"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


43. Chapter 43

Niall's POV:

I went home early and the nurse said I probably got food poisoning from that sandwich I bought. Kiera hasn't texted me back and its been about 5 hours or more. Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me. Maybe this is why she left.

Louis is still at football practice and he should be home any minute. I can't really hang out, but I'm so bored that anything is good to me. I hear his car pull up and he walks through the door, talking on the phone. 

"Yea, that sounds cool. Well have fun and be safe please." He says into the phone. He lets the other person talk then he talks.

"Alright. Bye, love you." He says then hangs up. I look at him, and I think he was talking to Kiera.


Louis POV:

Holy shit. I just said I love you to her. Well I do, so its not like I'm lying or anything. She doesn't say it back though. Just bye. She sounds like she's having a really good time home already and I hope she is. Being brothers, Niall told me what happened. I mean I feel bad for him. Zayn totally tricked him, and then never apologized? I knew I didn't really like him; but I kept my mouth shut and I'm waiting for my chance.


Kiera's POV:

"Yea, everything is going great here. I miss it and love it." I say to Louis who is on the other line. 

"Yea, thats cool. Well have fun and be safe please." He says to my answer. I quietly laugh and then speak.

"Okay, no need to worry about me, I'm perfectly fine." I say reassuring him.

"Alright. Bye, love you." He says into the phone. Excuse me? He loves me? Oh great this puts even more stress on me. 

"Um..bye Louis." And he hangs up. 

"What was that?" Jordan asks finishing up her soda.

"He said he loved me?" I say more as a question. 

"Louis?! Or Niall?!" 

"Louis." Oh my god! Niall! I forgot to text him back.

Yep, over here for two weeks. 

I send the text and charge my phone.

Jordan looks on her phone and her eyes light up. 

"You wanna go to a party?" Wow. I haven't been to a party in forever. One couldn't hurt.

"Of course!" I say smiling. And besides its a friday night. 

"Yay!" She yes with excitement.

"Common lets get ready!" She says throwing her phone on the bed.

I drag my suitcase on her bed and pull out some clothes. She comes out of her closet wearing  light dark red skinny jeans and a strapless black lace shirt.

"Damn girl!" I say as she puts her old clothes on the floor. She laughs and then starts to straighten her hair. 

I button up my jeans and fix the straps of my shirt. I slip on some tan/peach colored lace up boot type heels and stand up. These shoes make me like 5 inches taller. I gently curl my hair, and apply some light make up, knowing it won't be useful. 

We both finish around the same time and I grab my phone and hers. We quietly walk out but are stopped getting into the car.

"Where do you think you girls are going?" Jordan's older brother yells at us. 

"We are going to a party." Jordan says back.

"Does mom know? $50 and I'll let both of you go." He snickers at us.

"Does mom know your smoking?" She says crossing her arms. He looks away and she laughs.

"$20, we're free and mom doesn't know you're smoking AND drinking." He gives her a "confused" look.

"Sean, you're not that good at hiding stuff." He looks back and then speaks.

"Deal." She pulls a 20 out of her pocket and walks towards the group of guys. She gives him the money, and we hop into the car. It takes us about 15 minutes to get there. The house is packed full.

The lawn is littered with red solo cups and teenagers. Toilet paper is on the trees and blasting music is coming from the house. People are smoking and making out, but honestly I don't care. We walk up and open the door and this party actually looks fun. Several games of beer pong is going on, more people kissing, dirty dancing, drinking and truth or dare. We immediately walk to the kitchen and get some drinks. I don't generally drink so I start off with a sprite. Lame right? I'll move up. We walk around and finally join a group of my old friends. We say hi and that stuff then start a game of truth or dare.

While its not my turn I look around and see that girl Samantha. I'm focused on seeing if Broady is with her and I can't her my name being called.

"Kiera? Kiera?!" I give my attention back on the game. 

"What?" I ask

"Well? Truth or Dare?"

"Um.." I think while I drink some of this nasty tasting alcohol. "Dare"

"Okay I dare you to make out with Ethan, tongue included." I looked at Ethan and he looked, well his emotion was hard to tell. I have no drank two full cups of that drink in the time, she was thinking of my dare. I lean real close to him and kiss him, making it more heated by pulling on his hair. He drags me unto his lap so I am straddling him. Our tongues touch and the kiss gets more passionate. My other friend breaks it up by pulling me off and moving away. Ethan's smiling and I;m not sure what my emotion is right now. I down one more cup, and fully feel free and wild. I'm drunk.

Jordan has my phone next to her and its on the camera. I look and she took pictures of me kissing Ethan, must be drunk too. I hit her and then laugh. I lock my phone and ignore it for the rest of the night. 

The top Outfit is Jordan and the bottom is Kiera. Jordan doesn't actually look like that, but thats just how her hair looks.  I'm not gonna do any more of this truth or dare thing if you don't want me to, so just tell me or something. I might just stop. I don't know....I don't really care as log as you are liking it. 

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