"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


11. Chapter 11

Niall's POV:

So close. Literally. At least I have this friday and saturday. Weddings are romantic right? A good place to get in a kiss? 

"How about that problems kay?" She asks breaking the silence that should be filled with us hugging and kissing. 

"Uh, yea sure. All about school!" I say sarcastically making her laugh. I sit up against her bed next to her. 

"So for this one, do know what this means?" She asks pointing to a line of poetry. Of course its Romeo and Juliet. When is it not? We've been doing this same unit for about 3 years now, since I was a freshman here. 

I purposely scoot closer to her to see the book even though I can see it perfectly. She smiles, and gets what I'm doing but keeps staying focused. 

"So what they're saying here, is that they'll do anything for each other, even die than rather be apart." I say looking here dead in the eye. 

"Okay thanks for that." She says while quickly jumping up and scribbling something down in her notebook. 

"And where is class 309? I have biology in there, and I can't find it at all on the map." She says looking down at the map. 

"Oh I have chemistry in 310, last year they built that building only for science and looks like you have bio when I have chemistry. 

"Perfect!" She says happily

"Well, I hate to boot you out but I have a list of stuff to do before school tomorrow so yep." She replies looking around her room that is filled with boxes and books. 

"I could help you?" I offer hoping she takes it. 

"Thanks but I got it, its mostly like moving stuff and I have to call Jonah." She says throwing her back pack in the corner. 

"Jonah? Is he like your boyfriend?" I say with worry in my voice, hopefully she can't sense it.  She laughs and starts laughing so hard she holds her stomach. 

"I'm sorry, but no I don't have a boyfriend anymore, don't think I want one yet, maybe, but Jonah is my little brother." 

"Oh okay, cool. Well have a good sleep. See ya tomorrow." I say. I walk towards the door, but my body doesn't keep moving. It goes back and I end up kissing her cheek. Her face turns red, and I can't help but smile and trudge out of the room, waiting to see her tomorrow. 

Kiera's POV:

I hear the front door slam shut and then hear his car drive off. I pull the door open with all my force and basically run down the stairs. I am so excited for the game on friday but even more excited for the wedding. I find my mom unpacking some kitchen stuff, and yank the pots out of her hands and drop them on the counter. 

"Kiera Grace! What has gotten into you!?" She scolds me. 

"Sorry, but guess what!?" She puts her hands on her hips showing she has already given up.

"Niall invited me to his brother's wedding this saturday!" I smile. Her smile appears on her face and I hug her. 

"Thats great honey! Wow your first wedding! How exciting! As a date with him?" I nod with a smile still on my face. 

"Well looks like you have to get a new dress, shoes and your hair done." She adds casually to our conversation. I hug her so tight I can hear her gasping for air. I let go and shake off the imaginary dust off her shoulder. 

"Oh wait but thats the day Jonah, Lilly and Val get here!" I say groaning. Jonah, well you already know about him; Lilly is 2 year old sister and Val is our nanny/second mom. They still are back home so they get here this saturday. 

"Its okay, I'm sure with the help of all of them we could get half the job done. Besides I'm only letting you go because he seems to really like you and you like him?"

"I think I do, too hard to tell yet. I mean its my first day of school there." Wow, in one day I got thrown into a pool, got invited to a wedding, I'm wearing a guy's jersey, went to a coffee shop that doesn't have stomach pleasing hot chocolate and creeped out by this guy named Zayn- Perfect. 

I run up to my room before she can change her mind and put blankets on my bed that was placed in here today. Once my head hits the pillow I'm out. 

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