"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


4. Chapter 4

Kiera's POV:

The bell finally rings and I close my textbook, slipping it into my bag. I walk out of the classroom trying to get to my next class as soon as possible. Mostly because I wanted to get away from that Zayn guy, but also I didn't want to sit in the back again. 

I finally find the room and immediately know what it is- French. I walk in and the class is basically all here except a couple seats scattered. I see a seat by the windows and then see a blonde boy talking to the person behind him. I take a seat and look at my texts I received. The blonde one stops talking and pokes my shoulder I turn around and see a buff one then a cute one. 

"Hey I'm Nate, but you can call me your boyfriend." He winks at me. I laugh under my breathe and then the other one introduces himself.

"Okay, so you've met the player over here, but I'm Niall. Nice to meet ya." He smiles, he has an accent... Irish. Oh god, its pretty hot. Niall has white braces and his hair is off his forehead. Nate is wearing a varsity jacket and his hair covers his forehead. He is a total jock, I can tell already. 

I'm sitting next to Niall, and he stops talking to Nate and to me. I look at him, and engage in the conversation when I see Zayn walk in the room. He looks like he's searching for someone, then I feel the presence of his eyes on my and he relaxes taking a seat on the other side of the room. Next I see Louis enter the room with his world peace smile, he waves at me and I wave back. Niall turns around and sees him, his face and body tensing. Same with Louis. What is with all the guys here?

The teacher is 5 minutes late, having me getting to know Niall and Nate better. I learn that Nate plays basketball and Niall is the goalie for the school team. I find that so cool for no reason. The teacher calls me out and I stand up facing the class. I'm a nervous wreck and thank god for Niall. 

"Everyone this is Kiera, she's new" He introduces me. I smile and I hear whistles coming from the another jocks and guys in the class. Louis rolls his eyes at Niall and I sit back down and try to listen in the class but only to be bothered by the fact that Niall smells amazing, I already know French and I feel multiple pairs of eyes on me. 

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