"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


21. Chapter 21

Kiera's POV:

The bell rings and I see Niall coming up to me. 

"Ready?" He asks me.

"Oh, um thanks but no. You go on to class, I'll meet you there. I have to talk to the teacher." He nods and walks off to class. I didn't need to talk to the teacher I needed to talk to Zayn. I approach him, but for some reason I am scared.

"How come you didn't tell me?" I blurt out. He looks at me, and then sits back down and I'm hoping he explains.

"Cause I wasn't sure if it was you at first. But then when you got thrown into the pool I knew exactly it was you."

"How did you know it was exactly me?" 

"Because you were always afraid of water and I guess you still are." He laughs at me.

"So that's were I remember you from... when we were younger."

"You remember me?" Zayn says shock.

"Well somewhat, I just remember eating lunch on that plastic table outside and you trying to throw me into the pool...... What age did you leave?" I ask him.

"Well since we're in the same grade, but I'm a year older than you, about when you were 4. When dad left, he threatened mom to take one of us me or you. And when she said neither, he left, came back that night and took me. He changed my last name after he got remarried, but took his wife's last name; and I sorta became their child. Zayn Malik, instead of Zayn Pal." 

I'm on the edge of crying. But there's so many more questions. 

"Wait, so you don't know Val or Lilly... Jonah?" 

"I remember Jonah was just born when I left. But who's Lilly and Val?" He asks me

"Val, is like our second mom also our nanny and Lilly's our baby sister. Mom hasn't hooked up with anyone, but for some random reason, now Jonah doesn't even know this-Lilly's adopted. She looks so much like us. She's turning  soon. Right now our family is pretty messed up." Zayn's about to speak when the bell goes off for next class.

I run to the room where Health is and take a seat in front. 10 mintues later Zayn casually walks in, and I praise him for that, so it didn't look like we were talking. I turn around and see Niall two rows behind me. Next to me, is the guy Liam from when I got thrown into the pool. 

I quietly introduce myself, and he does back. 

"Alright class today we're learning about STD's. Mostly about AIDS. Now as you watch this movie presentation take notes because there's a test coming up on it!" I teacher yells. The lights go off and the blinds go down. The movie turns on and I begin to write notes. 

By the end of the movie its literally only me and Liam taking notes. The rest of the class is either asleep or on their phones. Even Niall. He looks cute though. I bell rings and everyone walks up from their sleep. The lights are turned on, and everybody complains about how bright it is. I walk out of the class and see Niall in front of me. I get up to where he is.

"Hey Niall!" I say smiling at him. 

"Hey, whats up?" He says 

"Oh just going to get some lunch." 

"You wann come with me? I'm going off campus to get my lunch." He asks me.

"Are we aloud to do that?" I ask, I feel like a goodie too-shoos or something; I hate it. 

"Yea, common come with me?" 

"Um, okay yea I guess." i answer him back. We go to his car and he opens the door for me, I get in and he closes it behind me, and walks along the front of the car to the driver side. 

"Niall how old are you?" I ask once we start driving.

"I'm turning 18 in 3 months so 17. How about you?" Wow, he's almost 18.

"17" I say quietly. For some reason I feel embarrassed, but I guess for 3 months we'll be the same age. 

Niall's POV:

I'm relieved when she says she's 17. She looks older than that. But she looks really good in my jersey. 

"You look good in my jersey." I say without thinking. I see her blush and return a thank you. We pull up to a burger place and we both walk in. Its not crowded at all since its the middle of the day. I walk up and get her order.

"Hello, I'll take a burger with 3 patties and cheese and all toppings and my girl would like just a regular cheeseburger with a coke." The cashier types in everything, and says the total. Kiera starts to pull out her wallet but I give her the cash before she can even get money out. She frowns at me, but I smile back and she laughs.

"You sure do eat a lot Niall." She says once we sit down and start eating. I nod with food in my mouth and she laughs again. We finish within 15 minutes and throw our trash away walking back to the car. The ball got me pretty bad last night and screwed up my knee. We walk back to the car. 

We can see the school in the distance as we arrive closer. The radio is on and so is my favorite song. I start humming to it, but eventually get to singing. I've never sang in front of someone before. But I love it. I mean tomorrow I'll be singing for Greg as a favor to his wife Denise.

"You have an amazing voice. Its like....beautiful." Kiera tells me. 

"Thanks" I say. She takes my hand in hers and entertwines her fingers with mine. A wave of shock and happiness goes through me. We get out of the car and walk up to school and i grab her hand again. She doesn't pull away or anything just holds mine in hers. Nate and his gang are on the front steps. 

"Hey there hot stuff." Nate says Kiera with a wink. I start to drift over there, but her grip becomes tighter on my hand. 

"Don't you have someone to get pregnant? Like Georgia? Its like every time you're together  thats what you do." Kiera says looking at Nate.

His face goes still and he's totally embarrassed. His whole team starts laughing and so do I, there's a huge smirk on Kiera's face and she pulls me through the front doors of the school and back into our class schedule. 

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