Is that really you?

Maddy was a normal teenage girl, who just now got out of high school, but doesn't know what to do. shes always loved London, so of course she moves there. Once she gets to London she plans on just living a calm life. Little did she know, there was a surprise just around the corner. NIALL HORAN, but she didn't know who he was, but he knew who she was. Niall had a get his old friend back, or should he say THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE. DUN DUN DUN .. will Maddy remember who he is, will she be able to tell him why she left?


17. A dream...REALLY

 GUYS i'm so sorry i didnt update, you know how i got soaked? yeah well now im like super sick, more than i was before... i am going to make this short because i just cant i will TRY to update tomorrow. Its not 100% true because i have guitar tomorrow (BLAME MY PARENTS)!! haha and i have vocal lessons.. my teacher wanted to work with me, she has a song from me to sing at he winter thingy <and guess the winter performance i have to play the piano, guitar, sing, and dance for all these classes i have, GREAT *note the sarcasm*> 


Maddy's Prov.


"NIALL give me back my ring" i yelled while chasing niall around my flat. It's my only Favorite ring i have. I wear it 24/7

"Nope" niall simply said. He stretched his arm up as high as he could so i couldn't reach it. THAT LIL Bastard! I was not tall enough to reach my ring. Time to use my weapon. 

"Ni come on pwease" i said giving him the puppy dog face and stepping closer to him.

"Not going working this time Babe" he said sticking his tongue out like a five year old. That was not my only weapon MUHAHAH...

I stepped closer to niall and Smashed my lips on to his. He refuse to kiss back for a few seconds, then he gave in, i smiled and heated up the kiss by pushing him on the couch and straddling on his lap. Niall was taken back, but didnt let go of the ring. That stubborn KID.

"Niallllllll.." i whined. He smiled and laughed.

"Maddy go check if the foods burning, Then i'll give it back to you." he simply said.

I walked into the kitchen to see the stove turned off and the food was perfectly fine. Nialllllll!!!

I walked into the living room to see niall smirking, i put on my puppy dog face and walked over to niall. Niall got on his knees slowly not taking his eyes away from mine.

"erm, Ni" i said giggling.

He took deep breath "Maddy will you marry me?" he asked.



At that i woke up it was just a dream? wah? WOW what a dream.. That was a good ass dream


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haha

>>>>>love you my chocolate truffles<<<<<


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