Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


7. Messing around!

Maddy's Prov.


" Do you want to come to me and the lads flat?" Niall asked, you might be wondering if it awkward with what just happened. Nope not at all, we have known each other for a long time. "yeah sure Niall, but only if you let me wear that snapback." " Deal" " Yay, you know me and my relationship ship with boy clothes'' its true i am a tomboy at heart but i am also girly so I'm a mix, Niall used to let me wear his snaps all the time. "haha yeah i remember that you stole my shirt once." oh yeah i so remember that, i kinda still have it in my closet. "oh yeah, i might or might not still have it." i said with an evil smirk. "ohhhh i see" Niall said rubbing his chin, what is he thinking?! "erm okay? I'm just going to get my things okay Niall " i said skipping into my closet, i have so much energy right now, and i know how to use it. muahaha. i got my things packed, which includes the shirt i stole from Niall, i think it might still fit him but oh well hes not getting it back! SUCKER. now to use my energy on something good, that's when i was hiding from the boys and jumped on Niall's back!! "MADDY you scared the living crap out of us!" " haha that was the plan DUMBASS" i said "quite a potty mouth you have there" Liam said "well.. when you grew up with Niall" i said rolling my eyes because Niall was still scared. i jumped off his back and ran towards Louis. I jumped on him and we both fell on the couch. " Maddy you have loads of energy!" said Louis. "yeah well I'm like that, right Niall?" i said turning to see Niall. " yeah oh she is just a bundle of joy." he said sarcastically. " ha-ha very funny nialler, HARRY Niall is being mean to me." i said fake crying over to harry. " ohh its okay Maddy, shame on you Niall" harry said in joking tone. " Nialler i want you snapback right MEOW!" i said pouting. " here Maddy" he said taking it off his head and placing it on mine then kissing my forehead. "thank you nialler" i said hugging him. " wow Maddy your very bipolar" said zayn "NO, its just Niall promised me i could wear it." i defended myself. "oh okay." he smiled at me. "IM HUNGRY GET FOOD IN MY MOUTH BEFORE I START EATING ALL OF YOU!" i yelled and ran to the kitchen. "ME TOOO" i heard Niall running behind me. we are so alike. "Niall mate you seem to have found your perfect match" i hear Liam whisper to Niall " yeah mate i wish she was mine" Niall whispered back, i smiled because my back was to their faces. i turned around and passed a pop tart to Niall and whispered in his ear " i heard that" i ran in to the living room and turned on the t.v. " Maddy" i hear harry call. " yes curly that's my name." i said to harry " your very nice aren't you, no but i wanted to talk" "spill" "okay do you like Niall" "i don't know, i think i do...I used to love him before i left i just erm never told him" "oh well he talked allot about you when we met." "is that so" i said evilly smirking "yeah he went on and on" "Oh Nialler he is such a wise little fellow" "Maddy whats wrong with you, your so  weird" "and i thought i was nice curly, i don't know i just so much energy" "oh sure" "watch it curly, and hey i need to get revenge on Louis, so here's the plan" i told him the plan and he was all for it, we are doing it at their house since there's a pool. Muahaha... "NIALL COME HERE!" i yelled. "im here" he said. me and harry told him the plan, he looked so exited. "You are so smart Maddy" Niall say patting my back. "yea well you know me, smarty pants #1" i said trying not to laugh. every one eventually got ready to leave i got my things from my room and my phone and keys. "Alright lets go" i said. i hopped into their van and Louis drove. It was fun and not that long of a ride. " wow your house is huge" "well we are One Direction aren't we" said Zayn. "yeah sorry i forgot, i like how you guys are your self's not snobby and shit" i said with a smile showing off my dimples. "wow niall you never said Maddy had dimples!" Louis said. "yeah well leave them alone their minnnneeee" said Niall, i slapped his shoulder. "hah you still remember that?" "yeah, Lads once i wrote a contract that specifically said 'Maddy dimples are property of Niall Horan' ever since only i can touch them" Niall said confidently. "yeah..hes a weirdo i know." i said to the boys as we walked into their house. Niall took me to his room, oh and we aren't doing the prank until the morning btw. " you seen to get along well with the Lads Maddy" Niall said. "yeah they are nice to mess with" i said poking his nose. "i love it when you do that" said Niall hugging me. I felt safe in his arms. "well i will do it more often then." i said poking his nose and kissing his cheek. I still had his snapback on. "here Niall" i said giving it back to him. "no Maddy, wear it, looks really good on you" he said winking at me. "Niall your such a flirt" i poked his nose again. "well.. only for you Maddy" he said pulling me close to him. "oh Niall, i missed your love" i said placing my head on his chest. "me to Maddy, Me too" he said letting out a sigh. I raised my head and pecked his nose. "you enjoy kissing my face Maddy" he said smirking. "No, i just got bored" i tried to make an excuse. "what ever Maddy, come here" he said lifting my chin up and giving me a soft kiss on my lips, more like a peck. But i didn't care. "what was that for" "just because" Niall said poking my nose. "MADDY NIALL COME DOWN" I heard Liam yell. "what'' we said walking down stairs. "we are playing truth or dare" Liam said. "Liam you, you want to play" asked Niall "yeah why no seems fun" said Liam. "LET THE GAMES BEGIN" I yelled. "Maddy takes this game serious" said Niall, its true i NEVER back out NEVER.

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