DNA // On Hold

" I own you!" He snapped. "I own every part of you. Your body, your emotion, your thoughts" "H-Harry please " I own you until the day I die. Your mine, no one is to touch you, speak to you or look look at you. Because your mine aren't you" he hissed, his eyes growing darker and darker.

" I'm yours"


7. Broken household


Jade's p.o.v 

It's been a week since Sam's death. Alisha came home a few days ago and kept asking where she was, but no one said a thing. Alisha has been sticking to me and the girls side as if were her new mum, but no one could replace Sam. She was something special, different and amazing Zayn has been going to the boxing rink, with louis, while Liam and Harry spend their time hunting down the chief and new police force, who killed Sam. Niall however, goes out drinking and comes home late at night. 


"And they all lived happily ever after" I whispered and kissed Alisha's head. "Auntie Jade, where's daddy?" She asked. "Daddy is out sweetheart" I sighed having no clue where Niall was. "Can you tell him I love him and miss mummy?" I nodded and kissed her head once again, before walking out downstairs to the sofa. "Kitten where have you been?" Harry asked, anger hinted in his voice. "Putting Ali to bed" I mumbled. Harry nodded and stood up walking over to me, holding me in a tight grip. "I'm going to have a shower. Don't bother escaping hear me?" Harry growled. I nodded and he kissed me roughly, and growled when I didn't kiss back. He slapped my bum, which I knew was a hint to kiss back so I did. When we pulled apart Harry smirked and patted my bum. "Good girl" and walked away. 


I sat on the sofa just talking to Aria, suddenly we heard the door open and giggle followed by. I saw Niall stumble with a girl behind him. I narrowed my eyes at him and her, I think Aria left because I don't see her. I stood up and slapped Niall. He looked shocked and angry. I looked at the girl and spat "GET. OUT!" "Why should I ?" She whined like a fucking 5 year old. I slapped her and dragged her out, locking the door. Niall looked pissed when I turned around. "How could you do that?" He snapped. "How could I do that? How could you do that? Did Sam mean anything to you?" I hissed "she meant everything to me Jade!" Niall growled. I had learned that Niall isn't nice when he's drunk and angry. "You shoudn't go around sleeping with other girls, just when she died" I hissed. "She's dead, she's gone. I can't bring her back, and if I could I would have fucking done it by now! You don't understand" he muttered towards the end. "Don't understand? Your daughter doesn't understand. She's always wondering where her mother is. She doesn't know where her dad is. Alisha asked me not to long ago 'can you tell him I love him and miss him and mummy?' See Niall your daughter doesn't know a fucking thing. She is 4 years old and she has Los both her parents" I snapped. "I'm here!" Niall argued. "No you're not, you left when Sam did. You haven't been around her, me and the girls have been looking after her. She doesn't know a fucking thing!" 


Niall's eyes widened, and the colour drained from his face, and I saw tears fall out from his eyes. "B-but I'm still h-here. D-daddy's still alive" his bottom lip started to wobble as more tears fell "I can't do this. I love Sam and now she's gone. I don't know what to do!" He cried, as he fell to to the floor. I crouched down and looked at him. "She would want you to continue with your life. She would want you to look after your daughter. She would want you to be happy" I whispered. Niall sniffed and nodded "I'm going to go see my baby girl" he stated as he walked away "thank you" he whispered and wondered upstairs I shrunk back into the sofa and saw pictures of everyone. There were a few that caught my eye like the one of Niall and Sam, Sam and Zayn, the boys the girls one of the broken family. They all looked so happy in those pictures but now......they were broken, this was a broken household. 


"For fuck sake kitten, why can't you do as you're fucking well told!" Harry yelled at me for the 500th Time this morning. "I did. But you don't listen to me !" I screamed.  Harry had been so fucking bossy and rude and to be honest I don't know why. "What's your problem kitten?" Harry snarled. My problem I have been on my period for the last 2 days, but he wouldn't know that. "Fuck you!" I screamed. Harry's eyes were pure anger and dark now. He stormed over to me, but I ran into the bathroom, however Harry got in before I could lock the door I backed away, as he stepped forward. He was about to hit me, and then he started to smirk. 


" You're on your period aren't you?" Harry asked, amusement in his voice. I grumbled and Harry shook his head. "I'll let this whole attitude slide, since your on your period, but trust me kitten, when it's finished and your attitude hasn't dropped, you will be in serious trouble. I'm in charge understand?" He asked, more like a demand. I nodded and pushed past him. I hate being on periods, it makes everything worse. I get angry and emotional a lot quicker. "What was that about?" Jesy asked " Jesus! How long were you there?" I asked "long enough" "oh well I'm on my um.... Period" "oh you're lucky you're on it unless he would of hit you" "yeah" we walked downstairs and saw Alisha and Niall playing on the floor, I smiled knowing that Niall is back to his normal state. Zayn however is slowly getting there, I hear him crying and talking to valen about how much he misses Sam when I walk past their room, he doesn't speak a lot. "Kitten were going, so don't you dare think about running away do you understand?" Harry growled. I nodded and sassed "I'm in to much pain to run twat" Harry scowled at me, but it turned to a smirk, since he remembered my reason. "I'll see you later kitten" he smiled, an evil smile as he kissed me, which I kissed back. Liam kissed Jesy, Lou kissed Aria, Zayn kissed and hugged Valen. With that him and the boys left. I looked around the house, what to do? What to do?


We had just finished watching our third movie pitch perfect. We have watched grown ups and grownups 2. Aria has drank 5 cups of coffee I doubt she's gonna get any sleep, Valen  2 teas. Jesy ate 2 tubs of ice cream and I the left overs from yesterday which was pasta Jesy said were pigs for eating a lot, I don't care, we had realized it was 2 in the morning, I didn't want to go to bed, neither did the girls. So we waited for the boys to get here. Alisha has been put to bed a while ago, she shared Jesy's ice cream and are a lot, so. If she's sick in the morning we'll know why. 


Just then the door slammed open and Harry ran in grabbing his gun from his or should I say our room?....HIS room and ran downstairs "Harry what's going on?" I asked, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. "She's alive, she's alive I can't believe it" Harry smiled as he cocked his gun, loading  it up. I was way beyond confused who? She? WHAT!!! "Who's alive?" I asked, completely out of it Harry looked at me with the biggest smile across his face. 







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