DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


2. I belong to him ?


Jade's p.o.v

The next morning I had a small hangover, but it doesn't bother me. I slowly and I mean slowly climbed out of bed, heading towards my bathroom. I have a shower, trying to get rid of the smell of alcohol, mixed with sweat. After I was done with my shower I changed into something warm. I brushed my teeth and straighten my hair. I was about to walk out the bathroom, until I did a double take. I looked in the mirror and saw the love bite from that boy I gulped and covered it up with makeup. After I was done, I went downstairs and grabbed some aspirin and a bottle of water, before heading to school. 18 years old, last year of school. Finally! 


I made my way to Hattie's to see her rubbing her temples a she made her way down her steps. I laughed at her. I did warn her not to drink last night, but oh no Hattie doesn't give a shit. "morning" I sung, just to piss her off. "Fuck you Jade" she grumbled. "Here" I said handing her aspirin and water. "Damn I love you" she mumbled, stuffing the pills down her throat. I shrugged as we made are way to school. Okay when should I tell her? First period, I'll tell her first thing. We walked into school to see Mariana, climb out of some rich dude's car. "Bye" she winked and walked up to us. "Um?" I asked looking at Mariana. Hattie was busy grumbling. "Who was he?" I asked. "David" Mariana smiled. "Wait your ex?" Hattie asked, Mariana nodded. I rolled my eyes, typical Mariana. We walked into the school, heading to period one, English. 


"I heard Mrs.Rhinehart wasn't going to be in today" Mariana said, drawing on her notebook. Hattie was resting her head on her desk, unless she's dead ?? And I was just sitting there really. "How come?" "Her sons got cancer" Mariana shrugged. "Aw" I frowned. "Well I'm out, see you later" Mariana said. "Where you going?" Hattie asked. Oh so she is alive. "Skipping" Mariana smiled and walked out. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my phone. "So what do you want for Christmas?" Hattie asked. I shrugged "Don't mind...hey Hattie can I ask you something?" She raised her eyebrows and nodded slowly. Since Mariana wasn't here ill just tell Hattie. "So um...last night I ran into a bit I trouble and a guy like hit on me. And he um left a love bite on..ah..my neck" I looked down, feeling ashamed. "WHO?!" Hattie demanded, suddenly not caring that she has a huge headache. "I-I.. He never gave me a name" "what did he look like?" She asked. " um tall, tattoos, curly brown hair, green eyes. Had 4 friends" Hattie's eyes went wide as she stared at me. "H-he gave you a love bite?" She whispered. I nodded. "Shit" she grumbled. "What? Who is he?" "Harry Styles" she breathed. That name sent shivers down my spine. "And because he marked you, you belong to him" "I-I belong to him?" I stuttered. "Yeah and be...." Hattie got cut off by a teacher walking. "As I'm sure you know, your teacher isn't coming today, so you have free period" and with that he walked. I looked at Hattie waiting for an answer, but she didn't say because another person cut in. I groaned. Jesus how many more. " All dancers for the winter show please head over to A1" A Tara smiled. Hattie got up since she was a dancer. "Hattie?"I begged. "I'll tell you later" And she walked out. After a while, of going over my notes, I got a text from Hattie. 


To: Jade

from: Hattie 

Harry Styles, is the leader of 'The Devils'. He owns this town and everyone is scared of him, even the police. Look that mark will go soon, so just avoid him. That means the bad sides of town, alleyways and don't walk home by yourself. Sorry I'll see you at lunch - Hattie xx


I took a sharp breath. He's in a gang, no he's the leader of a gang. Even fucking police fear them. Soon the bell rang, meaning period 2, however I walked towards the common room, for 6th former's. I walked over and set up at a desk and logging onto the computer. I laid out all of my laid coursework and started typing, drawing, writing away. 


After a while, I got thirsty and since it was winter that means coffee. I grabbed my phone and purse before signing out of school heading over towards Starbucks. As I got there I ordered a coffee with milk and 2 sugars also a muffin to go "so your name?" A tall boy asked me. His name tag read 'Brandon' "Jade"I replied. He grinned and wrote my name on the cup, seeing a phone number on it. I looked up and smiled. Brandon winked and handed me a napkin. I pulled out a pen and wrote my number, before sliding it back to him. I walked out into the cold street of December heading back to a school, as I walked into the main gate I saw a huge black range rover parked, stupidly in front of the main door. That wasn't there when I left. I shrugged it off, heading back in, until my phone buzzed. 


To: Jade 

From: Hattie meet me behind the school, I need to talk to you. Hurry up! 


I furrowed my eyebrows at the text. Hattie always leaves kisses, no matter how serious. Looking for her mop of red hair, but I couldn't see anyone,or anything. Suddenly, someone pushed me against the wall, making me drop my coffee. I let out a small yelp, as my back made contact against the wall. I looked up and saw green eyes burn into my soul. "Hello love" Harry smirked, I saw two boys to his left and two to. His right. To his left was a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes next to him was another, covered in tattoos but he had blonde hair and blue eyes. On Harry's right was a tall boy again with tattoos, brown hair an blue eyes with a little bit of stubble. Next to him was a tanned boy with tattoos, black hair, honey eyes an stubble to. I looked back at Harry and I felt small, scared, and fear was written all over me. "What no hello?" Harry mocked. "Aw you're so cute." Harry leaned closer to me, moving my hair out the way.


When he saw me that I had covered up the mark, he gripped onto me making my shoulders hurt. "Why did you cover up your mark?" He demanded, holding me tighter. "H-Harry please" I whimpered. He chuckled "so you know my name. Good. Now tell me angel, why did you cover up your mark?" He spat. "B-because I didn't want to see i-it" "aw angel, that's the whole point" he growled. "You belong to me Jade" "N-no I don't" I yelled, surprising both me and Harry at my sudden courage. "Yes you do angel. Now let's move this shall we" Harry smirked, rubbing away the makeup. He looked at my neck before laying butterfly kisses on my neck. I suppressed a moan which caused Harry to smirk. "I'll pick you up at 8 angel" he said walking away. "No" I whimpered. Harry stopped in his tracks turned to face me. Anger flashed through his face, however it stayed there. Harry started to walk towards me. "No one ever says no to me. So don't bother. I don't like it when my women disobey me, I prefer them to submissive. I'll pick you up at 8. So don't try anything, unless you want me to hurt you" harry spat and walked away. I coward against the wall and sunk to the cold ground.


What have I gotten myself into? 

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