"Hey I was the one that called dibs on her, so back off." I say clenching my fists.
I turn around to see her and her face: unforgiving. I messed up again, but bigger this time


55. A/N NOTE


Sorry about the last chapter. I originally wrote the chapter on my notes on my chapter, and when I pasted it onto here, I edited it to be spaced out and it didn't work. Sorry about that. But I think I'm gonna start posting what the characters are wearing. Sounds good? 

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Oh and I think Zayn needs a girlfriend? It was going to be Perrie, but since Eleanor and Harry are together, I thought I might mix it up more. :)

Just comment your name, and your personality. If you want, what you look like. Thanks 

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The chapter will be up once I find a girl for Zayn or sooner. 

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