"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


2. Chapter 2

Kiera's POV:
Another move, another place, another home, and worse another school. This time its North England; in the middle of nowhere, where no one is, I guess thats what they wanted. 

I hear the loud chirping of the alarm clock coming from my iPhone. I tap the cancel button and my head hits the pillow of my air mattress which rests on the floor. We moved last night and the movers don't work at the time we arrived. So we have to wait till this afternoon. I rub my eyes getting all the stuff away from them. I rip the thin sheet that covers me from the non heated air off my body having the freezing air hit my body with full impact.

I get up and walk to my one small duffel bag that barricades my clean door. I pull out a long beige cardigan, high wasted jeans, a loose crop top, and my doc martens. I pick up my clothes and walk to the bathroom, grabbing my make up bag on the way. I shut the door and lock it dropping all my stuff on the floor. The shower doesn't work so I can't shower. Even better. 

I pull on my jeans over my socks and lace up my boots. I slide the straps of my bra up onto my shoulders my shirt following. I pull my cardigan on and unbraid my hair from the french braid. I look outside to see small rain drops slipping down he window. I see some sun shining but I can already tell its gonna be cold today. 

I swipe a couple layers of mascara and spray some emergency dry shampoo through my hair. I let my hair fall on my shoulders and see my moms bathroom stuff on the side of the counter. I look through it finishing a portable toothbrush with the toothpaste. I quickly brush my teeth not wanting to be the late on on their first day of school. 

I pack up everything and and open the door grabbing my leather messenger bag holding my school stuff. I grab my headphones and phone and my bracelet. My bracelet was a charm bracelet that my best friend gave to me before I moved. I move frequently so its hard to make friends fast. But me and Jordan just clicked the first time we talked. 

I walk out the door closing it quietly and walk down the steps and off onto the sidewalk. I don't have directions to the school but mom said  it was down the street. I go on twitter and text mom and Jordan. I lock my phone and slide it into my back pocket. 

Everything is so dull here, the nature, houses, cars and people too. I notice the school in my view and I walk up to the steps. Only a few people are in the front and they don't notice me. Thank god. 

The front doors open automatically and I see that the first door is the main office. I drag myself in their and walk up to the front desk seeing a boy that looks my age, but with some tattoos, ears pierced, carmel eyes, and black hair. He's wearing tan pants and shoes that look like they were worn by a million different people. A leather jacket covers his tattoos up but with his hand on the desk some are visible. He looks at me and immediately walks out of the room leaving me and the front desk lady confused. 

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