Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


20. We've got eyes

Sorry i said didnt update. Honestly i was just not in to mood to write. NOW I AM. And if there are errors its because im in my car with my cousins and they are being stupid .-. and also ive been having an extreme case of writers block.




Maddy's prov.

It felt like forever but Alex finally stopped the car, i guess i was falling asleep because i felt someone shaking me.

"Maddy" she poking my cheek.

"Alright, I'm ready to eat!" i yelled in her ear.

She flinched and punched my arm. "ouch" i winced in pain. YEAh did i tell you IT HURT!

"Ah quite the whining and lets go and eat" she said.

"okay" i squealed and jumped out the car. we walked in to the restaurant, it smelled like what i would imagine heaven to smell like.

I heard laughter coming from behind me. I turned around and saw no one. Weird.

"Okay, so Maddy i will just order everything for you?" she said but turned out to be a question.

"Yeah sure" i smiled.

"alright" she said. We just talked and i got on my phone. That is until i felt someone staring at me. I turned around, STILL nothing. I looked closer and i saw a shadow in a dark corner.

They seem not to notice i saw them, i just turned around and carried on with my food because well. FOOD.

I still have the feeling someone is looking at me, but like i just got here. NO one can be stalking me.

"Maddy?" i hear a faint voice. My sight got clear, it was alex.

"What was that?" she giggled, i smiled.

"I'm sorry, i guess i dozed off with all your talking about the GYM" I emphasized the word Gym, because i like the gym just i dont like going, does that makes any sense?

"Are you going to finish that?" i asked alex.

she raised her eye brow (pisses me off because i legit cant raise my eye brow .-.) "you Like?" she asked.

I giggled "yes, yes i LIKE"  i sang the last part. I ate the rest of her food, hehe.

"okay the furniture should be arriving soon so lets go" she said basically dragging me away from the food, damn her.

***************skip the car ride****************

"Niall Bro what are you doing here" i said wrapping my arms around his neck having him in a head lock.

"HARRY" i heard alex yell, she had him in the same head lock as me, heihei...<evil smirk>

"ca.nt" Harry and niall said in unison. me and alex laughed and let them go. 

"since you two are here, your helping me move in" alex stated.

"moving in?" Harry question and rubbed his neck.

"yeass!! shes moving in with me" i squealed.

"now help me with my mattress" Alex yelled and clapped her hands.

"Fine" we all sighed.





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