"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


36. Chapter 36

Zayn's POV:

I somewhat, tiny bit feel bad but I don't know what to do about it, I mean, its like her first boyfriend. She didn't have any back "home" so, doing that kinda makes me have a weird feeling of regret. Especially when she started crying. Oh well. I guess I'll tell him something on monday. 


Kiera's POV:

"Look Eleanor, I moved here to get away from him, only Val, our nanny knows but first he kinda forced me to go on a date with him and then I ignored him and he like cyber bullied me, and called me fat, which made me anorexic, and then I had to go to a theripist secretly. And when I kept ignoring him, he brought me to a college party, out of my will, and I lost virginity, and then after when I wouldn't go longer with him. I ran away from home, and told my mom I hated her and life sucked when I love her, and a month later he somehow found me and beat me. I had bruises everywhere. I covered them all up. Anything I could find to cover them up that would. I started failing school, and I got bullied there, and it got so bad, I tried committing suicide. And surprisingly Broady came and got me, brought me home to my mom and told her everything except that he was torturing me. Of course she thought he was the angel for saving me and then he changed....into the perfect boyfriend. I have no clue what happened. But he would pick me up for school, bring me lunch, take me out on nice dates, text me good morning and night, and we took pictures. Our kisses were different though. 

It felt like he was hiding secrets. I had no clue what was going on, but I decided to keep it that way, and not get more hurt. But one day, the guy who liked me sent me a picture of him and some random slut making out and about to do it, in the swim closet. Then he came to me, and tried comforting me, so I could be his, and that failed, I ended breaking his arm, and breaking up with Broady. Of course he didn't like that. And he tried getting me back but it didn't work...I ended up with a red mark on my face. I covered it up with make up and asked my mom if we could move to somewhere else for my junior and senior year. And of course I explained stuff to her, only that me and Broady broke up, nothing else. She saw how uncomfortable I was, and now I find out that Zayn is my fucking brother! And he Niall mad and leave. He pretended we were dating! And the worst thing is, Zayn doesn't want anyone knowing that we're family, so of course Niall, thinks we are dating! And now Niall, will probably never talk to me. We even kissed tonight! Or last night, and then he asked me out! Life is just never right for me." I finally finish sitting on the bed with her. I'm sobbing and her eyes are watering. 


She grabs my hand and holds it. She pulls me in and hugs me. I just sit in her arms, and cry into her shoulder. 


"And Jordan my best friend, is back home, and she helped me the most. I just miss her so much right now. But I want to go home, but I'm afraid Broady is there."


"Don't worry. I'll talk to Niall for you. I'll make up something. But I won't tell him you and Zayn are family." Eleanor explains looking me in the eyes.


"No, its fine. I just had a busy night. I went to the hospital again, I had a reaction." I tell her. 


" And you didn't have the medicine didn't you?" She asks me her eyebrow arching. 


"No, my dress had no pockets! And Niall carried me all the way to the hospital." I tell her, drinking some water.


"Really? Aww how cute!" She says pinching my cheeks. I laugh and walk over to my closet to grab a sweatshirt and some yoga pants. I walk to the bathroom and clean my face, which scares me and probably the mirror and change into my spare clothes. 


I walk out of the bathroom and into my room, to see Eleanor talking on her phone. 


"You can stay the night if you want." I tell er. 


"I can? Thanks." She says.


"Ya, no problem, um here are some clothes." I tell her throwing some clothes at her. We are the same size so everything works out. 30 minutes later, we are eating pop corn, watching Twilight and playing Truth or Dare.


"Okay Truth or Dare Kiera?" She asks me. 


"Truth" I say chewing on some pop corn.


"Would you ever date Louis?" She asks me I look away and answer with out thinking.


"Yes. Truth or Dare?" I ask her watching how Bella and Edward are dancing. 


"Truth!" She says loudly.


"How far did you go with Harry the other day?" I ask somewhat wanting and not wanting to know.


"Pretty far. But not like sex far. But close."


"Wow, I didn't know how much you like him." 


"Yea, me either, but now I deffantly know" She says winking at me. I bust out in laughs and so does she. We end up, going to the local store and buy out basically all there pop corn and dried peaches. Weird right? And then we eat oreos and milk. Its 5 am in the morning and we are still up. 


"You wanna just like drive around today?" She asks me. I think about it and then give her an answer.


"Alright. Lets go. Get ready." I tell her. She goes to my closet and I walk to the bathroom to do my make up and hair. 


I tie my hair up in a ponytail and then apply my regular make up. I brush my teeth and then walk back into my room to see Eleanor wearing my clothes. I roll my eyes at her, then grab my outfit out. I pull on some light blue skinny jeans, my white converse and a long sleeve peplum dark red top. I pull on my tan jacket and we walk down the stairs. We each grab a piece of toast and walk out the door. I see smoke coming from the side, and I look around the corner to see Zayn smoking he sees me and pull his cigarette out and hides it behind him. 


"I'm not a kid; but Jonah and Lilly are, don't let them see." I spit at him. I'm still mad. And honestly I miss Niall. I wonder if he's thinking the same thing.


Niall's POV:

My room is just across the hall and I'm having trouble getting there. I drank about 3/4 of the bottle. And the symptoms are already getting to me. I fall on my bed and pass out, not wanting morning to come because its going to be a living hell for me. 

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