Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


5. in shock

Maddy's prov.

I woke up and i was in my bed with arms wrapped around me, it was Niall. I felt my stomach making flips, i don't know if its the feeling of Niall be around me or my hunger. mmm... lets go with hunger. I tried to get up but Niall was hooked on me really tightly. I didn't really mind ;).

Niall started to slowly waking up '' Good morning" Niall said in his sexy morning voice, i think i just shit my pants! "mornin' Nialler" i said eagerly. He just hugged me tighter and giggled on my shoulder. " good maddy" he said getting up and winking at me. I turned red and hid my face my pillow. I think Niall noticed because he laughed quietly and walked over to me. Our faces were inches apart. He started to lean, WAIT WHAT? Does he like me like that? I FREAKING HOPE SO! Now we were centimeters apart, then BANG! i heard a thump coming from the living room. Niall sat there he looked sad. I would to if i was about to kiss my self ;) wink wink! i walked out the room to check it out, but before i went out I KISSED HIM. it was a tease because i ran out of the room right after, i just lift him with a wink. I walked into the living room to see the boys almost killing themselves. Oh those silly boys! Louis is no the wall while Liam has him in a head lock, ohh boys will be boys. That's what cause the load thump..... i walk back into my room to see Niall still sitting there in shock! haha this gong to be fun! I wish he liked me like i like him! :( i went into my closet and got out some clothes to wear for the day, im very fashionable. I stepped out the closet to see Niall still there. haha. i changed, in front of him. Its just like a bikini right? and he was my best friend hes seen me before. im not very insecure.

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