"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


15. Chapter 15

A/N: I'm counting the Author's Notes as chapters so don't be confused when you see no chapter 14.

Kiera's POV:

I later wake up and check my phone for the time and it says it 9 p.m. I groan in frustration, knowing that I have to go to school tomorrow. I take the thermos full of the soup that Niall gave me and put it in our microwave that finally works. I press the buttons and then seconds later I hear it go off. I pull out the soup and a spoon and then start shoving all of the soup in my mouth. Its the most amazing soup or food I have ever had and if I get this again when I'm sick, looks like I'll be getting a lot more of the flu's. 

I wash the container it came in and then I hear mom talking on the phone. I ignore her and walk back up the stairs and plop right back down to where I have been sitting for the past day. I check my phone but notice nothing new. 

Louis: How ya feeling?

I text back my answer but receive a quick response.

A lot better, think I'm coming to school tomorrow :(

 Louis: Why a sad face?

Cause its school. See you tomorrow gonna get some sleep

Louis: Sweet dreams love xx

I smile at myself, but then notice that almost every british guy calls everyone 'love'. I put my phone back and turn my face to the back of the couch and wrap myself up in the blanket. I have a lot of homework due and I hope I get lucky with an extra day. 

It feels like I have only slept for 10 minutes but because how bright it is in the house tells me its been hours. I walk into the bathroom and nearly fall over at my reflection. God I feel bad for Niall. Oh my god he saw me like this! I slap my forehead and then look at the clock making sure I have time to shower. I find a towel in a box from the hallway and teach myself how to use the shower. I jump in and quickly wash my hair and face, and quickly apply my razor over the stubble that covers my legs and under arms. 

I turn the hot water off and wrap my towel around my body and shake all the water from my hair. I go to my room and rummage through all the boxes and drawers finally finding the things I need. I run back to the bathroom and pull my underwear with my pants following. I slip on my bra and undershirt and then pull my shirt over my head tying the back of it. I comb out my hair and find my trusty old white converse laying in the hallway. I slip them on, finding some socks in there and put them up then lace up my shoes. I walk back to the bathroom and apply some eyeliner and mascara and by this time my hair is fully dry and wavy. I twist and pin some hair back and then take the remanding of my hair and braid it to the side. I grab my bag and find a apple on the table and pick it up. 

"Bye Mom!" I yell before closing the door and basically run to school. 

Hey Niall. Has school started?

I quickly send the text hoping he will reply soon. 

Niall: No not yet. Do you need a ride?

No I'm almost there 

He doesn't text back and I finally reach the school. I yank open the school doors and run to my first class. Geometry. 

Niall's POV:

I see an out of breathe Kiera enter the room and she quickly takes her seat. Today she's wearing a black see through shirt, with white pants with black thin stripes, and completing her outfit are some white dirty converse. It kinda weird that I notice the silliest stuff about her but it just makes me like her even more. 

She turns around and her gaze meets mine and she waves at me. I wave back and then she turns her attention back to the girl sitting next to her; Eleanor. 

They talk for the whole entire class, but here and there I see them jotting down equations and notes. 

I notice that the class is about to end and I start to pack up. Right when I finish the bell goes off and Kiera grabs her stuff and walks out with Eleanor. 

"Hey Kiera!" I say getting up to her. Eleanor taps her and Kiera giggles and Eleanor leaves us to join someone else. I hug Kiera and I think she is surprised because she doesn't get it at first. I release her then try to carry out a conversation.

"So what class do you have next?" I ask her hoping we have it together.

"Free.... you? " Is all she says.

"I had my free yesterday. But right now I have weight and conditioning." I say guiding us to my locker.

"Isn't that like P.E.?? She asks confusingly.

"Kinda, but I signed up for only conditioning and weight lifting"

"Cool!" She smiles at me, but then is grabbed by my presence from a cheery Eleanor. 

"Bye Niall!" She yells through the halls as I see her disappear. I wave to her, knowing she can't see. I grab my gym clothes and head over to the boys locker room, dreading for this class to be over, so I can talk to her again. 

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