"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


28. Chapter 28

Kier's POV:

Niall leads me towards the reception place and its similar to the ceremony but a little more comforting. 

"Um, Kiera, I'm really sorry but since I am the best man, I have to sit at the head table. But is it okay if you sit with some of my family?" He asks me nervously.

"Of course, its fine. As long as I get to dance." I smile at him. He lets out a laugh. I smile at him and then play with his hands. 

"Why were you at the hospital yesterday?" Niall asks me 

"Oh I had a fatal allergic reaction to nuts yesterday." I tell him still standing at the interest. 

"Oh god, I didn't know how bad it was. Are you okay? So no nuts?" He questions me looking worried. I laugh a little then answer him.

" Yea, I'm okay, and if I have nuts I'll probably die." I say trying to make it not so serious. 

"Okay, well lets go." He says pulling me in. We walk in and some of it is under a tent, but the dance floor is in the middle and its open on top. There are tables everywhere and surrounding the found is load and loads of food. 

Theres a guy at the front and he's dressed in a suit.

"Pal" He says my last name to the seater guy at the podium that is dressed in the wedding colors. 

"Table number 7 Mr. Horan." He says to Niall. 

"This way." He says leading me to a table with a beautiful flower centerpiece in the middle. There are some people already sitting down and I'm kinda nervous for meeting his family.

"You guys this is Kiera, my really good friend." He says introducing me to his family.

"Kiera this my family Katie, Emma, Martin, Robert and Deo." He says pointing towards them each. I smile at them, then Greg comes to us and talks to Niall.

"Sorry babe, gotta take pictures. See you soon? Save that dance for me" He says kissing my on the cheek. I quietly say good bye and promise him that dance. I just noticed that Niall called me babe and kissed my on the cheek in one minute. Way to much to handle.

"So Kiera you  have an american accent I'm guessing you're from there?" Deo asks me.

"Ya, I'm actually originally from here, Bradford but I moved to America when my parents divorced, and I moved back here like a week ago." I tell him. A waiter comes to our table and fills up our glasses with water and lemons. We talk more and get to know each other more. 30 minutes later the whole table is laughing and I'm about to pee in my pants. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around. It's Louis.

"Louis?!" He smiles with that signature smile of his.

"Hey Kiera, you look amazing." He says putting his hands in his pockets.

"Thanks." I say putting a lock of my hair behind my ear. 

"Do you like want to sit at my table?" I look at Katie and Robert and they nod telling me I should. 

"Yea, sure. Ya, I'd love too." I say smiling. I get up and Louis takes my hand into his and guides to his table. He pulls out a chair, and I sit down and for some reason I feel awkward.

"So Louis, what are you doing here?"

"Well, m and Niall are like brothers since I can remember so I grew up with Greg too."

"Thats so cool." I say replying back to his comment.

"So you wanna get some food?"He asks.

"I'd love too" I say getting up. 

We walk over to the tables full of food, and begin our walk around. Each part of a table has different from from all over the world and when we get to the Chinese food part, Louis makes me crack up laughing by sticking chopsticks up his nose. Classic right? But its Louis. By the end my plate is full with every kind of food you could think of and same as Louis.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the newly weds Mr and Mrs. Greg Horan!" I DJ yells into the microphone. Music blasts throughout the tent and one by one the bridesmaid and groomsmen come dancing out of the fog and strobe lights. Everyone is clapping and screaming on the newly weds. 

Denise and Greg come dancing out madly holding hands. At the end when they reach the dance floor they kiss and the DJ comes back on.

"Ladies and Gentlemen the first dance!" He says. The music starts and its slow, obviously. They look so cute together. She has her arms around his neck and his arms around her waist. I begin to eat and I try to picture me and Niall like that. I can't though. I finish eating at right when I go to get some dessert Niall comes up. Now the music is upbeat and fun.

"Hey Kiera! You wanna go dance?!" He screams over the music. I nod and smile and he rips me away from Louis. 

We get to the dance floor and Niall disappears.

"Niall?!" I yell at him, walking away from me. Common seriously? I came to have fun and hang out with Niall. He comes back and I give him 'are you sure your ready to dance now' look. He smiles and right when I start to dance Niall grabs my waist and drags me towards him. I fall towards him and blush, feeling his muscles. I back away and a slow song starts. Well played Niall. I lock my arms around his neck and lean closer. 

We start swaying he steps on my foot. We both laugh and he apologizes.

"I'm sorry, I've never been so nervous dancing." I laugh and now I can picture it. Me and Niall dancing like Denise and Greg.

"Nervous for what?" I question him. I have no clue what he is taking about until he cuts me off from my thoughts. There is something warm on my lips and I notice it. 

It feels like time stops, and me and Niall are the only two in the world. I kiss back and feel his hands cup my face. I kiss back and he pulls away. 

"What was that?" I ask amazed. 

"Oh sorry. I just thought that I was wondering if you felt something." He says looking down sad.

"Niall, I did feel something. And it was amazing and magical. Every happy feeling, I felt it, when we kissed." He smiles at me and then kisses my forehead and I blush. 

"Same here." He breathes. He leads me away even though the song is still going. 

He leads me to the side of the tent and I see small black box . He pulls away the curtain and its a Photo Booth. Oh god. I'm not sure I can do this. 

"Um, Niall, I can't do this."

"I'm sorry I kissed you."

"No! No, don't be; its just before my boyfriend cheated on my the last time we hung out, we went to a photo booth and it just went down hill from there I'm sorry."

"Oh okay, its totally fine. I'll just have someone take pictures of us."

"Okay!" I smile back. He leads me back into the tent and Louis is still sitting there, probably wondering were I went. I walk back to the table with Niall and explain.

"Sorry Louis, me and Niall just went to dance."

"Yea, I saw." He says angered. Obviously he saw us kiss. He's angry. Wait, Louis does like me. 

"Can I please have everyone who is part of the wedding party up here!?" The DJ yells again in the mic. Niall leaves me side and walks up to the front. 

"You wanna get some dessert?" I say trying make him happy.

"Yes, sure" I walk over with him to the dessert table and get a red velvet cupcake and lemon pie. He gets chocolate cake and a strawberry cupcake. 

Once we get back into the table and we dig in like pigs. 

"Oh you have something on your face." I look up at him, and he leans his hand in and wipes away some frosting. I feel it again. My face tightens and I know that there must be nuts in the cake. I clench my throat and Louis looks at me weirdly.

"Get Niall....Now!" I yell above he music. Surprising, he gets up and finds him. I see Niall rushing through the crowd and he runs at me and picks me up bridal style. 

"Hospital." I whisper at him. He looks down at me and I see his bright blue ocean eyes. 

"I'm going baby, don't worry. I own't let you go." I hear him say. And that's the last of what I remember.

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