"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


41. Chapter 41

Eleanor's POV:

I'm somewhat surprised that Kiera didn't tell Niall... or anyone. But on second thought it was literally a last second thing.

But I mean I kinda feel bad for Niall in a way that I can't describe. Today I have free period with some people and I'm really happy that Harry has it to. I walk over to the cafeteria and get in the growing line of hungry people. I feel someone's arm snake around my waist and then hear low whispering.

"Hey babe." His curls tickle my cheek and I feel his plump lips touch me kiss and then retrieve back to my head. 

I smile, and his arms tighten around my waist. I look ahead of me and see my ex giving me some eyes.

"Calm down." I tell him staring at him. Harry has anger problems when something doesn't go right for him. My ex, Kaleb we were best friends before we went out but his brother died in a car accident and it liked changed him. I mean he was still sweet and kind to me but I felt like I was an escape for him. He only wanted to talk to me, and be with me when he wanted to not because we were dating. I later broke up with him and he hasn't really gotten over it...obviously. 

"I should be the only one looking at you." He whispers into my ear.

I turn around so I'm facing him. I pull his chin down, so his looking at me and not the person he hates, with every fiber in his body.

"Harry, look at me and pay attention to my words; I love you not him. No need to worry. Promise." I say trying to reassure him. 


"Promise." I answer to his question.

"Prove it." He smiles showing his dimples. I roll my eyes, and lean up to kiss him. He pulls me to him, so our bodies our touching. Right before he tries to do more, I pull away and grab some food. I hear him groan, and I let out a laugh and pay for the food. 

"Hey Eleanor, having fun?" I hear his voice. I quickly turn around noticing Harry is talking to Louis. 

Kaleb. "Get out of my way." I say pushing him away. But he's acting like a stone; how our relationship ended. 

"Why can't you give that to me?" He snickers at me.

"Cause I don't love you. Now move." I say looking at him. He moves and I walk away, but his hand grips my wrist.

"Wait, you still love me, stop trying to deny it. I broke up with you and you haven't stop, I can see it in your eyes." He gets awfully close to me.

"Thats not what happened- are you telling people that?" I ask him. He only smiles. 

"You jerk! I broke up with you; you barely cared about me after your brother died! You only wanted me when you were in the mood. I gave you all my love and sympathy but you rejected it and me. So stop denying the past!" I raise my voice. Its now free class so only a few people are scattered throughout the cafeteria. 

"You still love me, now you can't reject that or deny it."

"What?! No I d-" But I'm cut off by his disgusting lips on mine. I try using all my force to get him off of me, but he has me pinned in his arms. I keep my lips sealed as his tongue slides over my lips asking for entrance. All of the sudden I am released and his body weight is no longer surrounding me. 

I look around and then see him on the floor and Harry on top. I see Harry deliver hard, solid punches to his stomach and then nose. Blood is splattered on Harry's hand, but then it might be Harry's knuckles bleeding. I see Kaleb struggling to be the one hurting Harry, but Harry is too strong.

"DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN!" He yells at him. Kaleb is still trying to fight. And I notice that if no one helps this situation, Kaleb is going to be dead in minutes.

"Harry!" I yell running towards him.

"Stop!" A few more punches are thrown equalling more blood. I see Harry throw his fist at Kaleb's throat and then I see him go limp. 

"Harry! Get off of him! Please!" I finally get him up and his nose is bleeding. Kaleb must have hit, when I didn't see.

"Wow, you have to have a girl help you?" I see Kaleb say as he get up and wipes some blood on his shirt. Harry tries charging but I hold him back. Instead I walk over to him, and punch him as hard as I can. I hear Harry chuckle in the background, and I turn around and walk back towards Harry.

"Enough of that, lets go get you cleaned up." I smile at him and guide him to the bathroom. 


Kiera's POV:

Like in most cases, when people meet each other, and are stuck for multiple hours there are two options: they talk and talk and talk, then fall in love or they absolutely can't stand each other. It was  the first option. Yep. I mean Austin, was everything a girl wants- sporty, funny, nice 6-pack, knows how to keep a conversation going, and so much more that most guys lack. But the thing is he doesn't have deep ocean blue eyes, a strong accent, and a feeling of protectiveness when you are in his presence. 

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