DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


12. Three single tears


Jade's p.o.v 

I had not seen Sam for 2 days now, but I know she's here, she is just in her and Niall's room. Harry had said sorry to me, but I won't forgive him I just can't. I hear Sam sobbing quietly sometimes when I walk past her room. I'm not surprised she lost her best friend because of me she defended me, and the result was losing Harry, Niall's being mad at her and saying she is done. 


"Kitten, we're going out understand?" Harry whispered pressing his lips against my hair. He had me where he wanted me all along. Scared, vulnerable, under his control. Ever since he had hit me and Sam lashed out, Harry has been some what softer, but I was still scared and the girls know that because of the way I act around Harry and I wanted out. I wanted out bad. I couldn't do this I wasn't ready for this type of thing. Jesy, Aria, Valen and Sam might be strong enough but I'm not. 


Niall came downstairs after saying bye to Sam I guess and grabbed his car keys. "We need to go" Niall stated. Harry nodded and kissed my cheek again before walking out the door, setting the alarm. I sighed and sunk into the couch sitting there but jumped when I heard a voice. 


"...I know mum. P-please, I need this, I need you. I want to come home....I know.....I have a child...yeah...but I want my mum.....please?....thank you .....I'm sorry I was a bad daughter....yeah...I love you too....bye" Sam whispered. I turned and saw tears in her eyes, as she hung up her phone and looked at me. Her honey once eyes, where dull and lost amusement. Her skin was pale and looked a mess. She smiled at me, weakly before walking back upstairs. After 20 minuets Aria came down "pack your bags" Aria said I was confused, as if she was on crack. "What?" "You want out right? You don't want to be involved with this? Then let's go. Sam's mum said we could stay with her" Aria stated. Sam told me that she and her mum never got along, but now all of a sudden they were alright. 


I wasted no time getting up and packing a small bag that I could carry. I saw Sam packing Alisha's bag and picking up her sleeping baby. Jesy grabbed her car keys and we walked out towards her car, Sam strapping Ali in before helping Valen put the bags in the trunk Jesy and Valen were in the front while Aria, Sam, Alisha and I where in the back. And Jesy was driving with no regrets. 


"Where we going?" I asked, as we joined the long traffic of London. "Bradford, up North" Sam replied "I thought your mum didn't like you and Zayn" I stated "she didn't but she wants me to come home. She said it was in her pass, and she feels like a horrible mother" Sam shrugged looking out the window. As I looked out the window my eyes landed on a familiar pair of blue eyes....




He looked at me, narrowing his eyes almost as if he is trying to check if it was me. His eyes then drifted towards the front and saw Valen and Jesy. He hit Harry who glared and looked, anger washing his eyes, as he made his way towards our car. "Jesy, they've seen us" I snapped. All the girls looked up and saw 5 men heading towards our car. "Fuck it" she mumbled. Jesy revved up the car and reversed before over taking people, not giving a flying fuck what they think. I looked back and saw the boys jump into the range rover, doing the same as Jesy.  


"Iam done with this. Iam done with this" Sam snarled as jesy drove through the town and back onto the main road and speeding away. Jesy soon turned off as she went into the bye-pass, making sure the boys didn't catch up. I looked at Alisha who was still sleeping an then turned to Sam. "So we're driving there?" I whispered. "Yeah, we were gonna get the train, but Valen thought it's safer if we took the car" I nodded and sunk back into my seat and looked at my reflection in the window. I could see three tear slips down Sam's check. 


    One for her brother...Zayn 

    One for her boyfriend...Niall

    One for her best friend...Harry

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