"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


3. Chapter 3

Kiera's POV:
I watch the boy walk out of the office and then I am greeted back to the world by the front desk lady. I look at her name plate and it says MS. SMITH; wow how original. I roll my eyes and try to get on with the day as soon as possible. 

"Hi, I'm Kiera Pal. I just transferred, and I need my schedule" I say looking her dead in the eye. She was tall, but over weight and gave me the stuff I needed in just seconds. 

"Thank you" I say still looking her in the eyes. I break my glance from hers to put my stuff in the bag. I walk away from the desk, open the door, and pull out the schedule again. I find a small map in the corner of it and actually it helps me. I find my locker, my locker combo and other useless stuff stapled to the back.

I walk to room 33, my first class, World History. Some people are in the room already but talking and sitting on desks.

I look around trying to not look scared when I am actually terrified. I go to sit down in the middle of the room when I hear my name being called. I look around to see nobody. I probably just heard something that sounded like my name. I almost sit down when I hear it again. I turn around knowing its coming from the back and see a boy with only some tattoos, they look new like from less than 24 hours ago. I look up again and see him next to me desk basically face to face. I look up and I have to say he is good looking. 

"Hey, so I have an extra seat next to me if you wanted, I mean since you are the new girl in all; i just didn't want you to get torn up by the nerds." He points to the people sitting next to and then smiles with a huge funny grin taking up his place. 

"Sure" I say with no emotion, but inside I'm overjoyed that somebody is talking to me, even more cause its a guy. I pack up my stuff which takes 2 seconds and follow this boy to the back. I never sat in the back, always the front so I could hear the teacher and ignore the troublemakers in the back. Does this mean I'm a trouble maker? Oh god I hope not. 

He pulls out a seat for me and I smile taking it, and he hops up on the desk facing me. 

"Hey, I'm Louis" 

"Obviously you already know my name from yelling it." I say smiling at him. He laughs and then begins.

"Wow, funny and hot. Surprising. Well you'll surely be welcomed here." I have no clue what we means by that, but I hope its good. The professor walks in and and starts teaching but gets interrupted by the guy who stormed out of the office. I look at Louis and see his face tense up and know that something isn't good about that guy. He sits in front of me and turns around directly looking at my classmate and not me.

"What'd I miss?" He says looking him in the eye. 

"Nothing" Louis says. Its like a snake is about to strike, that kind of tension between them. The boy in front turns back around and the teacher yells at him. 

"Mr. Malik one more tardy and you're suspended. Got it?... Zayn?" Zayn, and Louis. Zayn nods and I swear I saw him flip off the teacher when he was facing the board. I laugh and then Louis looks at me. I shake off his presence and try to pay attention but only paying attention to the boy in front of me. Zayn. There was something about him that reminded me of someone. But it was a long time ago. A really long time ago. 

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