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Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


9. revenge...


Maddy's prov

"Hi maddy" said Liam. "hello sir" i said back to him. "i need nick names for all of you" i said. "well you can call me hazza" said harry "alright hazza" i said mockingly. "you can call me bo bear" said louis "but i call you bo bear louis" whined harry "well she can too harry" "alright?"  " maddy you can call me zayny or zayny boy" "i like zayny" i said. "and you can call me payno" said Liam. "ahhhh okayy!" is said eagerly. "well my name Madeline so my nick name is Maddy but you guys can make one up for me." "how about maddy-poo or mads" louis suggested, i laughed "hah niall used to call me maddy-poo and i used to call him ni-ni." i said looking at niall and hugged him. "alright lets go to sleep guys we have a concert" said liam. "alright good night" and winked at niall. "and harry remember" i said "yeah yeah" he responded. all the boys went up to their rooms and niall and i stayed down stairs. "wanna leave now" niall whispered. "hell yeah" i said poking his nose. "oh maddy" he said grabbing his car keys. we walked out to his car and got in. niall turned on the radio and we just talked about every day tings. we went to KFC and drove back to a park and stayed in the car and ate the chicken "niall i cant believe we secretly went out for some chicken" i said "hey chicken is chicken" he said. "yeah true that" i smiled at him. We finally got done with eating and we went back to his house. "niall im happy i found you agian" i said hugging his arm and resting my head on his shoulder. "Me too maddy i missed you so much" he said wrapping his arm around me. we went up stairs to his room and i sat on his bed. niall took off his shirt and if i do say so my self DAYUM! haha he is toned.i found my self staring at his body then he took his jeans and i choked! um hehe les move on with zee show. i was still staring at his body, he put on some sweat pants that looked very nice on him ;). "maddy staring is not polite." he said laughing, i blushed and hid under the covers. YES  we are sharing the bed, we are friends ya know. "Maddy i was only playing" niall said getting under the covers and pulling me close to him. "i know i just got i cold" i half lied i was cold but you and i both know that was not the reason i went under the covers. "here ill warm ya up" he said pulling me in even closer and kissing my forehead. "thank you niall" and i instantly fell asleep.


"pst maddy, niall get up" i heard a voice say. i opened my eyes to see harry shirtless and with a bag of carrots. "im up" i said "niall babe get up" i said slapping his face not hard but hard enough for him to wake up. when he noticed what happened he smiles and gets up. we dont bother changing we set up the bait. "I SMELL CARROTS" i hear louis yell. " get in your positions" i whispered to the two boys. we all ran to our positions and Louis appeared. he saw the plate of carrots and ran to it. perfect 1 2 3 i signaled with my fingers "GO" i whispered we all ran towards louis and pushed him in to the pool. he came up for air and "what was that for" louis shouted. " that was revenge, Sweet Sweet revenge" i said. rubbing my hands together. "hah well you got me" he said jumping out of the pool . "IM HUNGRY" me and niall yelled at the same time. quidink adink i think NOT. "woow calm your tits and dicks" said louis, we all laughed. "haha lets go eat" laughed harry. "i'll make breakfast" he said. "thank you hazza" i said. "yeah i remembered your nick name" i said. The rest of the boys got up and harry finished cooking. we all ate and went up to get ready. "Niall can i use on of your snapbacks please" i asked politely. "yeah sure which ever one you want" he said pointing to his collection. "niall oh my god you still have this snap back i gave you" i picked up the cap it has my name on it because i gave it to him to wear it. "yeah haha it makes me laugh when i see it" he said smiling "you should wear it today" i said "hah okay but only for you" said poking my stomach "maddy do you work out" niall asked surprised "yeah i havent in a while though" i said "oh well you have a hard ass stomach, and yesterday when you were changing i saw that your staring to get abs" he said "oh well dont look at me when i change then" i winked " i never said i didnt like it" niall said "niall your such a creep." i said pushing his shoulder." well thank you, get changed maddy, im all ready done" he said. "fine" i started to change i put on my black ripped jean and i was reaching for my shirt when i felt two soft hands on my waist. "Yess niall" "you have a Crazy Mofo shirt?" he asked "yeah because i am one" i said "you know thats what i call my fans right and i have on too i like to wear it at concerts" he said proudly "ohh small world eh" i said "yeah do you think i should wear it at my concert today" "yess you should Then we can match " i said giving him a high five  "then crazy mofos it is" he said. "niall lets go" i said putting on my shoes and getting my purses and phone. and i grabbed my jean jacket to go over the shirt because the shirt was cropped. im surprised that niall hast noticed my tattoo. YEAH i have on haha i like it. "boys come on lets go, oh and hi you must be maddy im Pual" a buff man said  giving me a hand shake " nice to meet you paul and yes im maddy" i said smiling at him, he seems nice. we got in to a black van and drove off to the arena. we where close because i can hear screams of crazy teenage girls. "wow they are loud" i said to the boys. "Yeah its rad" zayn replied to my comment. "okay we are here" said paul. "maddy um take my hand" niall said, i did as he told and took a hold of his hand. paul opened the van doors, thats when all i could hear was AHHHH in high pitched voices screaming 'harry harry' 'louis' 'zayn hows perrie' 'niall is that you girlfriend' 'wow shes really pretty' 'nice snapback niall' .. we finally got inside and i was still laughing at the the last comment i heard "see niall they liked the snap back as well" i said poking his jaw. "hah yeah and mine looks good on you too" he said. "MADDY?" i heard a familiar voice "lou is that you?" i asked lou "yeah hi maddy, how are you?" she asked " im very well thanks for asking so when you said you were going to be styling a band i didnt think it was going to be one direction" i said to her. "yeah me neither and may i ask why are you here" lou asked "well i just moved here and i bumped into niall and we used to be child hood best friends and now im here" i quickly explained. "how do you guys know each other" Asked niall " back in America i was an intern for lou" i said "aww thats cool" he said "hey boys come one i have to get started so hurry" lou yelled at the boys. "do you need any help" i asked "yeah sure you can do harry's since his is the easiest" "okay come on hazza" i yelled to at harry "are you sure you can do this'' he asked "yeah i can i was lou's intern once i know what im doing" i said to harry and began to work. i did a nice job if i do say so my self. "wow maddy! LOU MADDY IS GOING TO DO MY HAIR FROM NOW ON ..SORRY" he yelled at lou she rolled her eyes and laughed. "so you like it?" i asked him "yeah i do, i look sexy"  he said "sure you do, keep telling your self that" i said patting his back "mads your so mean" "or your too soft curly" i said. the boys all got their hair done and i saw niall in a crazy mofo shirt. i got to meet the musicians but i just mostly talked to josh. "good luck boys" i said waving at them and kissing niall on the cheek. then they went off and began their concert. lou and i had a conversation and we caught up on life. "so do you like niall?" lou asked. 

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