Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


12. Why me?

Hey this chapter is going to be a little bit more shorter than usual or i might just loose it and keep writing like i always do! haha.... but you sorry im not going to worry about errors so haha, if i do have any and they bother you tell me so i can fix it. uhhhh still not feeling so good. and i listen to music while i write and im listening to 'Don't let me go' and ive been really into indie pop music! if you listen to that kind of music comment and tell me you favorite songs mine is lorde team but im not sure if thats indie or not.. OKAY GUYS KEEP READING! -Maddy ****LOVE YOU ALL MY LITTLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES**** Side note: immm boredd!


Maddy's prov.


"well im the love doctor" said stepping closer to niall. as you can see im very daring and i can make a move. "oh really" niall said grabbing my hips and pulling me closer to him. oh now he is too, let see were this ends us. did i tell you the other boys already left. yeh we are the only ones in the dressing rooms. "oh niall try me" 

(Back to the story:)


Niall smirked and pulled me even closer, how did we have any space between us anymore? "Oh Maddy you try me" niall spoke. "Niall you sure as hell know im going to do something" i smiled."Oh no maddy, I'm not like i used to be if i want something i wont let it go." Niall said tightening the grip on my hip (haha that kinda rhymes) "Niall what do you mean?" i asked. He got stiff and took a deep breath "Well i like someone, i dont know if they like me, i thought i lost her forever" he said taking another deep breath "she never knew that i loved her because i was too pussy to tell her...then she left" aw man he likes some one else! dammit and i thought i could have a chance. "now shes back and now im going to tell her how i feel" he said confidently. I sighed and looked at the ground. Niall lifted up my face up bye cupping my face, i almost about to cry. "you should call her and tell her" i said biting my lip forcing myself not to cry. "I'll be right back" he said taking his phone out of his back pocket and walking out the room. I ran to the couch and pulled my knees up to my face. Why is this happening to me. **RING RING** My phone was ringing. i found it in my purse and answered i didnt even bother looking at the caller I.D

M: Hello?

N: Hi Maddy. *i was niall you can tell my the accent*

M: erm. What are you doing Nialler?

N: um. Maddy you how i was talking about that someone, well that someone was you.

M:*i choked* Niall, is this true?

N:yeah it is, i was just to scared to tell you.

M: aw Nialler, thanks cute come in here right meow.

*end call*

I was still on the couch and in the same position when niall walked in. I opened my arms to him with my knees still up on the couch. Niall ran to my arms and hugged me tight. "Ni -cant -breath" i said almost not being able to talk. He let go of me "sorry" he laughed. "its fine nialler" i said fake punching his arm. "haha so Maddy im sorry i never told you" niall said rubbing his arm.i wish i could just tell him. he told me right? why am i keeping this in. I really need to eat! "its fine, i never told you i liked you too" i heard niall gasp, i turned red and smacked my forehead "did i say that out load?" i giggled. "yeah you Kinda did" niall said putting his hands in his pockets "welp now you know" i said standing up and pulling niall up with me. "yeahh..i dont want to loose you again Maddy" niall said hugging me. "i know" i said against his chest. "Hey Maddy do you maybe want to catch something to eat?" niall asked excitedly. "Yeah sure, but can we pass by the house so i can change" i asked. "sure why not" niall shrugged his shoulders. "oh and niall you look sexy in that v-neck" i said putting my arms around his neck. "and Maddy you look sexy in everything" he winked and ran out of the room. We got into the car and drove back to the boys house so we can go out and 'eat'. i cant wait to spend the night with him NOT LIKE THAT (you nasty). I just want to spend time with my snuggle buddy.

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