Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


27. Mixed Feelings

Louis prov.



I dont know what to do now, she is driving me crazy and worse thing is that niall is here with us now.


“We should sleep, we're going to need it” niall said “Im going back to my seat to get some rest, See you guys later” he finally spoke again.


“Bye Niall” Both maddy and I whispered to him.


I saw Maddy shake, as I she was cold. “Are you cold?” I spoke up.


“Mhm a tad bit” she replied. “Come here” I said to her as I removed the blanket that was on me to let her in.


“Thanks Louis” she said, I snuggled up against her and she soon fell asleep.


What am I doing? I cant control myself... She's perfect.






Guys im going to be updating more often sorry -Maddy

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