DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


1. The dark Streets


Jade's p.o.v

"Are you kidding me? I seriously don't understand you sometimes" my best friend Hattie grinned. "Not a lot of people do" my other best friend Mariana giggled. I rolled my eyes going over to the bar. "What are you talking about?" I asked, drowning Mariana's drink. "Oi that's mine Jade" Mariana frowned. I laughed and winked. "So anyways what were you talking about?" I asked. Again. "It doesn't matter" Hattie grinned, Mariana nodding. " Seriously guys your doing this to me again?" "It doesn't matter Jade" "okay so what please,please tell?" I pouted. " Nope" Mariana giggled. "Whatever. What time is it?" I asked " Um...2 in the morning" Hattie smiled. "I'm heading home" I grumbled. "I'll come with you" Hattie stated. "I'm sleeping around Tina's" Mariana announced and walked off. "Let's roll" Hattie wriggled her eyebrows. 


We linked arms walking out into the cold streets of London. " You can sleep round if you want?"Hattie offered when we reached her house "Na I'm fine, I want to get home" I smiled . " we'll be careful when you go down the alley way" Hattie rubbed her temples. "Someone's going to have a  bad hangover" I giggled. "Fuck you bitch" she snapped, but I could see a smile on her face. "Nah I'm good" I laughed. See ya later slag" I grinned and walked down the streets . "Bye  whore" Hattie yelled .  I chuckled to myself. It's a thing we have, calling each other  bitchy names


I carried on walking down the streets, in the dark. Not a good idea. As I walk down I saw my house coming up, but froze when I saw 5 figures at the beginning of my road. Damn it. I started to walk towards my house picking up my pace, as they turned to face me. I heard a wolf whistles and laughter "wait up love" one of them called. But I ignored him and carried on. "Hey I told you to wait" his husky voice yelled, as he grabbed my arm to face him. The dim street laps showed his facial features. He was tall with tattoos over his body. He had green eyes that stared into mine. "I told you to wait sweetheart and I don't like people who disobey me" he snapped."S-sorry" I whimpered. "You're from here right?"he asked . Well no shit Sherlock, I've

got a British accent. I nodded my head. " what's your name?" He asked. Lie Jade,come on lie. Don't tell him your name "Zoe" I lied. The boys grip on my arm got tighter. "I don't like it when people lie to me " he hissed. "So what's your name love?" He asked again. "Jade" I whimpered. "See Jade that wasn't so hard was it" he chuckled , his friends snickering behind him. "No" "good. I'll see you around Jade" he breathed and he leaned down to kiss my neck. I tried to struggle, but this in him encourage  him more. Soon the mysterious boy started sucking, biting the sweet spot on my neck. I let out a yelp followed by a moan. He smirked into my neck, grazing it over with his teeth, before licking it. " see you around babe" he smirked and walked away into the shadows with his friends following. I wasted no time running home, locking the door. I took out a shaky breath before walking upstairs into my room. I removed my makeupand clothes before something caught my eye . I moved my hair out the way to see a huge love bite. I screamed, holding my neck, but winced since it still hurt. I deep breaths. So some weirdo marked me. Okay Jade calm down. I climbed into bed it's okay I'll just ask Mariana she'll know. I close my eyes letting sleep takeover me. But that night I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about that boy....that boy with dark curly hair. That boy with deep forest green eyes. That boy covered in tattoos.... 



That mysterious boy. 










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