"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


24. Chapter 24

Kiera's POV:

By the time we finish our hair and make up its just about time to go. 

"You wanna go get some ice cream or something?" I say looking at Eleanor. 

"Sure" I grab a sweatshirt from my door knob and walk out the door  I  Eleanor following me. 

"Bye mom!" I shout as I close the door. We walk to my car and hop in. I let Eleanor drive since the only place I remember where to go is that burger place me and Niall went to and that coffee shop me and Louis went to. 

Eleanor pulls up to this place called 'Yogurt Express'. We walk in and I regret it. The workers are wearing cow hats and the place is baby blue with cow spots on the wall. I order my yogurt quickly and then basically run out of the place and back to the car. El joins me a few minutes later and she's laughing so hard it looks like she's about to throw up her yogurt.

"You- ran soo fast outta there! Why?"

"Because it was too little kid and it kinda scared me." I plead while shoving yogurt in my mouth. 

"You want some?" She says pointing to her yogurt.

"Um no thanks, I can't " I say smiling still eating.

"Yes you can, its okay." She says waving the yogurt in my face. I feel the air tighten and literally I open the car door and drop my yogurt on the ground. I place my hands on my knees for support. I try to take in as much air as possible but its not working. I grip onto the car handle for support and grab my phone and try to dial the emergency number here. I can feel my lungs gasping for air and I throw my phone at Eleanor. 

I lose all my body power and fall to the ground as my knees and legs hit the cold cement. 

I can hear El freaking out in the car and on the phone. She hangs up and rushes to my side. I rest my hands on the bottom of the door and my forehead on my hands. Everything is so dizzy I can barely see. 

I can feel my body slumping and falling onto the ground and I'm laying next to my car in the parking lot on the ground. The last thing I can remember is trying my hardest to get just one last breather of air. 


Niall's POV:

Its 2 hours till the game, and people are starting to fill the bleachers. The freshman won their game on PK's and I hope thats not how our game ends. We're all sitting in the locker rooms with the coach in the middle. He's drawing out plays even though everyone knows them by heart. I pull off my pants and lace up shin guards and pull my socks over them.

Its really cold tonight so for the game I'm wearing my padded goalie pants. I pull them on and tie the strings at the waist. I fold up my stuff and shove them into my locker when my phone rings. 

'Incoming call from Eleanor' I press the answer button and put my phone up to my ear.

"Hey Eleanor" I say while closing the locker.

"Niall! When you and Kiera went out for lunch today- did she have any breathing problems?!" She urgently asks me.

"Um no, why? Is she okay?!" I bark into the phone. Some eyes are on me and I walk past them out into an empty office for a coach.

"No we're at the hospital right now. We went to get yogurt and then she just collapsed in the lot and gasped for air until she passed out. The paramedics came and got here like a minute later, but I'm just worried." She says softly.

"Shit. I have to come. What hospital?" I say trying to listen carefully.

"Niall you can't! You have on of the biggest games of your life in an hour or so. Besides some doctors and nurses are helping her right now."

"You're unbelievable." I spit at her. She laughs and I hang up. I storm in front off my locker and throw my phone at it. I'm so mad I could hurt someone or something.

And that's what I did. I punched my steel locker. Now for the game I have a bum knee and bruised knuckles. The coach pulls the team into the main room and gives us a pep talk. I can barely focus though. Before I know it we are running through the hallway and onto the field. 

There is a massive crowd all wearing our school colors and the team we are facing is already practicing. We get onto the field and start passing around but then start actually to scrimmage and get down and dirty.

The refs call the team captains and me and Louis jog to the middle of the field. We shake hands with the opponents and call who gets the ball. They do. We run back to the side lines and 5 minutes later, we are all assembled with Harry and Louis playing forward. And Zayn in midfield, and me at keeper.

This is the time to block everything out; even Kiera. A few seconds later the yells and cheers from the crowd and cheerleaders blend in with my heart beat that I can hear. The cold air whips my face but I continue to block that out to. The only thing I need to concentrate on right now is this- this moment. 

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