"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


19. Chapter 19

A/N: You guys I'm really mad... I lost a whole 3 chapters! So I'm trying to re write them, to be identical to the first chapters of them since i lost 3 really long chapters, means I can only updat one chapter at a time. Sorry I'll try my best. Oh my gosh Niall got his first tattoo! AHHHHH theres a pic in this chapter. 

If you guys don't believe me... check out his instagram. Its niallhoran

Niall POV:

By the time I get out of the classroom, theres no sign of Eleanor or Kiera. I walk back through the halls looking for Nate, but he's no where to be found either. I go back to the locker room, noticing that I'm late for football practice and I'm gonna get killed after the game tomorrow. We have another goalie for the team but he's somewhat a beginner. I get in goal, but I am yelled at by the coach for being late. Football is like a stress reliever for me; and singing. But I don't tell anyone that. 

I haven't let anything get past me, but when I see Nate and his team practicing, its like theres way more tension in the air than needed. He sees me and gives me a sly smile, and I almost walk out of practice and I don't focus back on practice till I see a ball hurdling at me. Its too late to stop it, or move so it hits my knee making my fall to the ground and hold it. I hear Nate's laugh in the background and if it wasn't for my knee I'd get up and try to get him. I see the whole team and coaches surround me.

"What the bloody hell was that?!" Louis asks me.  

Kiera's POV:

Last night I found Zayn sitting at my counter talking to my mom. They looked deep  in conversation, but when I blew up, he walked past me and slammed our front door shut. (Flashback)

I walk in and push my self through the door, to see my mom and Zayn? I say words before I can process them. 

"What are you doing here?" I pester him. I didn't mean to sound rude or anything I was tired and obviously in total shock. 

He walks past me, ending his conversation with my mom, and slams our front door shut, making me jump.

"Mom?" I ask her dropping my purse.

"Kiera just go to bed. You've has a long day at school and shopping." She says rubbing her forehead. 

"Why was he here? Answer me." I spit. God I was tired. 

"Kiera. Not right now." She says holding herself, I could tell she was already frustrated with me, but I still wanted to find out. 

"Mom, why was he here?!" I shout at her. 

"Kiera! This is not the place and more importantly not the time." She says spitting back at me. 

"Now go to your room." She says washing her hands. 

"No." Her head flicks in my direction. 

"Excuse me?" She 'asks' me. She comes towards me, and honestly I'm getting a little scared. 

"I said... no. Since we've moved you haven't told me why, didn't give me a choice at all, and now your hiding stuff from me? This is unbelievable!" I say raising my voice and arms. 

"Its all for a reason." She says bickering back. 

"I guess Val was always there for me! But not you!" I shout back at her with tears in my eyes, I have no clue why though. I run up the stairs and the only thing supporting me is the railing. Literally and emotionally. 

"Because Zayn's your..... brother." She says softly but loud enough for me to hear on the second floor of our house. I stop dead in my tracks and my eyes open wide. I lean onto the wall for support but that doesn't help from my feet climbing back down the stairs. 

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