"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


45. Chapter 45


Hey Guys. I know I know, I didn't do a double update....sorry! Well right now I'm updating and um STORY OF MY LIFE MUSIC VIDEO got leaked.... yes I can say that again STORY OF MY LIFE MUSIC VIDEO got leaked! ITS COMES OUT SUNDAY BUT SOMEONE LEAKED IT. THERE ARE A LOT OF VERSION SOF THE VIDEO THAT ARE WRONG BUT ON MY TWITTER I TWEETED THE RIGHT ONE. SO GO ONTO MY TWITTER AND WATCH IT. I CRIED AND IT WAS JUST OVERWHELMING..... AND Harry eating sausage with his mum, Niall playing on a violin with Greg, Louis and his grandparents, Zayn and his sister, and Liam and his family. ITS JUST TO MUCH TO INTAKE. 

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Eleanor's POV:

"Hey wake up. We're here." I hear a raspy deep voice and a hand brushing my hair back. I open my eyes and feel the breeze hit me and the smell of the air. The Beach. Except there are barely any beaches here in England. 

I see a smiling Harry looking at me. I get up and sit back down closer to him. We're sitting on a blanket. He pulls me into his embrace and my face goes into his chest. I truly love him. 

"You planned this." I say smiling at him.

"Well kinda ya, not getting suspended though."

"Sorry about that again." I apologize looking at the big body of water. It looks freezing but people are still laughing and having fun. 

"Don't be, its Kaleb's fault that he can't let you be happy." 

I kiss him and he's still hugging me. At times like this I wish there was someone to take this picture, so I could see how happy I am. 

"Are you hungry?" He asks me after a couple minutes of silence. 

"Eh, I could go for pizza?" I say looking at his bright green eyes.

"Perfect." I am confused. Really. He releases me and I sit back up watching him. He pulls out a box of pizza under the blanket and hands me a slice.

"Where'd you get this?"

"You were sleeping in the car and on the way I got us some pizza." He says with a successful grin.

"And how'd I get down here?" I ask him taking a bite of my dinner.

"I carried you."

I finish up my pizza and kiss him. He pulls me closer towards him. I smile in the kiss after his. I pull away, and look at him. 

"What is all this for?" I know something was up, but maybe not. He gets up off the blanket and pulls me up. He places me in the center and then gets down on one knee. He pulls out a ring, but it looks like a promise ring. 

"Eleanor, I love you and I want you to-"


Kiera's POV:

"Kiera?" I hear my name being called over the blasting music.

I quickly drink the rest out of the cup and turn around.

"Oh my god! It is you!" I am relieved to know its no one that I don't want to talk to. 

"Emily?" I met her in the 6th grade. We weren't really the best of friends, but we became really close when I dated Broady. She was dating his cousin. We'd go on double dates and all, but I'm not sure if they are still dating. 

She hugs me and she spills a tiny bit of her drink on my leg.

"Oops! Sorry bout that!" She's obviously drunk. I think I am too, but my actions hasn't really shown yet. 

"Hey! Ya its me, so are you and Broady still dating?" Really Emily? 

"No we stopped dating a long time ago." I say pouring something into my cup. 

"Oh he told me you moved, so the long distance relationship wasn't going to work." She says smiling and looking around. 

"No....that's not what all. Are you and Jace still dating?"

"Actually we are, but he graduated early. He's studying at some college close to here." She says still looking.

"Well gotta go! Hope your having fun! Oh and make sure you text me!" She yells over the louder music now. I walk back and find Jordan almost asleep on some guy's shoulder. 

"Hey we need a another player. You wanna join?" I nod and he leads to to the game. Beer Pong. Yippee.

Well turns out, I'm really bad. But my partner is way too drunk to notice. Drink after drink I am feeling more and more happy. The game ends and I have no idea who won. 

"Here lemme get you a drinkkkkkk" My partner says slurring.

"Okay." He takes my hand and pours another drink in my cup and then pours it in his. 

"You live around here?" He asks taking a big drink from the plastic cup.

"No, well I used to be." I take a sip and its cherry flavored. I like it. I drink more and finish the cup. He pours me and himself another round. I turn around to see the atomosphere now and when I turn around to the guy drinking with me he smashes his lips on mine. I can taste the cherry drink on his lips and they are sweet. He pulls away and looks at me.

"Sorry about that!" He yells over the even louder music.

"No problem! You wanna dance?" I say finishing the drink.

"Yea sure." I take his hand and guide him to the dance floor. We dance forever, and I don't only dance with him, but other people including girls. I can't believe this is me but in between dancing and songs, I've had way more to drink. We walk back to the couch and he pulls me onto his lap. He kisses my neck, and it felt weird. Not like a good weird, but not something I want from him again. I finish his drink and honestly thats the last I remember. 


I wake up and I'm leaning over a couch. The house is littered with trash and people. I look around the house for Jordan and go through every bedroom. Of course I regret it. But one thing that makes me sick to my stomach is that guy that was with me last night, was in another bed with some random girl. I run down the stairs and of course I trip over some of them. I see Jordan leaning against the leg of a plastic table. 

I walk towards here and  I need to work on my balance. I have a major headache and Jordan will probably have one too. 

I drag her up and pull her arm around my head. Her head immediately falls on my shoulder and I hope she doesn't vomit. I somehow carry us up the stairs leaning on the wall most and get her to the bathroom sink. I splash water in her face, and she eventually wakes up. 

"Get your phone, we have to call your brother to come and get us." I say to her. We make it down the stairs and she finds her phone. She calls him and he starts taking really loud to aggrivate us. He obviously knows this will make our headaches worse. In less than 15 minutes he's here at the house and me and Jordan carefully walk and get into the car. 

He starts driving and to help us he plays really loud hard metal music. I am forced to plug my ears, while Jordan is yelling at him.

"Mom's going to kill you." He says once we pull into the driveway. Shit. How are we going to be able to pull off not being drunk when we can't even walk straight. We walk in and slowly make our way towards the stairs.

"And where were you guys last night?"


A/N: Okay guys so the link in my twitter doesn't work anymore because the internet people took down the video for early release but I found it again its


Hope you enjoy! I cried when through the whole thing and i think I saw my mom getting emotional :P I'll update later! 

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