"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


10. Chapter 10


First of all I wanna know if the movella is good or not. Second is.... who is reading AFTER?!!?!?!?! I'm waiting for the update right now and seriously its killlllllllling me! I get so emotional is the book. What if was a movie?! *head gets blown off* 

Kiera's POV:

"Niall, what are you doing here?" I ask Niall, stopping dead in my tracks. He's talking to my mom, and I am desperately hoping she hasn't embarrassed me yet.  

"Well, I texted you but you didn't reply so I came here to check to see if you were okay, but now I see that you are." I pull out my phone and see a missed text from him. 

"Oh sorry, looks like I just got it." I say showing him my phone. 

"Yea, I'm good. Thanks for caring though." I add quickly

"Oh ya, no problem. By the way I forgot to gave you your French book." He says handing me the book. I take the book from him and hold it with both hands. 

"Oh thanks so much! Um actually I was wondering if you could help me on some homework real quick? Its just like 2 questions."

"Seems easy enough." He says getting up and thanking my mom for the drink. He turns his back and I steal a quick glance at her and she's smiling with both her thumbs up.  I shake my head, but quickly recover with a smile. 

I lead him up to my bedroom and once we are in there I immediately shut the door, and stand in front of it. He looks at me confused and I keep standing here. 

"Why are you really here?" I ask him, looking him in the eyes. 

"You forgot your French book." He says pointing to it.

"Niall I don't take French, we're in the same foreign language class!" He huffs and I wait here to have the real answer be spoken. 

"I want the real answer." I demand. Wow I'm really tired. He sighs once more and then begins. 

"I didn't want to wait till tomorrow or ask over text but, after the game on friday, that saturday; my brother is getting married. So I was wondering if you'd come as my date?" I'm shocked by his answer and question towards me. I smile and he knows my answer. 

"I'd love too" I say in response.

I go to hug him and his scent drowns me. Sweet but like a manly sweet. He hugs my waist, and I'm a little surprised because I've never been hugged like that before. My arms go around his neck.

I pull away, and notice his deep, bright blue eyes and the mint smell his breathe has. But his arms don't let go of me. We're now millimeters away from our lips touching. And I quickly pull away, fixing my hair.

"How about that problems kay?" I say breaking the silence. 


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