"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


38. Chapter 38

Kiera's POV:

After 3 hours of Eleanor trying to convince me to stay here. I made up my decision. I'm only 3 hours away from America, and i'm really nervous. I think its mostly because of Broady, but Jordan told me he moved schools, after I left and that cheerleader slut he was with wanted to be alone all the time. 

I've been stuck in this plane for nearly half a day and with a little kid who's obsessed with making robot sounds, I'm quite done with flying for now. 

This whole time I have regretted being on this plane, but I'm only going to see Jordan. Right? Well that's what I'm telling my brain; I just hope its believing it. 

I already emailed my teachers that I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks so I have all my school work set. I just miss Eleanor and....Louis, and kind of Niall. But I have to get over him. Besides, I didn't mean it when I told him I loved him, and we weren't really boyfriend and girlfriend. But the kiss meant more than something. 

My thoughts are cut off by the little boy spitting in my face. I look at him, and wipe my face, and get up walking to the bathroom. I finally get in this cramped place, and its hot. Like an uncomfortable hot, and it smells nasty. I don't know why I actually came here, and I don't really need to go. I wipe down my face with the "dry" water and reapply some make up and after I do my hair. I have no idea why I'm doing this but I just hope it wastes time. I pull the lever that opens the door, and walk through the crowded aisle that is full of flight attendants. I make my way back to my seat, and there is a older boy sitting next to the younger one. 

"Excuse me?" I'm way past done people right now, so I don't care how my tone is. 

"Oh I'm sorry, I was talking to my little brother. I heard he kinda spit on you." He says looking at his little brother on the last part. 

"Yea, he kinda did." I say still standing, blocking peoples paths.

"Sorry, my name is Austin; here let me buy you a drink." He says actually looking at me this time. 

"Aren't they free?" I ask my eyebrow raising.

"Fine, Ms. Sass, would you like me to get you one?" 

"Eh, we have time." I say sitting in the empty chair next to Austin. 

Minutes later, we are having a really awkward conversation on life while drinking coke and orange juice. Turns out we are similar, except the fact that I learned just now I have a new brother. His dad was an alcoholic, left the family; took his sister, police caught him and his sister was close to death. She later died that year from a rattlesnake bite in the desert, when her and Austin were walking while their family was at their camping ground. She was a 2 years older than him, but he says they were beset friends-insperable. 

I wish I had a bond with someone like that; it hurt to not see them everyday. It hurt to hear their  name in years. 

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