"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


17. Chapter 17

Niall's POV:

Half the class is on weight lifting and the other half conditioning. Our football coach is our conditioning trainer so he doesn't want me running as much because of the big game tomorrow. He dismisses us early and all of us file into the changing room and some in the showers. I quickly dress back into my clothes and spray some cologne on. I walk out to the cafeteria to see Kiera crying. I quicken my pace and I'm at her side in a couple of seconds. Eleanor and Louis are next to her and her head is on his shoulder. I tense up, and he knows that he shouldn't be getting close to her. 

Kiera's POV:

My head falls on Louis shoulder and Eleanor hugs my side. 

"Its okay. Thats what happened to my family exactly." Louis says obviously trying to comfort me. 

"Really?" I say looking at him. I felt ashamed for crying in front of people, even though its only 4 people; Louis, Eleanor, Georgia and Nate. But basically its El and Louis, Georgia and Nate are locking lips and more somewhere in the kitchen. 

They just cracked me; well not actually. Me and Eleanor were talking and getting to the point where I spilled everything; even about my dad. He started out as a perfect dad to my then everything went down hill from there. Thats where I feel like I recognize Zayn from, but theres that chance where I'm completely guessing. Probably. At least theres someone suffering the same like me. Drunk dad every night, broken things, and rare bruises on mom's skin. 

But I have to say that it felt good to know that someone was with me. 

I see Niall walk up to us. And I quickly wipe away the few tears left and get up. He gently takes my wrist in his hand and hopefully I won't have to explain everything again. 

"Hey whats wrong?" 

"Oh just talking about my childhood. No big deal!" I say trying to put on my best smile. 

"Okayyyy" Niall says saying the 'y' part longer. I laugh at him, then walk back to the table. I hug Eleanor and then talk to them before talking to them. 

"Hey Eleanor, I'm leaving right after school so meet me by the front doors okay?" She nods with her bright smile. I move on to Louis and immediately hug him. 

"Thanks Louis, it um... meant a lot." He hugs me even tighter and after a few seconds I walk back to Niall. 

"Where you going tonight?" He asks me, looking at me.

"Dress shopping for Saturday, Eleanor is coming with me."

"Oh thats cool."

"Yea I guess so, Eleanor is super nice, and it turns out we have a lot in common." I say smiling. 

"Thats great. Well here we are, workshop" He says walking in with me following him. 

"Okay class! Change of seats today! Go sit at the table, where I tell you!" He shouts over the talking of us students.

"Anna and David; Georgia and Zayn; Harry and Leslie; Jessie and Marco; Lindsay and Liam; Maya and Kyle; Jasmine and Nick; Matthew and Broady; Eleanor and Niall; Louis and Victoria; and Kiera and Nate." The teacher says reading off his list. My eyes go big as I walk over to my seat and see Nate high fiving his rugby friends. I don't know anyone around me which makes me even more uncomfortable. I slowly unpacked and barely ket my eyes off the clock.

Eventually the bell finally rang and I turned around to meet Eleanor, when I felt some weird tension in the air. I knew exactly. I spun around as fast as I could, grabbed Nate's wrist,twisted it the wrong way and scolded/yelled at him, earning everyone's attention.

"No going south of the equator; or north." I say looking him dead in the eye. 

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