"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


27. Chapter 27

A/N: hey guys sorry it took so long but, the first version of the chapter got deleted so ya. 


Kiera's POV:

I shoot up from my sleep and instantly know I over slept. I look at the clock and see its already 10:30. I jump out of my warm, comfortable bed and turn on the water and and jump inside letting the hot water burn my tired skin. I massage the shampoo and conditioner through my hair before I run my razor over my legs and underarms. I wrap my rob around my body and drag a brush through my hair and blow dry it. I take a lock of my hair and carefully twist it around my wand curler. Once I'm finished, I hair spray my whole head and apply my makeup. I pat on some neutral eye shadow and carefully draw on my eyeliner then brush my eyelashes with several coats of mascara. I add some blush then rub on some lip gloss. 

I walk back to my room and slide my dress over my head, being careful not to ruin my hair. I clip on my necklace I bought with Eleanor and then add some regular pearl earrings. I quickly spray some perfume mom got me for Christmas last year.

Hey Niall! What is the address of the ceremony and what time does it start? 

I hit the send button and hope for a quick reply. I grab my shoes from the box and unwrap them from the tissue paper. I slip them on while grabbing my phone and keys. 


Niall: It starts at 1, and its Revanew Garden. 529 Columbus Road.


I send him a smiley face back, and lock my phone and try to walk as fast as possible down the stairs with out falling. I make it down safely then, buckle myself in the car and start the car speeding out of the driveway. 

I get directions and in less than 20 minutes and I'm thankful because of how I was rushing this morning. I run out of the car and silently pray I don't fall face flat onto the cement.

I get in and its outside, but there is a huge outdoor tent covering us. There are bright white chairs all in a straight line and at the end of each row has a colorful pot of flowers on a decorated stand. 

The whole place is filled except a couple seats and i see one in the front that is empty. I don't really want to sit i the front but I will if I have to. I look on the paper that is on the seat and it says my name on it. I take my seat and turn off my phone. 

Music starts playing and one by one the bridesmaid and groomsmen file in; linked together by their arms. I count out ten couples that have walked and separated at the front of the tent by the pastor and marriage guy. 2 more couples walk in until I see Niall. I swear my jaw drops, he is way to handsome for me to handle. I watch him all the way and he steps in by Greg. 

All at once, everybody stands up and we look back to see the bride walking down the aisle with her dad. Once they get to the front she kisses her dad on the cheek and stands in front of Greg. He holds both her hands and I can see both of their glossy eyes. 

The marriage is like any other celebrity wedding on tv, except they aren't famous. Some of the family members get up to speak, and I zone out until Niall takes the microphone and begins to speak.

"I remember when me and Greg were younger, we would sit in front of the telly and choose which famous person we were or wanted to marry. Or that we would pick models out of magazines and tell everybody they were our girlfriends. But Greg, you found your own supermodel; and I can tell that by the way you look at her, care for her and love her. And I promised myself that I wouldn't embarrass you until the reception, so I'm going to save some for later. 

First thing is first. I remember when you first met here, and went on you guy's first date. Greg came home and blabbed all about it, and how he thought you were the one. And he is right. And today, standing here in front of everyone at my brother's wedding I am honored to say that I am your best man, best friend, wing man, soon to be uncle and most of your brother. Congratulations Greg; love" Niall says and then walks back to his spot. It was short but sweet and had my crying. Each Denise and Greg give totally different vows and once again I'm crying but harder. 

I hear the 'I do's' said then following with a kiss, a long and big one. He hugs her then kisses her head. And she smiles, I swear its the biggest smile I've ever seen. She looks happy and gorgeous. The walk out smiling and holding hands. The bridesmaid and groomsmen assemble again and walk out of the tent. I'm one of the last ones to get out, since I was in the first row. 

I walk out shading my eyes from the sun and when I pull them down I see Niall leaning on a tree. I approach him, and his jaw drops like mine. I do a little twirl and then walk up to hug him.

"Do I look fine? I picked everything out with El." I tell him

"Kiera you look.... beautiful, gorgeous, too hard to explain." He confesses looking down at his shoes. I blush and he steps up to me and take my hand. I smile at him and then follow everybody to the reception. 

Niall's face to seeing Kiera.... hahahahaha

For My Niall Girls:

You go to a concert with your friends; front row. You can hardly contain your excitement as the show starts. Niall hasn't came over to you side yet and you desperatly want him to. You have had  a crush on him ever since WMYB. In the middle of the show they sit on the edge of the stage and start to sing Little Things. Niall's close to you, but not so close. After he finishes his solo, your crying at he looks around and sees you. His immediate reaction. For the rest of the show you keeps looking at you and coming onto your side. Finally the concert is done and your satisfied with pictures and glances from him. You begin to exit the building until a guard taps you on the shoulder. "Excuse me miss? You need to come with me" You agree but are confused at the same time. He leads you into a room and all the boys are on couches. Niall walks up to you and smiles."Hey I'm Niall." He says with that lovable deep Irish accent. "Niall I think she knows that." Harry say out loud the boys laugh including you and Niall is still looking at you, rocking back on the heels of his feet.

A/N: Hey guys so the reception is coming next but there was a tiny Niall imagine. Hope you enjoyed! Next chapter coming up soon.

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