"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


18. Chapter 18

Niall's POV:

Kiera yells at Nate for his action then gets the whole class looking at her and him. She releases her grip on his wrist; and he rubs it. She runs out of the room and Eleanor trails behind quickly. I look at Nate as his eyes meet mine. His fists tightened and I throw my stuff on the table next to me. 

I charge at him, but I am pulled back by a strong force. I try again, but with he same failure. I turn around harshly and see Louis trying to pull me back. 

"Niall you can't fight! We have the biggest game tomorrow." Louis tells me. 

"Yea, sorry you can't fight me." Nate has to put in. I rush again at him and then this time, my arms are pulled back by Louis and my old friend Harry. 

"Lets go" Harry says. They let me go and I grab my stuff and as I pass Nate I hit his shoulder making him lose his balance a little. 

Kiera's POV:

"Eleanor do you have a car?" I ask her frantically trying to get out of this jail. 

"Yea over here" She says pointing in the direction of her car. She pulls out some car keys and I see a black prius in a spot. I get in and slam the door shut and she starts the car and pulls out of the lot.

Once the school is no where in sight I break down; literally. 

"God that was so embarrassing!" I yell. 

"Things happen, but you sure scared and told Nate." She says smiling. 

"Whats wrong with me? Crying twice in one day?! God you probably think I'm this cry baby or something." I say to her.

"Not at all, things happen like that to people and theres nothing you can do about it now. I know a good dress place and yogurt shop around here? Its only like a half hour from school." I nod and I lean over to hug her, which really doesn't work since she's driving. She hits the volume button on her radio and I pull down the mirror thats connected to the roof of her car. I wipe the uglieness from under my eyes, and pull my phone out. 

Hey mom, going dress shopping with a friend, be back around ten. 

I get a smiley face back, I laugh at how she tries to fit in with modern day technology and our sayings. She only got her phone last year, and me and Jonah bought it for her. 

A few minutes later, me and Eleanor are discussing plans about getting ready for the game, my hair, nails, and make up for the wedding, and singing the songs on the radio. 

About twenty minutes later, we pull into a parking lot and in the store window, its filled with dress of all colors and sizes. We walk into the shop and are immediately greeted by a employee. She scurries back to behind the counter and we start to look. Eleanor finds me dresses that aren't appealing at all, but finally finds one. I try it on and as I zip it up I know its the one. I walk out of the dressing rooms and see her face. It lights up and she nods her head in agreement. I change out of it and walk up to the perky cashier that greeted us at the door. 

Its not too expensive but the currency here is way different from back home, so Eleanor pays for the dress, and me promising her to pay her back. I find a gold necklace that is a plain circle on a chain and pay for that too. We walk out of the store, and walk for a couple minutes finally seeing a shoe place. We both look at each other and run it, overwhelmed by the shoes that surround us. 

Most of the time we goof off, finding incredibly high heels that we almost broke our ankles in. I finally find a pair of gold pumps and once again El pays for them.



Its about 4:30 now, and we just got in line for yogurt. They serve you here, which is different because back in America its was us who did everything. I end up getting banana yogurt with chocolate chip sprinkled on the top, and Eleanor gets strawberry, with waffle crumbs. 

Just as I go to sit down she pulls me back up and drags me out and to the nail salon.

"Why here?" I whine.

"Because you have a dress, shoes, and jewelry which means nails have to get done too!" She explains as both of us gets seated next to each other. She tells the lady what she wants then orders the same for me. Its a manicure, but a little different from home. The finishing touches are put on and my nails have the french tip, while hers are a maroon color that match my dress. I'm now tired, I could literally fall asleep anywhere. This time I pay with my credit card for both of us, since she payed for the yogurt and gas to get here. 

The last time I look at the clock its only 8 and we are driving home. I pass out in the car and it feels like seconds I got to sleep before walking up to my front door and saying bye to her. 

I open the front door, and drop the bags on the side and walk into the kitchen to see Zayn?

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