"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


40. Chapter 40

Niall's POV:

"Niall!" I hear someone call out before I go to my next class. I immediately recognize the voice and I really don't want to deal with him right now. I turn around and walk towards him. I slam my books on the desk, and honestly I don't know what to do next.

"What Zayn? You wanna tell me how happy you and Kiera are together? Hurt me again? God, its true nobody does like you, and that's not because you almost killed someone at your last school. I bet you, you bribed Kiera to go to the wedding, kiss me and then come home to see your arm around her? Well, if so you're sick. I can't believe you're even playing football, you should be playing...pool or poker and trying to get some ladies to sleep with you or something." So thats what comes out.

"You don't know me at all! And you can't say that! I'm nothing like that. Or what I think. And chill out dude, I was only fooling you- me and Kiera aren't dating. I was playing with you, obviously you didn't get the message. And I would never date her in a million years. And don't talk about me like that." He says walking closer to me. His tattoos are clearly visibly right now, and I'm getting him mad. 

"What if everyone knows about your past? Huh? And why would you even do that? Oh and you think that everybody's scared of you because you can have tattoos and piercings, and can actually punch? Now I get it..... you gave Nate the black eye, when he threw Kiera into the pool. Why? I mean your not dating, and she's new. Wh-" but I'm cut off by a pissed off Zayn.

"I care for her! Huh? What do you have to say when you see your sister who can't swim is thrown into a pool as a joke?!" He barks, his eyes now black.

"What?!" I breathe loudly.

"Yea she's my fucking sister. Can't you tell? I mean we look like twins appearantly. That's why  I'm in all her classes, I was at our house. Took you long enough." He spits.

"What? How?"

"Um, I'm pretty sure our parents." He says surprising. 

"Well I know that! But how come she never came here before?" I ask taking a seat.

"Our parents moved out and my father took me and moved here. When I was 14 I was done with him, bringing different people home each night. So don't say thats me, when clearly its not. I'm not my father." He yells back.

"She just found out, that I'm her brother. I've lived to long with out family, and when I finally got a girlfriend in grade school/high school I felt like I had a family. We'd spend everyday together, but I was still into drinking at stuff. She knew, and told me to stop. Of course I didn't listen to her even when I was sober. We loved each other, and I was changing for her, or at least trying. 

I didn't know it, but she was becoming more depressed day by day. She hid it from me, everyone. Until she took her life. She left a note by her lifeless body, and it explained everything. She was bullied, in the classes that i wasn't in, when I got too drunk to go to school; peer pressure. She wrote all the people who did this to her, and I went to every single person and hurt them, in different ways. Her biggest enemy was the one I almost hurt. I almost did, but before the last couple punches, her face popped in my mind, I couldn't do it when she was watching even though it was for her.

How is it to lose someone you love so much, your life. To stupid jerks and sluts, who down graded her; when I wasn't there to protect her. I couldn't even go to her funeral. She was my life, love, and girl. And to have it ripped away from you? I couldn't have let Kiera's life go by like that. As a joke. Nate and Georgia thought about it like that, just like Emily's Nate and Georgia did.

I got into music, she told me earlier it was her escape. It became mine. She was my summer love, more than that. She had the one thing that nobody else had. I didn't even tell her I love her."

"I feel like a girl or something, telling someone my feelings? Ugh" He groans.

Zayn finally opens up to me. His hands hold his face, and I'm speechless. I messed up; with Kiera. 

"I'm sorry, really. I'm glad that you got that out. Do you know where Kiera is?" I ask changing the subject. 

"Thanks man. No. Well you better go; you're going to miss getting the award for no tardies." He says. Yep, the old Zayn is back. Good. I didn't want to have a softie. 

I ignore his comment, and pick up my books heading to my next class. Workshop.

I look at the clock, and talking to Zayn was only 5 minutes even though it felt like hours. I still can't believe they are actually related but, I guess I messed up. I hope I don't again. All the seats are full except one next to Eleanor. I take the seat and minutes later I see Zayn come in through the back door. He has his face on that he normally does, and you can't tell he just spilled his life. 

The teacher is super strict today, giving 3 people detention. Of course, if the teacher is mean, class is longer. And thats how it was today.

Class ends, and I feel 80 years old; literally. Eleanor packs up and its my chance to ask her where Kiera is.

"Hey, Eleanor, where's Kiera?" 

"Oh she didn't tell you?" She asks me packing up her stuff.

"Um no."

"Oh.... she went back home." I feel my stomach get churned by an invisible knife. Broady is there. She didn't tell me everything. But from the minutes she told me about him, their relationship was horrible.

"For how long?" I ask her urgently.

"2 weeks." Eleanor walks out of the room, as I'm frozen here in workshop. I can barely stop thinking about her when i was drunk and mad for a day or two, so for 2 weeks? 

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