DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


17. My Freedom


Jade's p.o.v

My eyes fluttered open as the sun shone through the dark blinds. My eyes adjusted on a bare chest? I looked up and saw I was laying on a sleeping Harry. He was snoring slightly, his chest rising making me go up a bit. I smiled slightly and tried to get out of his grasp but he wouldn't let me. Even in his sleep Harry somehow, still had amazing strength. "Don't go" Harry mumbled. He sounded and looked so sweet, like an innocent boy, vulnerable. But this was Harry Styles, he wasn't sweet, innocent or vulnerable. 


I tried to move and I finally did get out of his grip, ignoring his pleads. Well until he grabbed my hips harshly, no doubt leaving a mark. I let out a yelp and Harry hissed in my ear, pulling me back on his chest, so I was straddling him. "I said don't go." I bit my lip, feeling nervous and weak. "S-sorry I w-want to g-get up" I whispered. Harry sighed in annoyance and let me go, turning over, falling back to sleep. 


After my shower I went downstairs all clean and fresh. I stepped into the kitchen where Zayn and Liam were talking. "Morning" I mumbled. "Hey Jade" Liam smiled, "Jade" Zayn grinned. I pulled out a box of cereal and started munching on it when a very happy Louis walked, smiling. "What's got you so happy mate?" Liam chuckled. "Christmas is in two weeks" he grinned. SHIT!!! I was going to go home for Christmas...I guess I can't now. 


Later everyone was downstairs apart from Sam. Niall was making himself a big breakfast, Harry making me sit on his lap as he read the newspaper. Lexi was sitting next to Niall and she seemed a little uncomfortable. Jesy was on Liam's lap while he was talking to Zayn and Valen was talking to Aria I think they were talking about what to get for Christmas and Louis was palying with Alisha. "I'm going out" Sam announced as she walked down the stairs wearing Niall's jacket. "where babe?" Niall asked her, kissing her head. "Christmas shopping" Sam replied with a smile.


"Take the girls as well" Niall said Sam nodded and grabbed an apple waiting for me with the girls already at the door as i got ready. Just as i was about to leave with them, Harry yanked my waist so my back was pressed against his chest. "Wear this, so everyone knows you're mine" in front of me was a jacket just like Niall's, apart from it had 'Styles' on the back and a 'H' on the front. I slipped it on and it made Harry smirk. He pulled me closer and whispered in my ear "just imagine how sexy you will look, with just that on and a pair of black, lace panties you own" I started to blush mad.


"Kiss me" Harry ordered. i sighed, not wanting to mess with him, yeah i liked him...maybe but he still scared the shit out of me. i leaned in and kissed him, and Harry returned the kiss, but it was more rough and demanding. as I pulled away i turned and saw Valen giving a small peck to Zayn, as he slipped a gun in her jeans, covering it up with her top. he slapped her ass and winked. "let's go" Valen barked, with a happy tone.


"...What else?" I asked, scanning through the list. We had been shopping for hours, Sam buying Alisha the toys from 'Santa' and other presents for the other boys. Aria was at a different store with Valen buying shoes for Louis and Valen buying shoes for Zayn as well while Jesy and Lexi were at a jewelry store buying a gold necklace for Liam, Lexi already bought the gifts for us while we were at Jcpenny. she made all of us close our eyes while she was buying them so we wouldn't see what she got for us, we were gonna meet at the food court after we got our gifts.


I hated shopping it was boring "well we need to get some alcohol" Sam mumbled she was telling me how Christmas was special at the house, how everyone relaxed and smiled. The boys weren't controlling or demanding. "Well you get the alcohol and i get the other stuff" Sam mumbled and I nodded and walked off with the loaded trolley.


as I scanned for alcohol I walked into someone. "Sorry" I said in a rush and looked up, coming face to face with Mia Jones "ah Jade Thirlwall" Mia smirked, in her tight police uniform. I looked at her, fear clear in my eyes as she stared down at me. "How is my officer, Eleanor?" she asked, anger becoming clear. "Bloody" I muttered. "and who caused that?"she hissed. "Sam and Zayn" I mumbled. "Hmm...well she was never any use to me. Moaning, crying, whining. The only good she did was telling me about what it was like living with the 'Devils'. 


"Ah nice jacket you got there. i saw Malik wearing her boyfriends around the corner." she chuckled darkly. "tell me Jade, do you wish you were free from Styles. Free from this horrid world he's put you in?" She questioned. It was true, I did want to be free from Harry, go back to my normal life. See Hattie and Mariana again. I slowly nodded, not sure if I should have or not. 


Mia smiled evilly at me. "Well I can help you dear Jade. I can get you and Lexi, the new girl out of there. I can save you from Styles, all you have to do is..." "Move away from her and maybe you'll walk out of here looking like a slut you are" Valen hissed, behind Mia. Valen's eyes were dark and she looked bored and not happy, but mostly bored. Mia chuckled turning around to meet Valen's face. "Threatening a police officer? Bad move sweetheart" "hmm...threatening one pissy, bitchy girlfriend of Zayn Malik? Bad move sweetheart" Valen mocked Mia, which made Mia glare. "So you can go Mia, we don't want to make a mess. I mean I could shoot you here and now, or do it back in Bristol. But we wouldn't want to scare the children now" Valen smiled, a sinister smile. "And I think Harry will enjoy shooting your fucking, stupid, useless brains out." Valen grinned. 


Mia huffed at Valen, who has a glint of amusement in her eyes, clearly enjoying this situation. "Tell Styles to watch his back...I'll be coming after him" and with that Mia turned around, back to face me. As she passed me she handed me a piece of paper and walked off, her hips moving in a beat. Valen let out a small laugh and started grabbing the alcohol I never picked up. "How did you know she was here?" I asked Valen "I just had this feeling something was gonna happen and I came here to see if you guys were okay, and now I'm glad I came by" she said . 


As her back was away from me, I looked at the small, rectangular, mint green card. On there it had Mia's number and saying "if you want to be saved give me a call" I looked back up at Valen who was humming to herself, picking up a small shirt for Alisha sending me a cheeky wink. We finahed out shopping and paid for it, making our way to the food court to meet the others. 


After we finished eating we went to the car making our way home. In the car I looked out the window, thinking about what Mia said. She could free me from this, from Harry. She could get me out of here, and Lexi. Ever since she found out who we-they were, she's been scared. I sighed...what should I do? What could I do? But it was my...life back, my friends, my....





     Freedom on the line. 

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