DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


21. Our version of Events


Jade's p.o.v

"Are you okay?" "I'm fine" "you're lying to me" "no I'm not Jade" "Lexi are you sure?" I asked Lexi. She seemed a little bit off as we walked down the supermarket isles looking for food. After the text Mia sent me, I couldn't stop thinking if I'm betraying Harry and the rest of them. But I never wanted to be apart of this, I was simply In the wrong place at the wrong time.


"Lexi I know something's wrong, what's the matter?" I pressed picking up a can of peaches. "I don't want to be apart of this. I can't handle it. Jesy has changed a lot. Harry scares me, I don't understand how you can be fine with all of this." Lexi cracked. I turned to face the pink haired girl and shot her a sad smile. "I'm not fine with this. I can't be here, I hate it." I whispered part of me was lying to myself, it wasn't all bad, but then again it was.


Harry had taken everything away from me. My life, my freedom, my freedom of speech. My friends and who I talk to. But the good sides where meeting everyone, having someone who understood what it was like.


I debated on if I should tell Lexi what I have done. She wouldn't tell anyone, would she? Mia said she would grant Lexi's freedom as well. Maybe I should tell her, she is scared and clearly wants out like me. Jesy dragged her into this, probably didn't mean to though. As we walked down the various isles I decided maybe I should tell Lexi, it would put her mind at rest.


"Lexi...I um, I can get you out of here" I mumbled. She stopped and looked in my eyes seeing if I was messing with her. "H-how?" She asked, holding a bottle of chocolate milkshake for Alisha. I took a deep breath, sort of regretting telling her. It's not that I don't trust her, because I do, but I'm afraid in case she slips it out because she's so scared. Lexi had a tendency of doing that, she doesn't mean to.


But I have to tell her, she is so scared, more scared than me. Lexi needs to get out of this whole...situation. "Look you know the police chief that came to your house back in Bristol?" I asked. Lexi nodded, narrowing her eyes. "Well she made a deal with me. She said she can get me and you out of here , if I told her where Harry lives. She can stop this whole gang thing" I said quietly in case some of Harry's men were here.


"WHAT?!" Lexi yelled before whispering "if Harry finds out, you're dead. Both of us could be dead and the girls would hate us!" I never thought of that. I mean I know Harry would kill me probably and Lexi, but I knew that risk. But the girls? I meet thought this could ruin our friendship. Would they hate us.


I remember Sam telling me once, she didn't want Alisha to grow up around gangs, abuse, drugs, fights and people killing each other. I remember her saying she wished she could live away with Alisha, letting Alisha have a normal life. But Sam loves her brother to much and Niall and all of them. Would she hate me? I snapped out of my thoughts by a buzz from my phone.


I looked down and saw it was from Harry. I opened the text and read it.


From: Harry

To: Jade

Get home now! We need to have a talk!


I gulped and looked at Lexi who was trying to process what I had just told her. "Harry said we have to come now" I muttered. She nodded and went to pay for the items. "Are you really going to go through with this?" Lexi asked, typing in Niall's credit card pin. I sighed and nodded. "You want out or not?" I asked, shoving the god in the bags. "Yes but...what...what if we get caught?" She mumbled taking the card out. "Well it will be too late hopefully" Lexi turned to me and shook her head. "Jade we're going to die" "we'll be fine" I said reassuring her, but mostly myself.


"...and that's what's going to happen" Liam finished. We all stared at him, trying to process what he said. Zayn was sitting on the sofa with Valen his arm sling, from where he was shot in the shoulder. Sam sitting on Niall's lap, with Alisha in hers sleeping. Lexi was sitting next to them and Jesy was on the couch, Aria was next to Louis who had his arms around her waist and I was stuck sitting on Harry's lap watching Liam.


"So you want to use the girls to distract the police officers while?" Zayn asked, clear what Liam had just said. His voice raspy and deeper. "It will be the only way to get a hold of her" Liam told Zayn. "No fucking way, is my little sister and girlfriend going to distract police officers. They know who Sam is. She was caught before, not again" Zayn told us firmly. "I agree, no way is Sam going to seduce police officers" Niall interjected.


Liam looked at Harry for help, since he was the leader. I could feel Harry tense, as people started bickering. Alisha was crying, Sam yelling at Zayn and Niall, Valen trying to calm them, Jesy yelling at Liam saying she isn't gonna do it. And Louis calming Aria saying everything is gonna be alright. And Niall was also yelling at Liam saying that Lexi isn't going anywhere. Harry listened to this commotion before standing up, dragging me with him. He stood in the middle of the living room, his lock firmly around my waist. Alisha went running to him, clinging onto his leg. He picked her up resting her on his hip.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP ALL OF YOU!" He yelled, making me wince. Everyone stopped looking at him. Lexi had a few tears down her cheeks. Sam was wrapped in Niall's arm, making her being locked in a death grip, while Zayn looked at Valen with guilt in his eyes as if he did something and I turned and saw Valen covering her cheeks while crying. Jesy looked angry, Aria was speech less at the sudden out burst from Harry,


"We need to take Mia out...fast, and only the fucking way to do it is to use the girls like Liam said. So we are going to use them, to distract the young officers at the club. They don't know who Lexi is, and only a few know who Jade is. Sadly all of them know who Jesy, Sam, Valen and Aria are. But they can take care of themselves." Harry growled. No one said a thing, only simple nods.


Liam looked smug, knowing he won. Zayn looked angry but sat back down with Valen Niall did the same and pulling Sam on his lap, Aria sat with louis next to him while he wrapped his arms around her. I could tell Jesy didn't want to do it but she nodded. And as for me, I was over thinking. If Harry is going to take Mia out tomorrow, that means I can't be free...but I don't know if I should tell her...after all we're all playing our own individual games....








Our version of Events


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