"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


23. Chapter 23

Niall's POV:

Once again I see Eleanor rip Kiera out of school. She has to learn that we have to share. I see her get in her car and drive off. I walk off to my locker and shove all my books in. Harry jumps on me causing me knee to hurt more. 

"God Harry!"

"Wow, your excited for tonight. Hey, I saw Kiera wearing your jersey today... does it mean your dating?"

"No, not yet, I think I'm gonna ask her tomorrow at my brother's wedding but I am going to soon. I just hope she says yes." I say closing the locker shut. 

"Um, she will. I can tell she likes you."

"I know I hope she does, its just I really really like her; but then sometimes it looks like she like Louis better than me."

"I don't think Louis would do that to you." He says patting my shoulder as we walk over to the changing rooms.

"I have no clue, I'm just happy that I called dibs before Louis or anyone else got to her." I tell him grabbing my football bag out of my gym locker. He's no longer next to me, but behind me looking at me.

"You what? Why?" He asks me. He looks at me, like I disgust him or anything. 

"So I could get her?" I say resaying my point from 2 seconds ago.

"If she finds out she's gonna be pissed at you and anyone who knew about it for not telling her. You have to tell her before your relationship gets serious." He tells me getting his bag.

"And how would you know about this?" I ask Mr. Know it all.

"Back in Holmes Chapel I did the same thing and someone told her and she thought that before we got serious that I thought she was some piece of property and that stuff, and I never saw here again."

"Nice story." I say sarcastically. 


We walk into the back part of the changing rooms and all the little freshman move away being to scared of us juniors. 

I laugh at them but slip on my jersey along with my shorts. I put on some weird goalie pants and tie up my athletic shoes. The freshman are playing before us, so I don't want to walk in cleats with a bum knee for 2 hours.

I put my bag back in my gym locker then meet Louis, Zayn, and Harry out on the field. We all sit on the bleachers waiting for our time to shine, just when Nate on his group sit across from me with smirks on their faces. I am tempted to go over there and deal with them but I can't get hurt before the game. Or can I? I mean just one punch to the nose again won't hurt.   


Kiera's POV: 

"Oh just getting some notes." I try to say casually while curling part of my hair. 

"Mhmm" She says taking another curler and starting on her hair. 

"Are you excited for the wedding tomorrow?" Eleanor asks me, her eyes on the tv screen.

"Uh YES! I just hope that I get to meet his family."

"Like what a guy's girlfriend would do?" She asks me wiggling her eyebrows. I laugh at her face then answer her.

"No, but I mean if me and Niall do date, I mean it'd be nice if I knew them ahead of time." She nods at my statement, but I can tell she doesn't agree. My phone goes off and I grab it and look at the text. Its from Louis.

Louis: Hey, you busy?

I throw my phone on the bed and take out the piece of hair from the curler. Eleanor takes my phone off the bed and reads the text message. She types something really fast and I hear the 'send' sound go off. She laughs and then throws it back on the bed. I jump to it, and read the message, my eyes go big at what SHE wrote. 

Oh nothing much just daydreaming about you.

"Eleanor!" I scream She starts laughing and falls to the ground.

"Oh my god! I cna't believe you! Ughhh!" I say still yelling. I immediately dial Louis' number to tell him, Eleanor was the one who sent it. I dial the number and it rings a few times before i hear his familiar voice through the phone.



Louis POV:

I decide to talk to Kiera now, before its too late.

Hey, you busy? I send the text and seconds later I get a weird text back from her,

Kiera: Oh nothing much just daydreaming about you. 

I read it again, and for some reason my hopes get up. Seeing her tonight, cheering for Niall in his jersey will probably kill me. I definetly have feelings for her. And even better I get to see her tomorrow at the wedding. A few second later i get a call and my phone starts ringing while saying.

'Incoming call from Kiera' I answer the call and I hope she want she sent is true.



Niall's POV:

'Incoming call from Kiera' Louis' phone says after ringing. Why would she be calling him? For some reason I feel jealous. I should be the one talking to her, not Louis. I look back around trying my hardest not to listen to her voice I could hear clearly over the phone. He soon hang up, and he looks a little sad. 


Louis' POV:
Eleanor sent the text. Eleanor sent the fucking text. Why though. But when she confessed that Eleanor sent it, I didn't know how to feel. To be so happy one second and then totally different another was new to me.




A/N: Sorry this chapter was probably really super boring. But keep writing the comments! Why is Louis going to the wedding? The big game and the wedding is coming up in the next 2 chapters! Hopefully they'll be up tonight; but I have a crap load of home work and on top of that I have to clean. :( I'll try to update. 

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