DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


23. I never Could


Jade's P.O.V 


"Harry please stop" I chocked as he pushed me against the wall. "Tell me why I should kitten?" Harry questioned, his hands, pinning mine above my head, locking our fingers. "P-please?" I whimpered. "Please? You're begging me to let go of you?" Harry let out a dark chuckle. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you Jade"  he hissed, kissing my neck. "Let me go" I whimpered. "I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotions, your thoughts" "H-Harry please?" "I own you until the day I die. You're mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look at you. Because your mine aren't you?" He hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker. 


"I'm yours" 


I opened my eyes and looked around the white room I was in. A glass of water was placed on the table, a bright light hanging from the ceiling. A mirror to the left, which I knew was one of those windows. Mia brought me here because I refused to tell her were Harry lived, or would most likely be.  


I thought back to that night were I had a few nights ago, ever since I sent that text to me. And the worse part is, it makes me feel even worse. I don't know why. Should I be feeling guilty? Or should be happy, which I am, but I am also sad. The door swung open and Mia walked in with Valen. She looked awful. Her hair was messy, she had a bruise on her face. Valen was in the orange jump suit and handcuffs. Mia shoved her down on the chair opposite me, while Mia sat next to her, a gun laid on the table. I saw Valen eyeing it, but she couldn't get because they cuffed her to the desk. 


"Well isn't this nice. A victorious police chief, an innocent girl and one of Harry's best friends" Mia stated, mocking Valen's current situation. When no one said anything, Mia continued, clearly she did not like this. "Right Jade sweatheart. I'm guessing you might want to explain yourself to Valen" Mia stated, looking at me. "Yeah Jade, tell me why I'm in this fucking piece of shit really?" Valen snapped. 


I flinched at her tone, and was hurt by the way she spoke to me. But I guess she has the right. "Well um... w-when we went shopping and you and Sam w-went off I walked into M-Mia and she gave me h-her card saying she could get me out of here" I took a shaky breath feeling uncomfortable under Valen's judgmental, hurt and angry gaze. 


"I h-hid the card until after Christmas, when I had a b-bad dream. T-that night Sam came down to get ice. I t-texted Mia asking h-how she could g-give me my f-freedom. She said all I had to do was give her the answers to her questions" I finished looking away. "So you betrayed is for your freedom?" Valen asked in disbelief. I gave a quick nod, which made her scoff. 


"Freedom? Jade there is nor shall ever be the word freedom. Because if there I was, I would be out of this country quicker than you would know. You betrayed the whole gang, just for your freedom. I told you that Harry isn't that bad once you get to know him-" "get to know him. I'm not like any of you-the girls. I'm not brave, whitty, smart, cheeky. I can't deal with this" I yelled. 


 Valen looked at me and her face soften, but I knew she was mad. "It doesn't matter who you are. My point is you can never escape anyone." She said lowly. "I liked you, you know. There was something about you, but now... Not so much" Valen stated. I bit my lip and looked down. I didn't like myself either. 


Mia nodded and two police officers uncuffed Valen and took her away, leaving me with Mia. Mia placed a hand over mine and forced me to look at her. "It's going to be alright Jade. You did the right thing, you should be proud" Mia soothed. I looked at her and then lowered my gaze. I should be proud, I should feel happy and relieved. But I didn't...







I never could 




Wow it's been a while since you've gotten a notification from me saying I updated but I hope you liked this chapter, I'm really sorry for horrible updating I've been busy and I'll update again before I go to Mexico in July... Who likes the new cover ?! :D









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