"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


25. Chapter 25

Eleanor's POV:

I am sitting impatiently in a hospital waiting room while the game has already started. I can't stop my foot from tapping on the floor and I can clearly see that people are getting annoyed. 

A see a nurse approach me and I look up to her. 

"Were you with Ms. Pal when this happened?" I nod quickly then get off of the chair.

"How did this all happen?"

"Well we went to get yogurt before ours schools big game and then I asked if she wanted any of mine and then she just blew up. She jumped out of the car and started gasping for air and then she just passed out."

"Were there any smokers near you?" She questions me.

"There were but they weren't in near us." I respond.

"And what did she have in her yogurt?" She asks me with a notepad and pen in hand.

"She just had plain vanilla yogurt."

"What did you have?"

"Strawberry with nuts."

"Thats probably it. She's most likely to allergic to nuts. But did she eat any; because her reaction was fatal." 

"No, not at all, I just asked if she wanted some then put my her." I say softly realizing I did this to her.

"Thank you, well we'll run some tests and then get back to you." She says. I nod and say thank you and once again I'm in this cramped more busy waiting room.


Kiera's POV:

I don't even remember getting here but I'm glad I got here fast enough. Right before I passed out I remembered I was deathly allergic to nuts. Embarrassing right? Your a junior in high school and you could die from something simple.  The nurse walks in and sits next to me. 

"Ms. Pal, I just talked to your friend in the waiting room and she said something about nuts. Now are you allergic to them or remember anything about them?" She says looking me in the eyes.

"Yes, now that I remembered i am. I haven't had a reaction like that since I was 9 or 10, so I got rid of the medication because i thought I was no longer allergic.... guess not." I tell her. 

"Okay good to know, well now everywhere you go you need to carry it. So since you passed out and was close to dying we need to run a test on you then you are free to go!" She says with a smile.

"The sooner the better" I say with a smile. I hope Niall will understand. Hopefully we can have a good time at the wedding tomorrow. The nurse comes back in and she is carrying a tray with some needles on it. 

"So what we are going to do, is give you a microscopic piece of nut and then give you a shot to see which medication helps."

Actually I'm really nervous because what I hear was.'We are going to try to kill you, then stick a thin pointy needle in you to bring you back.'. I nod and she begins. The first one she rubs on my arm and I can feel my arm get all weird, like its blowing up. She jabs a needle into my arm and it feels slightly worse. She writes in down on her clip board. Next was on my left shoulder and the same thing happened. The last one was on my wrist, and thats where i had the biggest reaction. She stuck a new needle into my wrist and my wrist felt more relaxed. She quickly got more doses of that medication and put them in my shoulder and arm. She wrote it down and then left with her supplies with out saying a word. She came back later and held a test tube thing in her hand with a small needle all in a bag.

"This is you new medication, if you need more just come back here. Have a nice night." She smiles at me then starts to clean the room. I slid on my shirt and walk back out to find Eleanor biting her nails. I laughed at her and then she noticed; she looked up and gave me a huge hug. We walked back to the car and literally sped off to school. Even though I could have died I can't let Niall down. 

We jump out of the car and rush over to the field. We find a seat on the bleachers and Eleanor yells over the loud crowd.

"Its PK's, all on the goalie and shooter, the shooter has to make as many goals as he can."

I watch Niall focus on the shooter and he blocks the first one, the cord goes insane and its really loud. The football player lines up again to kick and he does. High to the left corner, Niall runs over and jumps as high as he can and throws his arm up. The ball hits the corner and finally its the last shot. 

He puts himself in a wide position and holds his hands out. The player kicks in straight and Niall caresses the ball in his stomach and hands. The whole crowd jumps up at once and waves their towels in the air cause Niall just saved us. 

On the other side of the field lined up to kick is Harry, Louis and.... Zayn. 

I can see Harry's curly locks from here and then I see Eleanor biting her nails again. He kicks it to the low right corner, but the goalie dives and makes the catch. You can hear everybody yelling boo or throwing their food as far as they can. 

Next steps up Zayn. I really do hope he makes it. But I have no idea why. Hopefully I'm not starting to care for him, cause that would just be creepy. He the same doesn't make the shot and once again the crowd yells in disapproval.

Louis steps up and focuses on the goalie and the ball. I swear its so quiet you could hear a pin drop. He backs up and takes a running start stopping just before the ball and releases his leg and kicks it. 

It goes high like the one Niall caught; the goalie jumps in the air and extends is hand but misses it. You can feel the bleachers shaking from the fans who have excitement. 

Louis runs towards Niall and he slides on the grass on his needs. Its like one of those victory slides. It hilarious and I can't help myself from laughing. Everyone dog piles on top of him with him being the last. They get off and shake their opponents hands and the the refs. 

In less then 15 minutes the school is almost empty. The boys are still on the field and Eleanor grabs my hand and pulls me down the steps onto the field. She finds Harry and jumps in his arms. He hugs her back and then spins her around by lifting her off the ground. 

I walk over to Niall and jump in his arms too.

"Wow! Congrats Niall!" I say laughing as he picks me up and spins me too. He holds onto my head and when he puts my down, he caresses my head in his hands. 

"I'm so happy you're okay. Eleanor called and she told me you were at the hospital. I started freaking out. But i'm happy you're okay." He says looking into my eyes.

"Thanks" I mumble. He brings his lips to m forehead and he kisses the top of my head lightly. I smile and look away in embarrassment. 

"I wasn't sure if you were able to come or not." He says holding both my hands, and I'm in front. 

"I told you I would come! And I don't really like to break promises, escpecially to very cute boys." I say poking him in the stomach. Now his cheeks turn red and I can't help but think if I really just said that allowed. I see Louis in the back and I tell Niall to give me a second with him. I slowly jog to him and he's less then 10 feet away.

As I go to hug him I slip on the wet grass and he catches by my waist. He spins me around so I'm facing him, and he brings me up closer to him. 

"Um... congratualtions. I'm sure you played great!" I say trying to forget about the awkward moment. I hug him around the neck and he hugs back around my waist. We hug for about 5 seconds until I feel a tap on my shoulder. I let go and turn around to see Niall. 

"Ready?" He says. I nod and then say good bye to Louis but quickly grab Niall's hands. We walk into the locker rooms and when we get into the room where Niall's gym locker is I see Eleanor making out with Harry. 

I let the giggles get to me, as a huge laugh comes out. Niall laughs too and they stop kissing and look at us. Eleanor's cheeks are crimson red. 

"Hey don't be laughing at us, when I bet you, you and Niall are going to be doing this soon!" Eleanor scolds me. Well, that shut about everyone up. 

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