"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


42. Chapter 42

Kiera's POV:

"No way! I used to play volleyball too!" I say after hearing that Austin plays volleyball.

"Beach, in fact; you should come watch us."

"Um excuse me?" I ask replying back to his suggestion.

"Oh sorry, I mean...just forget it sorry."

"No, no its okay. I was just like taken back."

"Oh well here's my number and its here so you could watch, only if your like getting off this flight." 

"Um, yea cool. Can I bring some friends?" I really don't want to go alone since the fact that i met this guy less than 4 hours ago.

"As much as you want." He smiles

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first co-" I hear his evil little brother singing loudly behind Austin. He swiftly turns around and talks to him and his brother shuts up. 

"Sorry about that."

"No problem" I say back looking around this moving death trap.

"Excuse me all flyers today, 5 minutes till landing. Please shut off all your electronic devices. Thank you, have a nice day" says the lady over the speaker. 

Everyone groans, and I have no clue why; because clearly I want to get off of this. I shut off my phone and buckle myself in. Seconds later I feel the plane go up and down, noticing we just landed. I smile to myself but I'm scared for what this trip will bring. I unbuckle and get my backpack from the top of my seat and look at Austin once more.

"Hope to see you soon." He smiles at me. I nod and give him a smile back and he hugs me. His hugs are tight. the kind of ones that you melt in and cry into for no reason. I hug him back and pull away, walking down the aisle and into the muggy air of North Carolina. 


Niall's POV:

I see Harry beating this Kaleb guy up and I'm relieved it was Eleanor he kissed rather than Kiera. Even though she's not here, I'm just glad. I pull out my phone and decide to text her...finally.

Hey; heard you were going home.

I lock my phone and put in my back pocket. I look up to see Eleanor walking away with a bloody Harry, and Kaleb limping away painfully.

I go up to the food part of the cafeteria and buy some food. When I get back Louis is sitting there on his phone.

"Hey man" Hey greets me

"Hey" I throw the food in between us and he starts to dig in. Moments later he is finished with the drinks and soda. I bite into the sandwich and eat the whole thing in minutes. I throw away all the trash and when I walk back to the table, I feel sick. Literally. I run to a deserted trashcan and toss up the old sandwich. I walk back to the table again and take a drink of water.

"Niall? You don't look to good. I think you should go home." Louis says taking in my appearance.

"Ya, I don't feel to well." I say looking at my shoes. I have soccer practice and I can't miss that. But honestly I don't want to go.

I walk over to the nurses office but its taken by Kaleb. His shirt is bloody and I can't imagine the bruises. Harry used to be a boxer. But he gave it up for football. And I can hear he can sing, but a guy singing? I would kind of find that embarrassing, and if someone found out that about me? I would be embarrassed to. I mean look at Liam. He was on that singing show- the X Factor. He came in 2nd place when he was about 14-15. And when he din't win, he was basically humiliated on live telly. And he's like a school clown now. Rejected by girls and good grades. I somewhat feel bad for him. But I think this girl named Danielle is just like him. Their personalities are spot on. 

Kiera's POV:

I pick up my bag and walk towards the actual airport.

I walk down the stairs to baggage claim and when I get down I see Broady. I mentally cuss, and run the opposite direction but towards the back. I quickly turn on my phone and see a missed text from Niall.

I ignore it and click Jordan's number under her contact. She lives close to the airport which is a really good thing right now.

"Jordan!?" I ask into the phone.

"Hey, girl whats up?" She asks happily

"Jordan! I need you to come to the airport now! Please!" I beg into the phone.

"Why? Um ok, wait are you here!!?!" Her voice goes high. I hang up as I see my bag from the other side. I quickly slip through all the people and finally make it to my bag. I drag it off of the converier belt, and roll it out side. I see her car pull up and she opens the trunk. I throw my suitcase inside and hop in the front seat.

I carefully watch Broady as he hugs and kisses a small girl. Wait- we were on the plane together. He turns around and starts walking with the girl. 

"Go! Now! Hurry!" I yell at Jordan and hitting her shoulder.

"Okay! Okay!" She says back. She hits the gas and in seconds we are no longer at airport on and on our way to her house.

"What the hell was that about?" She asks me, paying attention to the road.

"Broady was back there, and I didn't want anything to happen." I whisper

"No way! Really?" 

"Yea, sure thing; he was with another girl again- what is he still doing here?" I ask her afraid of an answer. He scares the crap out of me. Literally. Well not really.

"Ohhhh, Samantha. They're like the talk of the town or school. Yea she's a junior at school; and everyday he comes and picks her up." She tells me as we turn onto my old street. I look at my house,  and see a little boy rolling through the leaves and a girl drawing on the sidewalk. There's a mom who looks like she's talking to their grandmother. They look much happier than when I was in that house.


"How long are you here?" She asks me as we pull into her driveway.

"2 weeks." I say hopping out of the car and grabbing my stuff. We walk up to there door, and she opens it. 

"Oh my gosh! Kiera! Its you! What are you doing here?!" Jordan's mom asks me as she hugs me at the same time. I hug her back and tell her. She was basically my mom too, since me and Jordan spent every single second together. We basically lived with each other. 

"I'm good. I'm here for 2 weeks, just visiting." I say dropping my jacket on their couch.

"Well thats fantastic! Well make your self at home. Obviously, and food's in the fridge." I have never felt uncomfortable eating their food but now I am. 

Me and Jordan walk up to her room and I fall on her bed. 

"Tired?" She asks laughing.

"Yep, and stressed."

"Tell me." I sit up on her bed and she quickly leaves the room, I hear her run down the stairs and then run back up. I see her with a bag of Taco Bell, something I haven't seen in England. I laugh and she throws some food at me. She sits on her desk and gives me the 'explain' look. I do.

Zayn's my brother. Who Zayn is. How he destroyed me and Niall's relationship. The big soccer game. The wedding. Our kiss at the wedding. How we danced. His blue eyes. Irish accent. How me and Louis danced. How Louis eyes shine in the sunlight. How Louis knows how to make me laugh no matter what. How I have to choose between Niall and Louis.

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