coming back <3

my names Avalanna. Me and Justin Bieber have been friends since we were 5 then he got famous in 2007. nobody knows i know him because i moved but what happens when he comes to my school to finish high school?


2. seeing him again

Vanessa's POV: 

I woke up by my alarm clock ugh. it was so annoying!

i got dressed and put this on:

it was the first day back at school so i had to look good. 


I got there and my best friends were at my locker Ariana, Miley, Taylor, Selena, and Demi.


everyone: looks at me "hey" 

me: " hey" 

Ariana: " OMG! guess what i heard that Justin Bieber was coming to our school for the rest of high school yay"

Miley: blushes and opens her locker which is next to mine

Demi: "are you okay miles you look a little red" 

Milet: "yeah just tired" 

Taylor: "OMG we are going to be late bye" 

Demi Taylor and Miley Leave 

Selena Ariana and I have the same class so we walk together.



Taylor: "look who's here"

i look and see Justin 


Justin's POV

i wake up and put this on:

i start school today with Chaz Nolan and Chris

i've been dating this girl named Miley she goes to this school 

We get there and go to class 



we walk into the lunch room and see Miley sitting with a bunch of people

i walk up to there table and sit by Miley 

Avalanna's POV

Miley was wearing this today:

she was just perfect i wished i looked like her

Miley: "i have to tell you guys something"

Selena: "what?"

Miley: "well i've been dating this guy..."

Ariana: " omg who?" 

Miley: "He's new to this school" 

Me: " what's his name?" 

Taylor: " just tell us already!!" 

Miley: Justin Bie"

Ariana: "JUSTIN BIEBER!!!"

Miley: "yeah" :) 

Justin walks to our table and sits beside Miley 

Justin: "hey babe"

Miley: "hey"

Justin kisses her and they make out until Miley stops and introduces us

Justin: "Vanessa? do i know you"

Me: "ummm.. no"

Justin: "oh well come here babe i have to show you something"

Miley and Justin leave

Ariana: "why did he think that he knew you?"

me: "because he does..." 

Ariana:" WHAT?!?! HOW!?!?"

me: " i'll explain later gotta go" 

i leave and go to the bathroom and see Miley and Justin walking out 

Miley: " hey nessa need a ride home?"

me: " yeah sure" 

we get in the car and they take me home 

me: "thanks see you guys tomorrow" 








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