"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


12. Chapter 12

Kiera's POV:

It doesn't take to long to notice that this isn't the right part of the bed. Its the mattress with all the springs and wire; and to add to that my stomach doesn't really like that hot chocolate that I got with Louis. For more than 30 minutes I'm twisting and turning in every direction. 

I look at my phone to make time but I wish I didn't. My phone is blowing up with texts from Jordan and Jonah. Right now Jordan is going through a crisis. As usual. 

I walk over to my makeshift desk and basically throw my computer on my bed. I jump back on and open my Skype app and see that Jordan is on. I press her contact and seconds later I hear the high pitched ringing from calling here. I see the connecting button in the top part of the screen waiting to hear her loud voice over the speaker. 


"Did you need something?" I ask annoyingly 

"Ahaha very funny. But yes! I need something to wear to the spring dance!" I laugh to myself remembering the same way I was with that dance. 

"You remember that peach sheer dress we bought together?" I say trying to remember her closet. We basically memorized both of our closets since we wore each others close.

"Oh ya!" She yells back. I close my ears, her screaming is not helping the newly added headache I just got. 

"So, just pair that with those sparkly silver heels I gave you and add some silver jewelry and curl your hair, go easy on the make up and your good!" 

"Oh my god Kiera! Its perfect!"  she says looking at the dress and shoes. 

"Well its hard here. Its about 3 in the morning and I had some hot chocolate earlier that makes me feel like I'm gonna puke or something." She grimmaces and I try to laugh. I immediately jump off the bed and run to the nearest bathroom knowing whats coming next. Yep


Thank god I pulled my hair up. I look back at my reflection in the mirror and I'm pale with red eyes. Well guess I'm not going to school tomorrow. 

I walk back to my room and to see Jordan no longer on my computer but a text on my phone from her saying to feel better. I text a thank you back and charge my phone leaving it on the floor. 

My bed isn't going to help my so I take my blankets and drag them down the stairs seeing our couch in the hallway. I collapse on the couch and cover myself up and finally fall asleep. 

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