DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


6. The Club


Jade's p.o.v 

the new house was just as big and looked nice. However the surrounding area did send me the creeps. We pulled outside the huge house, Liam was carrying Alisha indoors, with the others carrying bags. Harry got out of the car, me following him. Zayn was carrying Sam and Louis was carrying the other bags. The inside of the house felt colder, as if this place was hidden from the world. The cold air, didn't help either. This wind whistled through the cracks, sending almost whispers through the ripped air. Everyone set everything down and walked in different directions. "Harry what do you mean this is your past?" I asked. Harry turned and faced me. He took long strides towards me, causing me to step backwards. "This is my family house" Harry whispered. The way he said it made my heart stop. Like he didn't care, as if something bad happened here.


We had been here for a few days. Niall sent Alisha to live with his mum in Mullingar for a while, until this gets cleared up. Both Sam and Alisha protested, but it's for the best. Harry hasn't been talking much. He comes home pissed and angry all the time. He snaps at everyone and just sleeps it off. The boys have been on edge, ever since this new police force is trying to take down the Devils. Sam said that another reason is that this new police chick, will do anything to get answers. 


Right now Ed suggested going to a club, to get our mind off it. "Hurry up!" Niall yelled. Sam rolled her eyes and put on the last of my lipstick. "Let's go!" She grinned. We Walked downstairs, getting wolf whistles. Niall yanked Sam's waist before she was even down the stairs, jogging to the car. "The sooner we get there sooner we can leave So I can fuck you" he laughed. " NIALL!" Sam shouted. The others made there way to the car, but Harry stopped me. "You look sexy in that dress" Harry whispered. "W-we have t-to go" I whimpered, as he placed his hand on my thigh. "Don't tell me what to do kitten" Harry growled, and pulled me to the car. 


Once we we got there, we got in straight away and moved to the VIP section, which everyone cleared out. We all sat on the big soft, velvet red chair. Liam then, Josh, Ed, Harry, me, Niall, Zayn, Sam and finally louis sat down. Harry went into deep conversation with Liam, Ed and Josh about the police apartment. Niall was talking to louis, his arm around Sam's waist while she was talking to Zayn, his arm around her shoulder. A little while later I see three girls waking towards us I was abit confused they were hugging all the boys and Sam but when they got to me this girl in a blue tight dress said "hi I'm Valentina, but people call me valen Zayn's girl nice to meet you" she smiled. Then two other girls came up and said "Jessica but people call me Jesy Liam's girl" "Aria Louis' girl nice to meet you" they all see like nice people "Jade" I replied. They smiled.


"I'm going to get drinks. Want anything?" Sam asked as she stood up. Zayn stood with her, taking her hand. There were mumbles of "the usual" from everyone. "Zayn take Jade and the girls with you" Harry ordered, pushing me towards them, which caused me to stumble in these heels. I have never been a fan of heels, now you know why. Zayn caught my arm and pulled me up, handing me to Sam who had an amused expression on her face. We walked down the stair case,  where I saw the outline of Zayn's gun tucked under his shirt. 


I looked at sam who was looking through her gaps between the stair case. I followed her gaze and saw a lot of people there. Her long legs strode out In front, causing her dress to rise a little. And that's when I saw it. Strapped to her left leg was a holster with a black gun. Sam noticed I was staring at. "It's not what it looks like. I have never used it. Zayn and Niall insist I have it there in case. I'm not a murderer, nor do I plan to be" I sighed in relief when she told me that, it's a good thing none of the other girls notice the gun on her leg. 


We we made it to the bar, people cleared out the way when Zayn walked through. He ordered the drinks and waited. "Hello pretty ladies" a man slurred behind us. "Back off unless you want my brother or boyfriend to kill you" Sam hissed, turning to face the man. I followed her but froze when he held a gun to my head. "DROP THE GUN!" Zayn growled behind us. "The chief wants a word" the man said. "Drop your gun Malik or she gets it" he said. Digging the barrel of the gun into my head. The music was still pounding but everyone was still, watching us. 


Zayn didn't drop and Sam looked around, smirking "you realize there is only 7 of us and  5 of you. Not to mention the physical strength" she said to him. "Who are you?" He asked. "Sam" Sam smirked. "What about you sir?" She asked, walking towards him, biting her lip. The man stared at Sam, drooling. Not surprised Sam is beautiful,gorgeous, with her black hair. Her outstanding figure. "F-Fabio" he stammered. "Fabio Italian?" He nodded and lowered his gun "well you see  my boyfriend is.....NIALL!" Sam yelled. Not moment later, gunshots went off, and fight broke out. 


I couldn't see a lot all I could see was Zayn pushing me backwards, Sam yanking arm and running with the other girls following. I saw Louis shooting people, along with others. More police officers came in. They were all new, judging by there different police uniforms. Sam yanked off her heels, me and valen, Jesy and Aria doing the Same and ran. We ran upstairs, but stooped when a tall women stood in the way. Sam backed up pushing me and the other girls behind her, so my back came in contact with the railing. "Who are you" Sam spat. "Oh sweetheart I'm Cara, Cara helter the new chief. Now I would like a word, since my officers tell me you guys are Sam,Jade,Aria,Valen and Jesy" she smirked. "I know what your gonna do. So here you go" Sam smirked back. She lifted the gun and through it to Cara, so it smacked into her head


she pushed her down the stairs, where most of the police officers were......DEAD! Sam's grip on my hand started to loosen, to the point where I couldn't feel it anymore. In the chaos I turned to see Sam's body on the floor. Her skin was pale, eyes opened, but not blinking. Nothing, she was emotionless, not moving. Sam was gone. In all the noise I never heard the gun shot go off. I tried to run towards her, but Harry yanked me back. "SAM!" I screamed. "Kitten....she's gone" I shook my head not wanting to believe it. I turned to see the other girls crying knowing they lost their friend. Harry pulled me into the car outside where everyone was. I saw a frame of police officers picking up her body, carelessly. Harry pulled the door open and put me on his lap. "Drive Liam!" Harry barked. "Where's Sam?" Niall asked. "Where is she!" Niall demanded. "Mate...they shot her" Harry sighed. 

 The he while car was silent, still. Zayn was the first one to crack. "YOU PROMISED ME HARRY NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN TO MY BABY SISTER!" Zayn growled. "I HAVE TO GET HER. LIAM TURN THE CAR AROUND. I NEED TO GET MY BABY!" Niall screamed. "Shut them up!" Harry barked. Louis and Josh both pressed into Niall and Zayn's neck, causing them to black out. Valen, Aria and Jesy cried even harder. "What happened Harry?" Josh asked. "Cara shot her." Harry mumbled. 


I was frozen, cold, upset, angry broken. Not long ago Sam was laughing at me trying to walk In heels. Not long before that she was playing with her daughter. And before that she became the only friend In this twisted world sure I'll have the other girls but I don't even know them all I know is their names. Sam was a sweet innocent girl, a mother, girlfriend, little sister. And now she was nothing. The tears fell down my face. Liam, Josh and Ed had a few tears. Louis was crying silently. I could see the tear marks on Niall and Zayn and Jesy, Aria, Valen were crying aswell  I mean she was Niall's girlfriend. She was Zayn's little sister I looked up at Harry who want crying, not even one tear. He looked emotionless. It means he doesn't have a heart. He is cold and dark, mean and heartless. Here we were in a car, everyone thinking about Sam, crying slightly and Harry....nothing. 


But one thing I didn't want to believe. How was Ali going to act, feel. How would Niall and Zayn turn out. This is wrong her life. Sam told me. But I guess the world is cruel, I guess no matter where we were, it was going to be her. But I didn't want to believe. I refuse to believe it. Sam was







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