"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


37. Chapter 37

Kiera's POV:

Eleanor is driving, since I have no clue where anything is. We drive for about 40 minutes, and we both get more breakfast. I get some oatmeal and orange juice, while El gets some british breakfast omelet thing. We finally end up in a mall parking lot. Except its like a super mall. Its the biggest building I've ever seen. Thank god I brought most of my money. We park fairly close and she jumps out of the car, with excitement.

"I'm guessing you like shopping?" I ask her sarcastically.

"Kiera, shopping is like my super power." She brags. I bust out laughing again, and I realize I haven't laughed like that in a long time. 

We walk in and immediately go into the Forever 21 there, its 2 stories tall full of everything we like. We only stay in there for 45 minutes, but we come up with 3 bags each. I spent about $136, and we have so many more stores to go to. The next place we go is TOPSHOP. Of course, like El said shopping is her 'super power', she went insane. And so did I... a little. Once again, we both spent a fortune there, and it wasn't even noon yet. 

We walked back to our car, and put our bags in the trunk of the car. Next to the mall, was this smoothie shop, that none of us has been to so we tried it out. It wasn't so busy but you could tell it made business. In one of the booths were a group of guys that you could already tell they hooked up with every girl that looked pretty. I've had enough of boy drama already; so I'm silently praying the don't come up to us. 

We order our smoothies, and take a seat on the opposite side of them. Right after we sit down, we both pull out our phones. I check my messages, just in case Niall texted me but there was nothing. El is laughing at her phone, and I'm pretty sure its towards Harry. Early we spent about an hour and a half, trying to pick out a date outfit for her when he surprises her this tuesday night. 

When we finish our smoothies, we have been sitting here for an hour. I throw mine away and go back and wait for her. Everything is perfect now, one of those guys is coming over here. I ignore him as he pulls up a chair and sits next to me. Eleanor looks at me, and he pulls my chin so I can look at him. 

"Baby, somebody better call God, cuz he's missing an angel." He says looking into my eyes. I hear Eleanor laughing and its hard to keep mine in. 

"Whoa, calm down there buddy. Looking as gorgeous as she is, don't you think she'd have a boyfriend? Well sorry but she's off the market." Eleanor says seriously. I have to looks away this time; I burst out laughing, trying to do it as quietly as possible. His face goes blank, and he storms off back to his table. We quickly get up, and walk back to the car. I grab more money for whats coming up in the week. 

We walk back into the mall, but go to the store where we left off. We immediately get stuff to try on and make our way over to the dressing rooms. We both walk out and compliment each other, and before she goes back, I grab her arm and face her towards me.

"El, I'm going back home."


Niall's POV:

Its late sunday night, and I still have a horrible head ache. Even worse I have to see Zayn tomorrow. I get up and take a shower, taking my time. I get out, and walk back to my room, only to change back into the same clothes. I go into the kitchen to order a pizza but I find my dad holding the completely empty bottle of alcohol I drank last night. I was so drunk, that I got thirsty and drank the rest.

"Niall, what is this?" He looks at me like I'm disgusting.

"I've had a rough weekend dad." I explain, knowing its the worst excuse ever.

"Alcohol is never the answer!" He yells at me. His yelling only makes my head hurt more, but I have to ignore the throbbing pain and fight back.

"Its none of your business! I'm almost 18 an adult. So back off, and stop giving me all this bullshit!" I yell back.

"Fine, since your almost an adult, pay for your own food, clothes,football gear and rent." He says taunting me. 

"Well, then guess I have to just look for a job." I say looking him dead in the eyes.

"Your rent is due this tuesday. $700, all or get out."

"I'm not paying you. I'll move out." I say walking away from him. I pull out my bags and shove my clothes and anything I'll need into them. I can't believe this is happening, but I guess this is how life goes. I grab all my money and then go to my brothers old room, and get his spare money. I know its bad, but he forgot about it. Its been sitting there for like 8 years, so he's not gonna die with out it. I walk out and to the front door, and see my dad watching the telly. I open it and then slam it on my way out so he can know I really did leave. I get in my car, and drive to the only place, where I can. Louis. 


Niall's POV:

I wake up early and get dressed quickly leaving for school. I'm at least 45 minutes  early, and I stop for breakfast on my way there. I get to class, with 10 minutes to spare, and see everyone there except Kiera. And Zayn. Great they're probably together right now. Laughing, smiling and kissing. I try to get rid of the thought, and pay attention to the movie now playing about some old event about our history. The bell rings, and I pack up slowly. I'm the last one out of the room, and I'm opening the door when I hear my name being called. Of course I recognize it. 


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