DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


18. Innocence and Love



Jade's p.o.v

"If you want to be saved, give me a call"


That phrase had been stuck in my head, ever since Mia told me she could save me, give back my freedom. I hid the card from Harry and typed the number in my phone just in case. I hadn't decided if I was going to call her, because I loved it here. Well I loved Alisha, Valen, Aria, Jesy, Sam and Lexi was nice and so was Liam, Louis and Zayn. Niall and Harry? Niall was funny and loved Sam a lot, but he slapped her and threatened her to. And Harry...well I am still scared, even though my feelings are growing slightly.


Christmas had past and it was December 27th. I had been with Harry for a few months now, and I hated every moment. He controlled my life, as if he was my puppet master. He had hit me, continuously been touching me without my permission. Eleanor was still downstairs, but not in bad condition. Well she was still bad, but we had cleaned her up, well Lexi did. Harry won't let Sam go near her, in case Sam killed her and I wasn't, in case she manipulated me.


It was cold tonight, very cold. We were all in the living room apart from Alisha who was asleep. Liam was with Jesy on the smallest couch and Valen was sitting on Zayn's lap on the floor with Lexi. Louis was with Aria laying on the sofa, louis behind her, his arms around her waist and Niall was with Sam sitting on the love seat. And I was sitting on Harry's lap on couch, the fire was cracking and everyone was just really talking to themselves.


Sam was happier and back to her normal bubbly self. She and Harry were okay now, and if it was safe to say, even better than before. She was still pissed that he had hit me, but she was glad to have him back and it was clear that Harry was happy to have her back and it was clear that Harry was happy to have her back in his life.


I didn't mind this type of atmosphere. Everyone was laid back and didn't care that a new police officer was going to try and bring them down. Jesy was laying her head on Liam's shoulder while he was talking to Zayn about sports. Niall was kissing Sam's neck whispering things in her ear, as she slept on the couch her head buried in his chest. Lexi was watching something on the laptop with Valen, Aria was laying her head on louis' shoulder while they were looking at the stars. Harry however, hadn't stopped touching me. His hands have been rubbing my thigh, his lips grazing my neck and it annoyed me, but I couldn't do anything about it.


"Me and Jade are going to bed" Harry said all of a sudden and pulled me up. Everyone mumbled goodnight as Harry pulled me away up to his room. As soon as we were in Harry went on the bed. "Come here" he demanded I hesitated at first but I went on the bed. Harry pulled the covers and he went next to me making my back hit his chest "Goodnight kitten."


I had always thought Harry had been rough, violent and cruel. Which in some aspects of his life was true to his character. He did take me, mark me, slap me, growl at me, touch me, hurt me. But right now in this very room, in this very moment, Harry was gentle, calm and soft. Harry was showing me...




His Love



Sorry for a sort chapter but I'll update tomorrow and HAPPY NEW YEARS !!! I'm still waiting for Harry to say 'it's 2014' 


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