DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


5. Past


Jade's p.o.v

I woke up with Harry's arm draped around my waist, his forehead against the back of my head. I slowly slipped out of bed, realizing it was 10 in the morning. I walked down stairs and saw Niall in the kitchen with Alisha and Liam. "Morning Jade" Liam smiled I offered him a small smile and Alisha ran into my arms. "Auntie Jade" she giggled. "Hello Alisha" I smiled and set her down, as she skipped off to Niall. I sat down and Liam passed me a plate. 


Sam walked down stairs about 10 minuets later. She looked tired and sleepy. She kissed Alisha's head and kissed Niall, she looked at me I saw her sigh in relief that I didn't run. She stood by the counter, sipping orange juice and making tea. Louis came down next "hello everyone" he smiled "kitten" I heard a voice whisper behind me. I tensed as Harry kissed my neck, his hands snatching the mug in front of me and sipped it. "Harry" I whispered, carrying on eating my breakfast.


"Me and the boys have to do business so Sam, look after Jade and I swear if she's not here when I get back" Harry growled at Sam. She rolled her eyes and nodded. "I'll take Alisha to the day care if you want" Zayn offered, looking at his sister. "No me and Jade will do it" Sam replied, passing her brother. "Well we'll see you later babe" Niall chirped kissing his daughter and. girlfriend. "If you're not here when I get back I won't only hurt you but Sam as well. So behave kitten" Harry growled, as he pressed his lips against my temple. I nodded slowly and watched them walk out. "Right I'm going to shower, Jade could you keep an eye on her" Sam asked. I nodded and played with Alisha. 


"Ready?" Sam asked us. She leant me some clothes, bless her. We started walking down the street, each holding one of Alisha's hands. "Mummy where's daddy?" Alisha asked. "Well daddy's at work Alisha" Sam replied. Alisha nodded and started skipping with me and Sam behind her. "Well, well, well Samantha Malik, never thought I would see you here. I thought Niall would have killed you already" a harsh voice whispered behind us. 


I turned around and and came face to face with a girl who had brown hair, brown locks and long tanned legs. "Eleanor" Sam hissed. "Aw who's this. Your bastard kid hey Sam" Eleanor mocked. "And you. You must be Harry's new toy. Can't wait to tell Taylor" she said eyeing me up and down. "Mummy who's she" Alisha asked. "Nobody baby" Sam smiled, turning to glare at Eleanor. "What do you want Calder?" Sam snapped. "Just waiting until Niall gets bored of you" she chuckled. "And let you know, that there's a new chief in town. She plans on taking you all down. And your baby being taken away from you. And then Niall will realize that he should have never left me for you" Eleanor chuckled. I looked at Sam and saw fear flash through her eyes. But she covered it up with anger. 


"Get out of here!" Sam snapped, turning to walk away with Alisha. "Oh did I mention I work for her now!" Eleanor chuckled. Sam stopped and picked up Alisha dragging me by the arm. "Same hats going on?" As I realized we were heading home. She didn't say anything only kept looking around. As soon as we got in she locked the door and set Alisha in the living room before pulling. out her phone. 


"Babe? Get home now......no....Eleanor.....there's a new police chief in town. She is willing to take you all out....no babe.....no Ell and Taylor work for her.....no babe.....that means they know where we live...okay...got it...love you too..yes...bye..okay...love you" Sam breathed and set her phone down before facing me. "We need to pack everyone's bag now. Can you start with Alisha while I call someone?" I nodded and took Alisha's hand. 


We had packed Alisha's, Liam, Niall and Harry's bag. Sam had just gotten off the phone, but she packed her's, louis' and Zayn's. There front door open and I heard a South African accent yell? "Sammy!" The male voice called. "UPSTAIRS" Sam yelled. Two tall boys both tattoos walked into Harry's room where us three were. "Alisha" a ginger one said. Alisha giggled and ran into his arms. "Hey Josh, Ed" Sam smiled. "Sam...who's this?" The South African one asked looking at me. "That's Jade, Harry's girl. Jade this is Josh and Ed" she smiled. I smiled and gave a small nod. "So what's going on Sammy?" Ed asked. "New chief. She wants to take Harry down. Ell and Taylor work for her now, she knows where we live" Sam mumbled, zipping up the lady bag."Oh... So why we here?" Ed asked. " your Harry's beat men" Sam rolled her eyes. "We know, we just wanted to hear you say it Sam" Josh laughed. 


The front door slammed open and gridded voices could be heard. "Kitten" Harry yelled. We walked downstairs. Alisha running into Niall's arms. Sam walking into Zayn's. Liam and Niall doing that man hug with Ed and Josh. Harry pulled me into his arms hugging me to death. Not letting me go, as if I would just disappear. At this moment in time, I wish I could. "What happened?" Harry growled, looking at me, but I knew he meant Sam. She sighed and told them everything. 


"Did you pack the bags?" Zayn asked. She nodded. "All of them" Sam replied. "Well we better get going" Niall said. Outside the house were two Range Rovers. In one of them was Liam driving with Josh next to him. In the back was Niall, Alisha and Ed. Alisha wanted to stay with Ed, In this one was Harry driving with me next to him. In the back was louis then Sam and Zayn. 


Sam was asleep on louis with her legs on zayn, who was also asleep. Louis was just stroking her hair, his eyes drifting every now and then. We had been driving for awhile. We weren't outside London not yet. All Sam said was it was a huge place just on the outskirts. A rougher end than they already love. The wind was briskly and the rain hammered against the window and roof top. It was cold outside and dark. The other car was next to us. I could see Liam and Josh laughing but I couldn't see the others. " where we going?" I whispered to harry. I hadn't said a word to him, and by what Sam said, I didn't want to know where we were heading to. 




"My past" Harry whispered.  



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