip about everything that pops into our minds. 


Niall's POV:

"Hi, my friend passed out, and I need help. I'm not sure if he's breathing." I say into the phone looking at Louis. I put him on the couch and he looks lifeless.

"Okay, sir, calm down. We are on our way. We need the address of where you are."

"Its 530 Longway Road."

A/N: Not a real address

I hang up on the emergency people and in less than 5 minutes Louis is on a stretcher. I'm in the back surrounded by medical people. There are pounding in his chest, and I'm scared. Actually scared. I son't know how he could die by hitting his head, but I just hope he doesn't.

"I can't get it" One of the guys says to the other one. A pulse. He shakes his head but keeps trying. We get to the hospital and escorted to a room immediately. 3 hours later I'm sitting in a emergency room waiting for my brother to stay alive. I can't live with the thought that I killed someone. Especially Louis. 


Kiera's POV:

For the past days me and Jordan have just hung out and went shopping. I leave in two days and tomorrow is the volleyball of the guy I met on the plane. We have been texting a lot and he's really nice and funny. His match is about 30 minutes away from her house, and Jordan's coming too. 

Once again she wants to go shopping for an outfit to wear tomorrow so we go. We're already ready so we just go. But I think she took some money from Sean. Typical her. 

We get to the mall and we go into our favorite shop that only is in America. Typical Times. Barely anyone has heard of it, but they sell super cute stuff for amazing prices. 

2 hours later we come out of the store with bags in our hands. We go get some burgers and by the time we get back to the house its 11 o' clock. We immediately go to bed and I'm actually excited for tomorrow. 

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